LunarDAO Manifesto

The Leviathan

Information is power. Privacy and transparency are two antithetical dimensions of information. Transparency must apply to those in power, to lay open their machinations and hold them accountable. This includes any government, supranational entity, corporations and conglomerates. Privacy is for the people, to prevent the agents of power from intruding in the innermost parts of our individual and social existence.

The mouthpieces of the surveillance state claim that our sanctuaries and agoras are enabling criminals to sell drugs, weapons and human beings, and laundering money through cryptocurrencies. They use this as an excuse to block our access to DeFi and privacy tools and limit our autonomy. All the while the crimes we stand accused of are carried out day by day on a massive scale by well-connected and legally protected people, aided by national governments, their courts and law enforcement bodies. While attacking tools that empower people, they commandeer the black market and launder money through esteemed international banks.

So-called democratic nation-states openly make profit by entertaining economic relations with regimes they pretend to reject. Especially when it comes to war industry, these profitable relations are carried out against international conventions these states promoted themselves. Armaments are sold to regimes and used against civilians and liberation movements in the name of profit.

Hegemonic nation-states and their financial institutions have control over our lives. As long as we depend on their money we have no choice but to live under the dominion of empires. Banks track and control the money flow and can freeze assets at any time. They tempt us with the illusion of wealth, making us believe that we are part of the big game, when really we are expropriated. We are the yield.


Decades ago, cypherpunks foresaw the rise of censorship and surveillance. They understood that cryptography and economic sovereignity were necessary to ensure freedom. Bitcoin created an economy outside of financial hegemony and made it possible for people to regain agency.

Today that is no longer enough.

Crypto’s resistance to capture makes it a target. And so the surveillance state is on the attack. It has already started to make our software illegal. We are forced to self-regulate to survive. Anyone who falls into this trap has already lost.

Over the years, the voices upholding the cypherpunk mission have become fewer and quieter, drowned out by a flood of easy money. The advocates of crypto's liberatory mission lack unity as well as strategy.

LunarDAO provides such a strategy.


There are no institutions in this world that safeguard freedom. Those that try to are being denounced as criminal and terrorist, co-opted, marginalized and violently crushed. The existing establishment only maintains and intensifies our enslavement. We, the people, must create new worlds to live a free life. Many others before us have attempted to do so, and important contributions have been given by freedom fighters. We walk on this path remembering and celebrating this heritage and forging alliances with others struggling for liberation. We recognize the contribution done by the team of Wikileaks, which has stripped the American government of its historical immunity and shed light on the dark affairs of world powers. The United States, eager to deny the right to privacy of their citizens, are now persecuting Julian Assange for unmasking their own crimes.

While trying to regulate their internal markets and imposing strict surveillance over the economic activities of their own citizens, countries like France have developed unregulated markets in former colonies that are crippling local economy. An exemplary case is the French sabotage in Guinea; after the former colony declared its independence, France, led by De Gaulle, counterfeited the new Guinean Franc in order to trigger an economic crisis and cast down the elected leader Touré, as testified by former French secret services agent Maurice Robert. The colonizers didn’t succeed with getting rid of Touré, but managed to damage the Guinean economy enough to ensure dependency on France. Guinean case is particularly symbolic for French policies in the former colonies of West Africa, where economics has been weaponized against local people to keep them enslaved.

This and others crimes are daily committed with impunity by authorities that persecute, torture and imprison people building concrete alternatives of free life.

This is the case of Ross Ulbricht, among others. Creator of Silk Road, an anonymous e-commerce website, Ulbricht has been sentenced to an unjustifiable two life sentences and more, without parole, because some users used the marketplace to sell and buy illegal goods, mostly cannabis. The fact that one of the drug sellers has been condemned to five years makes if crystal clear that Ulbricht has been turned into the scapegoat of the United States’ war against privacy, to spread terror and deter the online community from searching for alternatives to surveillance.

