The moon symbolizes many things, among those transformation and life, strength and power. To develop life means continuous transformation. Life that is stagnant, that conforms, will cease to exist. LunarDAO is one part of the expanding forest against surveillance society. It was created out of neccessity, but lunarpunks existed long before this DAO. The regulatory changes incentivize us to organize our defenses with more persistence. We constituted LunarDAO, because we believe in community, decentralization, individual responsibility and contribution to a common mission. LunarDAO is a community directed by Lunar Squad. It is a practical application of lunarpunk narrative.

Decades ago, cypherpunks foresaw the rise of censorship and surveillance. They understood that cryptography and economic sovereignty were necessary to ensure freedom. Bitcoin created an economy outside of financial hegemony and made it possible for people to regain agency. Over the years, the voices upholding the cypherpunk mission have become fewer and quieter, drowned out by a flood of easy money. The KYC regulated crypto diverged from that foundation. The advocates of crypto's liberatory mission lack unity as well as strategy.

LunarDAO provides such a strategy.

The more regulation is imposed on people the bigger is the thirst for anonymity and privacy. The development of anonymity and privacy results in stronger regulation. This loop is inevitable. Instead of closing our eyes to this reality, we choose to expand the forest and build a sanctuary where society can redefine itself, self-administrate and regain its economic, political and moral agency.

Read LunarDAO full manifesto.

LunarDAO architecture (governance and tokenomics) is currently being discussed and developed by the core-team and the community. Tokenomics v1 was rejected and the feeback from the community is the foundation for v2 proposal. The version below is the old version(v1), which serves as a reference for the discussion.

The current proposal can be found here:

The discussion is in the forum channel: