How can I join?

The Genesis event is open until April 30th, 17:00 UTC. After this it is not possible to join until the next fundraising event.

  • It is recommended to anonymize your assets before joining the DAO.
  • Go to the Staking page. The entry is permissionless.
  • $VOX represent the members share of the treasury as well as their voting power (voting power can be delegated as well).
  • $VOX (shares) are non-transferable.
  • Everyone's entry price is the same: 1 ETH = 100 $VOX (- 0.25% admin fees).
  • The minimum tribute in order to join the DAO as a Squad member is 0.1 ETH which equals 10 $VOX (shares).
  • Admin/management fee on entry of 0.25% is paid to the Stewards' (core-team) account from every tribute in the form of $VOX for the DAO operations.

Can I contribute to the DAO anonymously?

Yes. It is recommended. Follow this guide.

Does it matter whether I'm anonymous or not?

LunarDAO is focused on privacy-preserving projects. This ethos impacts how you should participate in the DAO. Privacy techniques are strongly encouraged when interacting with the DAO. Each piece of information that a user gives up degrades their privacy. Achieving anonymity on a transparent chain is extremely difficult. Privacy degradation stems from:

  • Doxxed addresses
  • Network leaks
  • Side channel attacks

LunarDAO participants should solve for all of these threats.

I have nothing to hide.

“Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say." - Edward Snowden

How do I apply for funding from LunarDAO?

LIP (LunarDAO Improvement Proposal) is the basis of governance in LunarDAO. Anyone can share and discuss proposals on the forum. Only Squad members can submit and vote on proposals. In LIP-0001 there is a template and further information on the expected content and process.

The sponsorship threshold is a minimum number of $VOX (10 $VOX which equals 0.1 ETH at launch) which is required to submit a proposal. This deposit is returned when the proposal have been accepted or rejected. Anyone else can submit a proposal by acquiring a sponsorship by offering a fee of 0.2 ETH which is non refundable and will be sent to the DAO treasury.

What is LunarDAO?

LunarDAO is an investment fund based on lunarpunk philosophy. By allocating funds in privacy projects & anonymity tooling we aim to expand freedom and ensure sovereignty. Squad wealth leverages collective strength and capture value in the ecosystem by building a portfolio of privacy assets. Anyone can exit at any time. Members are anonymous hence can participate in building this vision without fear of frozen funds, legal implications or any kind of repression. We aim to move to a full anon setup and develop infrastructure for a parallel economy outside of control and centralization.

What are the aims of LunarDAO?

  1. Enable parallel confederated societies that are diverse and autonomous but mutually protect each other against central authority.

  2. Learn, educate, share knowledge. Education is fundamental in our struggle for free life, autonomy, and community.

  3. Develop infrastructure for economy and politics beyond the state, that is uncensorable, sovereign and anonymous. Expand the dark forest.

Do you have a whitepaper?

Yes, you can find it here.

What is LunarDAOs mission?

LunarDAO mission is the manifestation of lunarpunk vision which enables the forest to expand. In practice LunarDAO:

  • Invest in privacy and anonymity tech and infrastructure
  • Research and share information on privacy projects
  • Support education initiatives aligning with LunarDAO aims

What problem is LunarDAO solving?

Anonymity and privacy oriented developers will face an increasing difficulty in finding support among traditional VC's and investment funds, because of regulatory measures. This will lead into a dynamic where the developing teams will be forced to sell their work underpriced to counterparties who don't share the same vision. This scenario a portrays privacy as a taboo, developers are under stress and value is extracted from the ecosystem.

We don't accept the future to be so grim. The prospect of privacy is ultimately bullish. LunarDAO offers a solution.

We form a decentralized squad of sovereign individuals, lunarpunks, to allocate resources together and assemble squad wealth. The DAO leverages collective power and becomes an investor. The community discuss which tools are needed to empower the ecosystem, the research committee evaluates the teams developing them and the Squad members democratically decide which projects shall be supported.

  • The privacy projects will get supported by a decentralized, anonymous organization, aligned with their mission.
  • The teams will be provided with the needed resources to develop, grow and deliver.
  • LunarDAO treasury accumulate supported privacy assets and the Squad manages the funds as a common portfolio.
  • The value is conserved in the ecosystem, both parties profit from the upcoming cycle.
  • While leveraging collective power, every individual is protected against majority rule and can exit the DAO any time with 100% of their shares (without any fee).