Economy is being weaponized in Iran against women struggling for their freedom, as Iranian government is threatening to freeze the bank accounts of those who refuse to adhere to the law imposing hijab. As economic warfare is a common practice of the nation-states to impose their domain, building tools and platforms to guarantee economic freedom is a crucial struggle.

Organization is the key to self-defense, and self-defense is necessary to live. So believed J-Stark, 3D printing pioneer, who lived by the slogan ‘live free or fucking die’. He did die for freedom – he was murdered by German police, guilty of giving people a 3D technology that deprived the state of its monopoly on weapon production. We celebrate his legacy, and recognize a society’s right to self-defense against exploitation and occupation.

Since the dawn of the oppression of the state, free societies have armed themselves and resisted. Countless have died to protect the free life of humanity, and great victories have been achieved. But we slowly lost ground. State civilization has imposed its own narrative, casting the memory of democratic resistance in the shadows of the past - but our legacy has never disappeared. Although at constant risk of being erased and forgotten, it still continues in the resistance against occupation, fascism, patriarchy and ecocide. It has flourished over the millennia in the uprisings of peasants against landlords, in the knowledge of the witches, in the nomadic tribes refusing the institutions of power. The spirit of freedom that inflamed Tiananmen Square and the people of Falluja is a source of hope in Jenin and Kobane. The great battles of the past are the urban guerrilla of today. Everywhere, David is striking back at Goliath.

Ruling elites have robbed society of its knowledge, its memories and its dimensions. They have monopolized economy, depriving it of its original meaning, rewritten history and deviated the noble purpose of science. The greed of the oppressors is pushing technology, one of the spearheads of humanity’s knowledge, into degeneration. As they weaponize technology to enforce oppression, we are committed to using our skills to promote liberation.

This is why lunarpunks gather in the periphery rather than the center. We make our home in moonlit forests of encryption outside the reach of the state. We refuse to leave our protection in the hands of governments and Big Tech. We consider self-defense to be everyone's responsibility.

Rulers maintain authority by keeping people isolated. When we are alone, we cannot build the strength to change our realities. That is why lunarpunks are not content with the modern mirages of individual liberty. We form squads, clans and communities and fight for collective liberation.


Freedom can only be found outside the logic of domination. Self-defense requires a philosophy rooted in liberation and adequate tools. We must bypass the all-pervasive mindset of submission and obedience. Lunarpunk forest is a sanctuary where society can redefine itself, self-administrate and regain its economic, political and moral agency. As our community grows, we witness how society can truly flourish only when free from state. But in order to protect ourselves and our communities from oppression, we need to practice self-defense.

Decentralized, private and anonymous networks are fundamental for communities to defend themselves. Self-defense requires control over information, infrastructure and material resources. Lunarpunks use zero-knowledge cryptography to create a shield of privacy and anonymity that enables communities to operate without persecution by the state.

The aims of LunarDAO are:

  • Enable parallel confederated societies that are diverse and autonomous but mutually protect each other against central authority.

  • Learn, educate, share knowledge. Education is fundamental in our struggle for free life, autonomy, and community.

  • Develop infrastructure for economy and politics beyond the state, that is uncensorable, sovereign and anonymous. Expand the dark forest.

LunarDAO invests in privacy projects and anonymity-oriented tooling for the lunarpunk society. By prioritizing technical excellence, practicality and an uncompromising philosophy of freedom it creates value building towards a self-sustaining antifragile ecosystem. We believe that lunarpunk is not something distant. It is available to anyone who is ready to make a choice: to let nation-states control our lives or to join the fight for freedom.

Anyone can join LunarDAO and start a new investment project or take part in an existing one. Learn how to use free software and privacy tools, extend the reach of infrastructure, exit Big Tech and the surveillance state, learn programming, study economics and build the counter-economy.

Sunset has arrived. The moonlit night is coming.

