Governance process

  • LIP (LunarDAO Improvement Proposal): A proposal is created using the template in LIP-0001.
  • Forum discussions: A thread is created on the forum, where the LIP can be discussed. The proposal should be announced at least 7 days before voting.
  • Voting: A proposal is submitted on-chain and the voting is opened for 72h.
  • Grace Period: Follows voting for another 72h. Members can exit the DAO with their funds if they don't want to be affected by the decision.
  • Execution: Proposals are submitted on chain, hence the changes will apply automatically with pushing the execution button. - If unrelated to treasury: Stewards update the documents.

The LunarDAO governance is not limited to LIPs or voting, decisions are also made in the community or committee meetings. Voting in LunarDAO is the practical implementation of the willpower of the community. The decision making process is not something technical and cannot be separated from our communication/interaction on the forum and on ircd. It is important to always seek discussion and encourage diversity in opinions within the community. This will aid our development in building a truly decentralized, anonymous and antifragile organization.