LunarDAO is an anonymity-first organization. However our mission is bigger than that. With the objective to build a strong united Squad accountable to the common mission and shared wealth. Looking into investment DAOs based on Moloch V1 & V2, listening to the allies in chats and multiple meetings with builders, we believe that LunarDAO should not kick-off as an experiment, instead start on well tested mechanisms.

The Portfolio and Syndicate fund management options are perhaps the largest question to be continuosly discussed. We believe that the launch may be easier and more interesting with the Portfolio option as a default, which leaves the door open for anyone to join the Squad and decide in the future how to manage further fundraising events, guilds, sub-DAOs and all the changes.

We would like to remind all the participants to protect themselves and read our docs on anonymizing assets and use Aztec or TornadoCash mixers, ensure network protection and change RPC as a basis to join LunarDAO.


Resources & References