Moonlight, or the lunarpunk future

In the darkness of the night, the forest of encryption is alive. Many tribes have found a sanctuary under the thick branches of its trees. Societies are regaining their strength, and free life is being built under the gentle light of the moon. Outside of the forest, war is raging. Nation states are in conflict with one another, ecocide is being perpetrated against nature, and repression strikes those who struggle for freedom. The more the agents of the state attack, the more individuals and groups escape the scorching sun of surveillance and seek refuge in the moonlight of anonymity. Societies, finally aware of themselves, defend their forest through cyber-guerrilla and regain territory. A new moon shines on earth.


Access to resources is fundamental for everyone. Crypto provides the means for people to have power over their own resources. The concept of a DAO has been battle tested in all kinds of forms. LunarDAO aims to learn from the experiences of those before us. There is no single perfect format and stagnation leads to a dead end. A main limitation when pushing for changes is an inability to imagine the world we want to build. With curiosity, the frame of DAOs offers vast possibilities for progress and expansion. Anyone can join LunarDAO. It is a space where lunarpunks can come together, share ideas and knowledge, initiate and support projects, and build liberating tech in pursuit of autonomy.


A Community member is anyone who sees themselves as a part of the DAO mission; participates on the forum, ircd, telegram and contributes to the development of the DAO through work or by sharing experiences, resources and proposals. No token is required to be a part of the community. Community members have no voting power.


A LunarDAO Squad member is every community member who owns $VOX (shares). During fundraising event, anyone who buy $VOX can become a squad member. The minimum tribute is 0.1 ETH. $VOX represent the member's share of the treasury as well as voting power. LunarDAO Squad members can exit the DAO with their funds at any time through ragequit.


LIP (LunarDAO Improvement Proposal) is the basis of governance in LunarDAO. Anyone can share and discuss proposals on the forum. Only Squad members can submit and vote on proposals. In LIP-0001 there is a template and further information on the expected content and process.

The sponsorship threshold is a minimum number of $VOX (10 $VOX which equals 0.1 ETH at launch) which is required to submit a proposal. This deposit is returned when the proposal have been accepted or rejected. Anyone else can submit a proposal by acquiring a sponsorship by offering a fee of 0.2 ETH which is non refundable and will be sent to the DAO treasury.

Proposals should be shared a week before the vote. Voting is open for 72h. The proposal is approved if 50% + 1 $VOX of the voting amount vote for, else it is rejected. It can also be rejected if Sentinels deem the proposal to be malicious. Voting is followed by a Grace period of 72h, during which squad members can ragequit should they disagree with the result of the voting.


Delegation is included in Moloch V3. Any Squad member can delegate their voting rights to others, whether they are DAO members or not. By doing this, the member no longer have governance rights, and cannot sponsor proposals. The delegate, if previously not a squad member, will become one and just like before $VOX (shares) will represent a share of the treasury as well as voting power.

Minimum retention

To prevent dilution of assets, minimum retention is 33%. That means that if 33% of shares ragequitted a proposal during the grace period, the proposal will fail automatically as the original circumstances when the proposal was submitted, including access to funds, has changed dramatically. The squad can re-submit the proposal if they want to vote on it with the new circumstance.


Ragequit enables squad members to exit with their funds, without penalty, if they do not agree with the result of a vote, or if they no longer want to be a part of the DAO. The designated time period in which members can ragequit after voting is called Grace period. Ragequit is possible no matter what the squad member voted on the proposal. This is an important function against malicious proposals and also a minority protection. With this function, all members are incentivized to bring forward proposals which are aligned with the community sentiment.

Grace Period

The Grace period, which is 72h, is the time period during which members can Ragequit if they disagree with the result of a vote. At the end of the Grace Period, the proposal which has been voted on is processed by calling the processProposal function. It is the responsibility of Stewards to call this function.


Guildkick allows the squad to remove a malicious member by forcing the them to ragequit. This is done by submitting a proposal which is then voted on. If this proposal is accepted by 50% + 1 $VOX, 100% of the shares owned by the squad member who is guildkicked is converted to loot and the member lose their voting power.


