There are plenty of task manager apps running in the web-browser, on Android etc. LunarDAO seeks for solutions which are open-source (GPL), distributed, working and minimalistic.

While searching for a task manager that fits these parameters within lunarpunk movement we found tau. The first version of tau was a centralized solution and DarkFi has now developed a decentralized tau.

Installation & configuration

  • Open terminal and navigate to where the repository will be cloned. If there is a need to install git --> check this guide.

  • Clone repository.

git clone https://github.com/darkrenaissance/darkfi 
  • Go to darkfi folder.
cd darkfi
  • Compile & install.
make BINS="taud tau"
sudo make install "BINS=taud tau"
  • Run taud (should work with just taud, but if it doesn't, in darkfi folder, run './taud').
  • The first time it's run, a config file is creates. This file can be founds in '.config/darkfi' and is called taud_config.toml.
cd ~/.config/darkfi
  • The original .toml file (which comes with cloning the repo) looks like this.

  • There are a couple of things that need to be changed:

    • Seeds should be uncommented and this is the needed string:
      yaml seeds=["tls://dasman.xyz:24441"]
    • Add the string for workspaces to be used. It looks like this: yaml workspaces = ["darkfi:E8ChX8X1Y578LZYxazCjVucWKAnD4xs6WQre3mWdBtHq"]
    • Generate a string for a workspace. Don't forget to name the workspace.
    taud --generate
    • Copy the string and insert in `yaml workspaces = [""]. If there are multiple workspaces, they need to be separated by comma.

    • Uncomment:

      yaml rpc_listen, datastore, nickname & transports

    • Remember that when changes have been made to the configuration, start a new terminal window for the changes to take effect or use yaml source <file>.

  • Run taud deamon as written below (or ~/darkfi/.taud whatever the correct path is).

  • In another window run tau (or ~/darkfi/.tau, check path).
  • It will be empty but should show.
Workspace: <name of workspace>
  • It is possible to generate as many workspaces as wanted as described above.
  • The workspaces will have separated task lists, which is convienient if working on several projects.


  • Switching in between workspaces:
tau switch <name of workspace>
  • For further information on tau usage, check DarkFi docs.

tau bot

tau as a task manager works well with ircd. The tau bot notifies on the creation of tasks as well as submitted comments, when started, paused or stopped.

The code for the new tau-bot is in: darkfi/bin/darkirc/script/bots/taubot.py

  • Open taubot.py ie. with vim.
vim taubot.py
  • Change default port to 6667.
parser.add_argument('--port', default=6667, help='port of the IRC server') 
  • Add a nickname to the bot if wanted.
parser.add_argument('--nickname', default="this is where the nickname is entered", help='bot name')
  • Add the channel to which the bot will provide notifications about tasks.
parser.add_argument('--channel', default="#this is where the ircd channel name is entered", action='append', help='channel to join')

The following needs to be running

Make sure to restart everything after having made changes.

  • ircd deamon (if in darkfi folder --> ./ircd)
  • weechat
  • taud deamon (./taud)
  • tau bot (python3 taubot.py)
  • tau client

Check our guide on how to install and use ircd and weechat.