LunarDAO Architecture

LunarDAO architecture is based on Moloch V3 design, deployed by DAOhaus and customized to fit LunarDAO governance.

The design puts an emphasis on anonymity combined with permissionless entry for the initial Squad formation. Both are essential for a privacy oriented investment fund which aims to develop infrastructure for parallel economy.


LunarDAO Treasury: 0x59F77dC848C2E45B5954975ee1969e7A22fA25F6
Moloch V3 DAO (LunarDAO Governance): 0x747DA68Facd1459E9D9b8f928418DA30769D3Ba1
Sentinels' Safe (5/8 multi-sig): 0x622066aBA170c185c28cED6E7ccd1cB2047ef6ef
LunarDAO Stewards' Safe (core-team, founders): 0xAb501a8Eb58c9780eb04D683feB504fcE391A2DD
$VOX (voting token/treasury shares): 0x33e6ded5073f512475e17b5f19dda90d9a782478
$VOX-LOOT (non-voting token/shares): 0x94fadf770e44b7bc872fc712e4ba6aaf096fcba7
Genesis Event Onboarder Shaman: 0xFd7f0D849c1820F066aD1DEa8c8B90A59cA51Ef0

On-chain vs Multi-sig

As mentioned in the governance chapter, LunarDAO deployed a Sentinel multi-sig as a veto agent. At the same time the DAO architecture itself is based on Moloch V3 primitive with a full on-chain execution. This contradiction is solved by a design where the main LunarDAO treasury is a Gnosis Safe with two signers of which only one is needed for an execution (1/2). The two signers are:

  1. LunarDAO Squad: a Moloch V3 DAO, 0x747DA68Facd1459E9D9b8f928418DA30769D3Ba1
  2. LunarDAO Sentinels: Gnosis safe (5/8) multi-sig

In this setup all the proposals are submitted, voted upon and (after grace period) executed on-chain without any Sentinels interaction. Only in the case of a malicious proposal, the Sentinels can step in and reject the proposal. Five Sentinel members must sign a veto in their safe in order to make such execution in the LunarDAO treasury.

Moloch v3

Based on the discussions with the allies & the community, the most feasible way for the LunarDAO architecture to meet its aim, was chose MolochDAO V3 primitive, designed by DAOhaus and customized to fit LunarDAO governance architecture. The Moloch V3 contracts have much more optionality on both the initial setup and throughout the DAO life time in comparison to Moloch V2. V3 is also easier to set up and launch upon, using existing UI and implement changes on the fly, in a more democratic manner (based on community discussions and squad vote).

Anatomy of a Moloch V3 DAO in DAOhaus. Courtesy of DAOhaus


For full description read Governance above.

  • Community: Anyone engaging on the forum & chats. To be a member of the community does NOT grant voting/governance power.
  • Squad: DAO members holding shares, voting power.
  • Sentinels: Eight guardians (multi-sig) of the DAO treasury.
  • Stewards: Anonymous core-team/founders of the DAO, securing operations (can be exchanged, archived, scaled up).
  • Committees: Working groups with a specific focus (research, media, education).