DarkFi ircd behind Nym Mixnet

As bulletproof anon chat as it gets!

Lunarpunk vanguards Dark.fi built a fully anonymous and p2p instance of IRC chat called ircd. The team is just finishing their new instance of the program darkirc which we hope to see in production soon.

Nym has been developing an app to channel all users traffic through the mixnet. Now users can use a client to run any SOCKS5 proxy traffic through. In the past users had to configure and run thir Nym network requester with a custom list of whitelisted services including DarkFi endpoints.

LunarDAO Nym Gateways have Network Requester (NR) and Internet Packet Router (IPR) embedded and they run according to the new Nym exit policy - a combination of Tornull and Tor reduced policy - a default filter allowing users to connect to any but blacklisted IPs and ports.

To connect your ircd instance to LunarDAO Nym Exit Gateways through your local nym-socks5-client is simple and worth it. Here are the steps...


Install darkfi ircd and nym-socks5-client in the same environment.

Socks 5 client

  1. Get nym-socks5-client from Nym release page
  2. Make executable: chmod u+x nym-socks5-client
  3. Initialise and configure with one of our NR addresses listed as Embedded Network Requester Address
./nym-sockc5-client init --id [ANY_NAME] --provider [ANY_EMBEDDED_NR_ADDRESS_FROM_THE_LIST]
  1. Run ./nym-socks5-client run --id [YOUR_ID]


  1. Install ircd

  2. Open ~/.config/darkfi/ircd_config.toml

  3. Comment the line with seeds

  4. Add a line:

peers = ["nym://dasman.xyz:25552"]
  1. Change outbond_transports to:
outbond_transports = ["nym"]
  1. Make sure that
outbound_connections = 0
  1. Save config and restart ircd

Observe the ircd deamon to see that the communication is running through the mixnet.

Bonus: Join #lunardao ircd channel

Now, when your Darkfi's ircd runs through Nym Mixnet, you can join public and fully anonymous channel #lunardao. To do so, follow one of the two possibilities:

  1. Run a command in your weechat:
/join #lunardao
  1. Or open ~/.config/darkfi/ircd_config.toml and add "#lunardao" to the autojoin = [] brackets, save and restart ircd.


  • In case your ircd has problems to start or connect, run the following:
# cd to darkfi repo
git pull
git checkout c4b78ead5111b0423fca3bd53cb7185acd6f0faa

# compile ircd
make ircd

# in case of dependency error: "failed to load source for dependency `halo2_gadgets`"
rm Cargo.lock
make ircd

# remove the config file (rename it if you want to safe any values first)
rm ~/.config/darkfi/ircd_config.toml

# rerun ircd to generate new config file

# add your custom values from the old config file
  • In case socks5 client is not connecting to the gateway, try another one from the list.