Committees in LunarDAO are groups within the community that aim to facilitate and coordinate the works of the DAO according to their specific focus. The committees presented below were chosen during the intial development because they are fundamental to the DAO. At any point, after the launch, new committees can be proposed or an existing one can be archived if the community deems it's needed (this operation is also done through LIP and voting).

The committees autonomously decide who can join. In every committee there is one person responsible for communication, who can be contacted if a member wants to get engaged. The committees decide their own work flow and formulate expectations, objectives and key results within the committee.

All committees give information about the ongoing works in the community meetings and are receptive to input and criticisms. Every three months each committee will submit a report to the community about the ongoing works.


LunarDAO Stewards (LunarDAO core team) is a committee dedicated to support and guide the essential works of the DAO. Initially, at launch, they include founding members of the DAO. The number of Stewards should not be less than three and no more than ten. The LunarDAO Stewards responsibilities includes, but are not limited to:

  • Operations
  • Administration
  • Community management
  • Information: Making sure all other DAO members are aware of proposals and are notified in time to be able to participate in voting
  • Implementation of community decisions
  • Investment communication & coordination
  • Partnerships & Networking
  • Legal advice coordination
  • Media & Presentation

Stewards have a separated 3/6 multisig for their operation. Fees of 0.25% from tribute and 0.5% per executed investment are sent to this wallet. Any other funding and budget has to be proposed via investment LIP and voted upon as any other proposal. Stewards' wallet: 0xab501a8eb58c9780eb04d683feb504fce391a2dd

How to become a Steward

To become a Steward any member can write an LIP and propose to join. This follows the same governance process as any other LIP, steps are shared in LIP-0001. The proposal can include interests, experiences as well as expected level of commitment within the DAO, ideas and suggestions which can support LunarDAO mission as well as initiatives and activity of the member within the community.


The Media committee is responsible for updating the web page and twitter. The media output is in accordance with LunarDAO mission, decisions and development. The committee can also coordinate and recruit members for media productions based on LunarDAOs mission and goals, participate in interviews or initiate media works that are beneficial to the DAO. Community members can post on the forum if they want to join the Media committee.


The Research committee conveys research about privacy and anonymity projects and tools. This research can serve as a basis for evaluation of investment LIPs for the DAO and as a resource for the community. Community members can post on the forum if they want to join the Research committee.


Education is fundamental in the struggle for free life, autonomy, and community. It is vital to train guides by providing knowledge, skills and build confidence. LunarDAO is in a trust based partnership with Adalan Academy and aim to support their development. The initial focus of this decentralized virtual academy is to offer courses in programming, economics and political philosophy. Some of the outcomes are creation and translation of education material, texts and resources. The long-term objective is being able to educate the new generation of lunarpunks.

An essential part of education, and included in the roadmap, is collecting, researching and sharing tools and resources that are privacy oriented. This includes creating opt out manuals that provide the means to exit surveillance society and develop parallel structures that are decentralized and expands our freedom.


LunarDAO Sentinels is a committee with a role of a treasury veto agent. It is a multi-sig Gnosis Safe with eight members in total. The DAO flow of proposal, vote, and execution is done fully on-chain and without any interaction or approval needed by Sentinels. However, the Sentinels are the last fall back solution as they can reject a malicious proposal even if it has been approved by the community. Five are needed to execute a decision.

A malicious proposal can include:

  • Proposals which are harmful to LunarDAO mission and goals.
  • Proposals which are supporting centralization and hegemony.
  • Proposals which are supporting surveillance projects or measures.
  • Proposals which are supporting regulatory measures.
  • Proposal which are suspected of/or exposed as having malintent ie. a quickly pushed proposals which aims to drain the treasury.

If Sentinels reject a proposal, they are expected to share a report which include the motivation for this decision before the next community meeting after the event. The decision and content of the mentioned report will be included, discussed and evaluated in this meeting.

The suggested time frame to be a multi-sig participant is two years. The transfer will happen when there is someone who can take over when the time is due and is not a rigid measurement. To rotate responsibilities to new Sentinels supports a level of diversity of thought in this important governance responsibility.

As a part of the roadmap the squad will vote if to continue to have a multi-sig based treasury or move to a complete trustless setup after the DAO launches.

Sentinel members

Builders and teams in our ecosystem of privacy oriented projects are often public, using known pseudonyms, and are recognized in crypto communities. In 'Why anon' we explained why anonymity and privacy are not only important for lunarpunk movement, but also the only choice for the Stewards (core team/ founders) of LunarDAO.

To build trust, and decentralize, the DAO is collborating with six Sentinels who are not core-members. The Sentinels are:

  1. Mario Havel; Bordel hackerspace, Paralelní polis.

  2. Mykola Siusko; Web3 privacy now, Pagency framework.

  3. CR1337; Navcoin, Scala.

  4. Auryn Macmillan; Gnosis Guild.

  5. bZ; AssangeDAO.

  6. Yves Edwards; FIAT LUX Podcast.

  7. Steward Anon 1; LunarDAO.

  8. Steward Anon 2; LunarDAO.

These are guidelines to support Sentinels in their responsibility. It is the responsibility of the whole community to support the governance process, in which the forum discussion is an essential part. This ensures democratic governance and gives opportunities for feedback on proposals before initiating voting. Through the LIP process, if LunarDAO Community and Squad members have expressed criticisms and evaluated a proposal to be non-aligned with community sentiment or otherwise unsupported, the author should consider re-writing the LIP or decide to not proceed with voting.

Governance process

  • LIP (LunarDAO Improvement Proposal): A proposal is created using the template in LIP-0001.
  • Forum discussions: A thread is created on the forum, where the LIP can be discussed. The proposal should be announced at least 7 days before voting.
  • Voting: A proposal is submitted on-chain and the voting is opened for 72h.
  • Grace Period: Follows voting for another 72h. Members can exit the DAO with their funds if they don't want to be affected by the decision.
  • Execution: Proposals are submitted on chain, hence the changes will apply automatically with pushing the execution button. - If unrelated to treasury: Stewards update the documents.

The LunarDAO governance is not limited to LIPs or voting, decisions are also made in the community or committee meetings. Voting in LunarDAO is the practical implementation of the willpower of the community. The decision making process is not something technical and cannot be separated from our communication/interaction on the forum and on ircd. It is important to always seek discussion and encourage diversity in opinions within the community. This will aid our development in building a truly decentralized, anonymous and antifragile organization.


Follow LIP repository to see the current LIP.


LIP stands for LunarDAO Improvement Proposal. The LIP document is the primary mechanism to inform LunarDAO community about new proposals. These LIPs may propose changes in governance, guidelines, or rules and serve as the main reference for investment decisions. The LIP is a concise, explicit and technical specification on how to submit a proposal. The initial LIP template is LIP-0001, which include the content below. In the future this might change as the community offers new proposals.

LIP Categories & Types

Note: LunarDAO is based on Moloch V3 DAO primitive, deployed by DAOhaus. The UI by default has proposals divided into 'Basic' and 'Advanced' categories. This is a generic DAOhaus admin setup to help users understand the proposal complexity.

LunarDAO proposals have two categories: Governance and Investment. If a squad member wants to submit an LIP, which does not concern funds, it is a Governance category. LIP concerning funds falls under Investment category. The LIP types are listed below each category.


  • Signal request
  • Update Governance Settings
  • Update Token Settings
  • Add Shaman
  • Remove a Member
  • Multicall proposal builder
  • Add Steward


  • DAO Token request
  • DAO Token Swap
  • ERC-20 Token Transfer
  • Network Token Transfer
  • Use Wallet Connect

LIP status

The status of an LIP is one of the following.

Proposal: The LIP is shared on the forum and a discussion in the community is initiated. The author can share perspectives and motivations for the proposal with the community and answer questions. The author will develop the proposal based on community's feedback.