We believe that the loop of tightening regulations and growing demand for privacy and anonymity is inevitable, these events will happen with or without us. We can strenghten the ecosystem, capture the value and grow squad wealth, or be left out in the desert with regressive regFi.

You can find the complete whitepaper here.

What are the investment proposals?

To support privacy projects by investing in them is the main purpose of LunarDAO. Planting seeds for the lunarpunk dark forest of cryptography, autonomy and users' knowledge. To choose meaningful projects and help them grow is vital. A reward for the LunarDAO community is the shared value of these projects in the form of their token and the knowledge and tools they build. It is a mutual harmony in which the growth of one empowers the other and vice versa. This symbiotic relationship slowly but steadily replaces the bare desert of surveillance and hegemony.

On the Investment portal research about privacy projects are shared as well as proposals for investment after the raise. There are ongoing discussions about the possibility of an Aztec fork for as well as Mel, a project aiming to build off-chain composable apps with a minimal on-chain interaction to achieve censorship resistance and decentralization. Eric from Mel, participated in Lunarpunk Future twitter space and shared more information about the current development. This was summarized in TL;DR.

How are decisions made in LunarDAO?

LunarDAO governance is primarily based on LIP (LunarDAO Improvement Proposal). Anyone can write an LIP and share with the community. Squad members can submit and vote on proposals. If a community member want a proposal to be submmitted, it is possible to maker an offering of 0.2 ETH to the treasury, which is non-refundable.

In LIP-0001 there is a template and further information on the expected content and process. Voting should be announced at least 7 days ahead of time and voting shall be open for 72h. The proposal is approved if 50% + 1 $VOX vote yes, else it is rejected. It can also be rejected if Sentinels deem the proposal to be malicious. Read the criteria for what is deemed malicious proposals here.

Voting is followed by the Grace period, during which Squad members can ragequit should they disagree with the result of the voting.

LunarDAO governance is not limited to LIPs or voting. The committees, Stewards, Media, Sentinels, Research and Education, organize their work autonomously. Decisions flow upward from the community. To become a Steward any member can write an LIP and propose to join. To join Media or Research, any member can make a request on the forum. The suggested time frame to be a multi-sig participant is two years. However, it is also on the roadmap for the squad to vote if to continue to have a multi-sig based treasury or move to a complete trustless setup after the DAO launches.

Voting in LunarDAO is the practical implementation of the willpower of the community. The decision making process is not something technical and cannot be separated from our communication and interaction on the forum.

LunarDAO values discussion and diversity of opinions. We believe this will aid the development of a truly decentralized, anonymous and anti-fragile organization.

What is VOX?


In LunarDAO Shares are represented by the symbol $VOX.

  • 1 $VOX is an equivalent to 1 share.
  • $VOX is LunarDAO governance token.
  • Minimum of 1 $VOX grants Squad membership and voting power.
  • $VOX is an account bound, non-transferable token.
  • Every 0.1 ETH of tribute to treasury mints 10 $VOX to the member (at launch, future entry price may differ based on the previous investments made).
  • When a member ragequit, $VOX is burned.
    • $VOX value in the treasury stays the same for remaining members.
    • Ragequitting member gets 100% of their funds in the form of $VOX-loot.

What are the committees?

Committees in LunarDAO are groups within the community that aim to facilitate and coordinate the works of the DAO according to their specific focus. The committees presented below were chosen during the intial development because they are fundamental to the DAO. At any point, after the launch, new committees can be proposed or an existing one can be archived if the community deems it's needed (this operation is also done through LIP and voting). The committees decide their own work flow and formulate expectations, objectives and key results within the committee.

All committees give information about the ongoing works in the community meetings and are receptive to input and criticisms. Every three months each committee will submit a report to the community about the ongoing works.

Read more about committees here.

How do I set up ircd?

ircd is developed by DarkFi. On LunarDAO wiki, there is an installation guide. the community channel is '#lunardao' which is public (no encryption) but anonymous. Here is DarkFi's documentation for ircd.