Privacy projects

The projects below are all claiming to be privacy oriented, but that doesn't mean that all of them are completely private. Every user need to make their own research. LunarDAO also have plans to go deeper into these projects and continously update this wiki with relevant information.

Layer 1

  • Monero is private by default crypto currency.

  • Zcash is a private crypto currency and also allows for transparent transactions.

  • Oxen is a private cryptocurrency, Session, an end-to-end encrypted messaging platform, and Lokinet which provides network anonymity are both built atop of Oxen.

  • Anoma is a privacy oriented protocol which supports both transparent and shielded transactions. Whitepaper

  • NYM
    Is a decentralized mixnet ensuring data and metadata privacy.

  • HOPR
    Is a decentralized mixnet ensuring data and metadata privacy.

Layer 2

  • Panther protocol is a privacy solutions for Polygon and Ethereum (shielding using MASP).

  • Tornado cash
    Tornado cash is a privacy solution on Ethereum (using a ZK pooling system to mix currencies and obscure their origin).
    Tornado cash doc page is down, but here is another User guide. Also check out the archive for TC docs. Check out Steps to anonymize while using eth in Anonymizing assets to learn how to not get doxxed when interacting with TC.

  • Sienna network is a privacy by default crypto currency built on Secret Network. It's possible to acquire the token (SIENNA) on Uniswap.

  • Railgun is a privacy solution for transactions on Etherum, Polygon and Binance. The token (RAIL) can be acquired on Uniswap. Whitepaper

Keep a look out for these projects

  • DarkFi
    A layer 1, privacy by default lunarpunk project.

  • Penumbra is a privacy solution for Cosmos ecosystem (IBC assets).

P2P trading platforms

  • Agoradesk
    A P2P Bitcoin and Monero exchange. It's possible to buy BTC and XMR with cash.

  • Bisq
    A P2P trading platform. Diverse ways for payment. Check Payment methods.

  • Local Monero
    A P2P Monero exchange. Different payment methods which also includes cash.

Proxy merchants

  • Sovereign Stack
    Non KYC service paying for your online shopping to preserve your privacy. Pay in Monero or Bitcoin.

Proxy store

  • ProxyStore
    A non KYC store paying for your online shopping to preserve your privacy. It also has a storefront that sells physical products such as Banana and Google Pixel phones and faraday bags. Pay in Monero or Bitcoin.