Accepted: 50% + 1 $VOX of the voting amount is needed for a proposal to be approved. An accepted proposal which concerns treasury or on-chain governance (DAO settings) can be executed directly after the Grace period. Stewards and LunarDAO committees are responsible to coordinate the implementation and inform the community (update the documents).

Rejected: If less than 50% + 1 $VOX of the voting amount vote yes, or the Sentinels based on given criteria deem the proposal to be malicious, the proposal is rejected.

If LunarDAO Community and Squad members have expressed criticisms and evaluated the proposal to be non-aligned with community sentiment, the author should consider re-writing the LIP or decide not to proceed to voting.


The following steps are needed before proceeding to voting.

  • Submit the finalized LIP, including the date and time of the vote.
  • Update status and vote date in the header.
  • The sponsorship threshold (a minimum number of $VOX) is 10 $VOX (0.1 ETH at launch) is required to submit a proposal. This deposit is returned when the proposal has been accepted or rejected.
  • Anyone else can submit a proposal by acquiring a sponsorship by offering a fee of 0.2 ETH which is non refundable and will be sent to the DAO treasury.
  • The vote is open for 72h, after which there will be a grace period of 72h when any member can ragequit if they disagree with the outcome of the vote.

Template for proposals

Every LIP draft should contain these parts.

Header: Includes title, LIP category & type, contact, date, status, vote date. The status and vote date must be updated in the final version of the LIP.

Summary: A short description of the proposal. Reference to previous proposals.

Some LIPs will be continuously developed, such as LIP-0001. In these cases, for transparency and context, the author shall write a reference to the previously accepted proposal by using the LIP number.

Problem: Describe why the proposal is needed.

Solution: Describe the proposal and what solutions it will bring for lunarpunk communities.

Implementation: What resources or actions are needed to be able to implement the proposal.

Community input: The final version of the LIP, before voting, must also contain a link to community discussions on the proposal.

An LIP which is category Investment, afforementioned, also needs to include the following:

Note: We use place holders X for the supported project and Tx for their token.

1. Name of the project
2. Date
3. Project X's value to the ecosystem (problem solving, new primitives, tools, knowledge, monetary etc)
4. Requested size of support in USD terms
5. Offered amount of Project X tokens Tx and price per USD (if the project is monetary based)
6. Trigger event: Tokens Tx will be send to LunarDAO treasury/Time period needed for execution or expected time of launch (when Tx becomes liquid)
7. Is the team X supported by private investors or VCs, other DAOs (or plans to) or just LunarDAO?
8. If yes: In which size and what is the price of token Tx to other supporting subjects?
9. If project X is token based: Tx tokenomics/release schedule
10. Project X's wallet address to recieve the support
11. LunarDAO treasury address to recieve token Tx in agreed time, amount and price: 0x59f77dc848c2e45b5954975ee1969e7a22fa25f6


  • The LIP shall be written in Markdown format.
  • Contact refers to the authors nick on the community forum, Discourse.
  • The header shall be written in the following format, including the points below.

title: LIP-<number>
LIP category & type: <governance/investment>/<type>
contact: <forum_alias>
date: <date created on, in ISO 8601 (yyyy-mm-dd) format>
status: <proposal/accepted/rejected>
vote date: <in ISO 8601 (yyyy-mm-dd) format>


LunarDAO is an investment fund based on lunarpunk philosophy. By allocating funds in privacy projects & anonymity tooling we aim to expand freedom and ensure sovereignty. Squad wealth leverages collective strength and capture value in the ecosystem by building a portfolio of privacy assets. Anyone can exit at any time. Members are anonymous hence can participate in building this vision without fear of frozen funds, legal implications or any kind of repression. We aim to move to a full anon setup and develop infrastructure for a parallel economy outside of control and centralization.

