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LIP stands for LunarDAO Improvement Proposal. The LIP document is the primary mechanism to inform LunarDAO community about new proposals. These LIPs may propose changes in governance, guidelines, or rules and serve as the main reference for investment decisions. The LIP is a concise, explicit and technical specification on how to submit a proposal. The initial LIP template is LIP-0001, which include the content below. In the future this might change as the community offers new proposals.

LIP Categories & Types

Note: LunarDAO is based on Moloch V3 DAO primitive, deployed by DAOhaus. The UI by default has proposals divided into 'Basic' and 'Advanced' categories. This is a generic DAOhaus admin setup to help users understand the proposal complexity.

LunarDAO proposals have two categories: Governance and Investment. If a squad member wants to submit an LIP, which does not concern funds, it is a Governance category. LIP concerning funds falls under Investment category. The LIP types are listed below each category.


  • Signal request
  • Update Governance Settings
  • Update Token Settings
  • Add Shaman
  • Remove a Member
  • Multicall proposal builder
  • Add Steward


  • DAO Token request
  • DAO Token Swap
  • ERC-20 Token Transfer
  • Network Token Transfer
  • Use Wallet Connect

LIP status

The status of an LIP is one of the following.

Proposal: The LIP is shared on the forum and a discussion in the community is initiated. The author can share perspectives and motivations for the proposal with the community and answer questions. The author will develop the proposal based on community's feedback.

Accepted: 50% + 1 $VOX of the voting amount is needed for a proposal to be approved. An accepted proposal which concerns treasury or on-chain governance (DAO settings) can be executed directly after the Grace period. Stewards and LunarDAO committees are responsible to coordinate the implementation and inform the community (update the documents).

Rejected: If less than 50% + 1 $VOX of the voting amount vote yes, or the Sentinels based on given criteria deem the proposal to be malicious, the proposal is rejected.

If LunarDAO Community and Squad members have expressed criticisms and evaluated the proposal to be non-aligned with community sentiment, the author should consider re-writing the LIP or decide not to proceed to voting.


The following steps are needed before proceeding to voting.

  • Submit the finalized LIP, including the date and time of the vote.
  • Update status and vote date in the header.
  • The sponsorship threshold (a minimum number of $VOX) is 10 $VOX (0.1 ETH at launch) is required to submit a proposal. This deposit is returned when the proposal has been accepted or rejected.
  • Anyone else can submit a proposal by acquiring a sponsorship by offering a fee of 0.2 ETH which is non refundable and will be sent to the DAO treasury.
  • The vote is open for 72h, after which there will be a grace period of 72h when any member can ragequit if they disagree with the outcome of the vote.

Template for proposals

Every LIP draft should contain these parts.

Header: Includes title, LIP category & type, contact, date, status, vote date. The status and vote date must be updated in the final version of the LIP.

Summary: A short description of the proposal. Reference to previous proposals.

Some LIPs will be continuously developed, such as LIP-0001. In these cases, for transparency and context, the author shall write a reference to the previously accepted proposal by using the LIP number.

Problem: Describe why the proposal is needed.

Solution: Describe the proposal and what solutions it will bring for lunarpunk communities.

Implementation: What resources or actions are needed to be able to implement the proposal.

Community input: The final version of the LIP, before voting, must also contain a link to community discussions on the proposal.

An LIP which is category Investment, afforementioned, also needs to include the following:

Note: We use place holders X for the supported project and Tx for their token.

1. Name of the project
2. Date
3. Project X's value to the ecosystem (problem solving, new primitives, tools, knowledge, monetary etc)
4. Requested size of support in USD terms
5. Offered amount of Project X tokens Tx and price per USD (if the project is monetary based)
6. Trigger event: Tokens Tx will be send to LunarDAO treasury/Time period needed for execution or expected time of launch (when Tx becomes liquid)
7. Is the team X supported by private investors or VCs, other DAOs (or plans to) or just LunarDAO?
8. If yes: In which size and what is the price of token Tx to other supporting subjects?
9. If project X is token based: Tx tokenomics/release schedule
10. Project X's wallet address to recieve the support
11. LunarDAO treasury address to recieve token Tx in agreed time, amount and price: 0x59f77dc848c2e45b5954975ee1969e7a22fa25f6


  • The LIP shall be written in Markdown format.
  • Contact refers to the authors nick on the community forum, Discourse.
  • The header shall be written in the following format, including the points below.

title: LIP-<number>
LIP category & type: <governance/investment>/<type>
contact: <forum_alias>
date: <date created on, in ISO 8601 (yyyy-mm-dd) format>
status: <proposal/accepted/rejected>
vote date: <in ISO 8601 (yyyy-mm-dd) format>