Investment Thesis

LunarDAO is an INVESTMENT FUND INTO PRIVACY PROJECTS & ANONYMITY TOOLING, a squad wealth based DAO spreading Lunarpunk narrative, philosophy and building infrastructure.


Anonymity and privacy oriented developers will face an increasing difficulty in finding support among traditional VC's and investment funds, because of regulatory measures. This will lead into a dynamic where the developing teams will be forced to sell their work underpriced to counterparties who don't share the same vision. This scenario portrays privacy as a taboo, developers are under stress and value is extracted from the ecosystem.

We don't accept the future to be so grim. The prospect of privacy is ultimately bullish. LunarDAO offers a solution.


We form a decentralized squad of sovereign individuals and lunarpunks, to allocate resources together and assemble squad wealth. The DAO leverages collective power and becomes an investor. The community discusses which tools are needed to empower the ecosystem, the research committee looks for the solutions, and lists them in the Investment Portal. The Squad members vote on the proposals and invest in the chosen projects.


  • The privacy projects will get support from a decentralized, anonymous organization, aligned with their mission.
  • The teams will be provided with the needed resources to develop, grow and deliver.
  • LunarDAO Squad is a privacy investor building a treasury (portfolio) of accumulated privacy assets.
  • The value is conserved in the ecosystem, both parties profit from the upcoming lunarpunk cycle.
  • While leveraging collective power, every individual is protected against majority rule and can exit the DAO any time with 100% of their shares (without any fee).

For the current list of primitives and projects discussed as possible investments, visit our Investment portal.

We believe that the loop of tightening regulations and growing demand for privacy and anonymity is inevitable, these events will happen with or without us. We can strenghten the ecosystem, capture the value and grow squad wealth, or be left out in the desert with regressive regFi.

Knowledge as a Value

The privacy investment sphere is LunarDAO's main focus. At the same time we see education as an essential value to fulfill our mission.

The DAO creates possibilities for technical literacy by building research and wiki and supporting educational structures such as the partnering project Adalan Academy, where people can acquire knowledge and master skills in programming and economy while developing a philosophical frame to generate the future path of lunarpunk ecosystem. Such education empowers the community and shape thinkers, who bring value back to the ecosystem. Education is a long-term investment.