LunarDAO's supports research on privacy technologies, listed in the wiki, and education structures such as Adalan Academy, where people can acquire knowledge and master skills in programming and economy while developing a philosophical frame to generate the future path of lunarpunk ecosystem.


The moon symbolizes many things, among those transformation and life, strength and power. To develop life means continuous transformation. Life that is stagnant will cease to exist. LunarDAO is one part of the expanding forest against surveillance society. It was created out of necessity, but lunarpunks existed long before this DAO. The regulatory changes incentivize us to organize our defenses with more persistence. We constituted LunarDAO, because we believe in community, decentralization, individual responsibility and contribution to a common mission. LunarDAO is a community directed by Lunar Squad. It is a practical application of lunarpunk narrative.

Decades ago, cypherpunks foresaw the rise of censorship and surveillance. They understood that cryptography and economic sovereignty are necessary to ensure freedom. Bitcoin created an economy outside of financial hegemony and made it possible for people to regain agency. Over the years, the voices upholding the cypherpunk mission have become fewer and quieter, drowned out by a flood of easy money. The KYC regulated crypto diverged from that foundation. The advocates of crypto's liberatory mission lack unity as well as strategy.

LunarDAO provides such a strategy.

The more regulation is imposed on people the bigger is the thirst for anonymity and privacy. The development of anonymity and privacy results in stronger regulation. This loop is inevitable. Instead of closing our eyes to this reality, we choose to expand the forest and build a sanctuary where society can redefine itself, self-administrate and regain its economic, political and moral agency.

Read LunarDAO full manifesto.


LunarDAO mission is the manifestation of lunarpunk vision which enables the forest to expand. In practice LunarDAO:

  • Invest in privacy and anonymity tech and infrastructure.
  • Research and share information on privacy projects.
  • Support education initiatives aligning with LunarDAO aims.

Investment Thesis

LunarDAO is an INVESTMENT FUND INTO PRIVACY PROJECTS & ANONYMITY TOOLING, a squad wealth based DAO spreading Lunarpunk narrative, philosophy and building infrastructure.


Anonymity and privacy oriented developers will face an increasing difficulty in finding support among traditional VC's and investment funds, because of regulatory measures. This will lead into a dynamic where the developing teams will be forced to sell their work underpriced to counterparties who don't share the same vision. This scenario portrays privacy as a taboo, developers are under stress and value is extracted from the ecosystem.

We don't accept the future to be so grim. The prospect of privacy is ultimately bullish. LunarDAO offers a solution.


We form a decentralized squad of sovereign individuals and lunarpunks, to allocate resources together and assemble squad wealth. The DAO leverages collective power and becomes an investor. The community discusses which tools are needed to empower the ecosystem, the research committee looks for the solutions, and lists them in the Investment Portal. The Squad members vote on the proposals and invest in the chosen projects.


  • The privacy projects will get support from a decentralized, anonymous organization, aligned with their mission.
  • The teams will be provided with the needed resources to develop, grow and deliver.
  • LunarDAO Squad is a privacy investor building a treasury (portfolio) of accumulated privacy assets.
  • The value is conserved in the ecosystem, both parties profit from the upcoming lunarpunk cycle.
  • While leveraging collective power, every individual is protected against majority rule and can exit the DAO any time with 100% of their shares (without any fee).

For the current list of primitives and projects discussed as possible investments, visit our Investment portal.

We believe that the loop of tightening regulations and growing demand for privacy and anonymity is inevitable, these events will happen with or without us. We can strenghten the ecosystem, capture the value and grow squad wealth, or be left out in the desert with regressive regFi.

Knowledge as a Value

The privacy investment sphere is LunarDAO's main focus. At the same time we see education as an essential value to fulfill our mission.

The DAO creates possibilities for technical literacy by building research and wiki and supporting educational structures such as the partnering project Adalan Academy, where people can acquire knowledge and master skills in programming and economy while developing a philosophical frame to generate the future path of lunarpunk ecosystem. Such education empowers the community and shape thinkers, who bring value back to the ecosystem. Education is a long-term investment.

