Every point marked with * symbol is to be further evaluated and decided upon by the initial LunarDAO Squad formed by all participants of the first launch, also referred to as a Genesis event.


  • LunarDAO is setup on top of the Gnosis safe multi-sig. The DAO start with a trusted (and more secure) setup and plan a roadmap milestone to discuss, propose (LIP) and vote on a multi-sig removal in a forseeable future -> full trustless setup. *
  • LunarDAO is launched on existing contracts and customized version of the UI by DAOhaus.
  • Further upgrades and customization will be discussed in the community and voted upon by the Squad.*

Joining the DAO

  • LunarDAO launch is permissionless in the sense that anyone can join/invest.
  • Members can only join during period of the fundraising events.
  • A minimum tribute to join is 0.1 ETH.*
  • The initial fundraising event is the launch of LunarDAO and will be opened for a period of two weeks.

Governance Token

LunarDAO Shares are represented by the symbol $VOX.

  • 1 $VOX is an equivalent to 1 share.
  • $VOX is LunarDAO governance token.
  • Minimum of 1 $VOX grants squad membership and voting power.
  • $VOX is an account bound, non-transferable token.
  • Every 0.1 ETH of tribute to the treasury mints 10 $VOX (-0.25% admin/management fee) to the member (at launch, future entry price may differ based on the previous investments made).
  • When a member ragequits their $VOX is burned.
    • $VOX value in the treasury stays the same for remaining members.
    • Ragequitting member gets 100% of their funds with no extra fee.

LunarDAO Loot

Loot represents members' value of shares in a non-voting form.

  • 1 $VOX-loot monetary value = 1 $VOX (as both are shares of the DAO treasury)
  • Symbol $VOX-loot represents loot.*
  • $VOX-loot does not grant voting power.
  • $LUNAR (community) token is not introduced at launch. It will be designed and introduced as part of the roadmap.*

Token Value

  • $VOX and $VOX-loot monetary value is equal. They both represent 1 share of the DAO treasury.
  • 1 $VOX (or $VOX-loot) = NET TREASURY VALUE / TOTAL AMOUNT OF $VOX (or $VOX-loot)
  • The assets in treasury or existing amount of shares changes according to:
    • Investment proposals voted upon by LunarDAO Squad (the DAO members) *
    • Future fundraising events (The initial entry price is 1 ETH = 100 $VOX (shares), the future ones will be decided by LunarDAO Squad) *

Fundraising Events

  • A fundraising event is proposed to take place 4x in the first year. (every third month).*
  • An investment deal is expected to happen at least once before between each fundraising event.*
  • If there are still unused ETH (or DAI) from the previous raise, the number of fundraising events or max cap of such event will be adjusted to this reality. *
  • The fundraising is open two weeks the first time, and thereafter a week on each occation.*
  • During this time anyone can become a Squad member by tributing ETH to the treasury.*

LunarDAO Operation Costs

  • LunarDAO has 6 Stewards (core-team members, founders) at the time of launch.
  • Several externals are supporting with design, administration, legal questions, web3 development and translations.
  • A management/admin/dev fee is sent to core-team multi-sig wallet (ETH: 0xAb501a8Eb58c9780eb04D683feB504fcE391A2DD). Management fee calculation:
    a) Entry: 0.25% from the initial tribute of every new member.
    b) Investment: 0.5% of every investment execution (after vote + grace period). *
  • To fund further expences and costs an LIP is submitted and voted upon.