LunarDAO Architecture

LunarDAO architecture is based on Moloch V3 design, deployed by DAOhaus and customized to fit LunarDAO governance.

The design puts an emphasis on anonymity combined with permissionless entry for the initial Squad formation. Both are essential for a privacy oriented investment fund which aims to develop infrastructure for parallel economy.


LunarDAO Treasury: 0x59F77dC848C2E45B5954975ee1969e7A22fA25F6
Moloch V3 DAO (LunarDAO Governance): 0x747DA68Facd1459E9D9b8f928418DA30769D3Ba1
Sentinels' Safe (5/8 multi-sig): 0x622066aBA170c185c28cED6E7ccd1cB2047ef6ef
LunarDAO Stewards' Safe (core-team, founders): 0xAb501a8Eb58c9780eb04D683feB504fcE391A2DD
$VOX (voting token/treasury shares): 0x33e6ded5073f512475e17b5f19dda90d9a782478
$VOX-LOOT (non-voting token/shares): 0x94fadf770e44b7bc872fc712e4ba6aaf096fcba7
Genesis Event Onboarder Shaman: 0xFd7f0D849c1820F066aD1DEa8c8B90A59cA51Ef0

On-chain vs Multi-sig

As mentioned in the governance chapter, LunarDAO deployed a Sentinel multi-sig as a veto agent. At the same time the DAO architecture itself is based on Moloch V3 primitive with a full on-chain execution. This contradiction is solved by a design where the main LunarDAO treasury is a Gnosis Safe with two signers of which only one is needed for an execution (1/2). The two signers are:

  1. LunarDAO Squad: a Moloch V3 DAO, 0x747DA68Facd1459E9D9b8f928418DA30769D3Ba1
  2. LunarDAO Sentinels: Gnosis safe (5/8) multi-sig

In this setup all the proposals are submitted, voted upon and (after grace period) executed on-chain without any Sentinels interaction. Only in the case of a malicious proposal, the Sentinels can step in and reject the proposal. Five Sentinel members must sign a veto in their safe in order to make such execution in the LunarDAO treasury.

Moloch v3

Based on the discussions with the allies & the community, the most feasible way for the LunarDAO architecture to meet its aim, was chose MolochDAO V3 primitive, designed by DAOhaus and customized to fit LunarDAO governance architecture. The Moloch V3 contracts have much more optionality on both the initial setup and throughout the DAO life time in comparison to Moloch V2. V3 is also easier to set up and launch upon, using existing UI and implement changes on the fly, in a more democratic manner (based on community discussions and squad vote).

Anatomy of a Moloch V3 DAO in DAOhaus. Courtesy of DAOhaus


For full description read Governance above.

  • Community: Anyone engaging on the forum & chats. To be a member of the community does NOT grant voting/governance power.
  • Squad: DAO members holding shares, voting power.
  • Sentinels: Eight guardians (multi-sig) of the DAO treasury.
  • Stewards: Anonymous core-team/founders of the DAO, securing operations (can be exchanged, archived, scaled up).
  • Committees: Working groups with a specific focus (research, media, education).


Every point marked with * symbol is to be further evaluated and decided upon by the initial LunarDAO Squad formed by all participants of the first launch, also referred to as a Genesis event.


  • LunarDAO is setup on top of the Gnosis safe multi-sig. The DAO start with a trusted (and more secure) setup and plan a roadmap milestone to discuss, propose (LIP) and vote on a multi-sig removal in a forseeable future -> full trustless setup. *
  • LunarDAO is launched on existing contracts and customized version of the UI by DAOhaus.
  • Further upgrades and customization will be discussed in the community and voted upon by the Squad.*

Joining the DAO

  • LunarDAO launch is permissionless in the sense that anyone can join/invest.
  • Members can only join during period of the fundraising events.
  • A minimum tribute to join is 0.1 ETH.*
  • The initial fundraising event is the launch of LunarDAO and will be opened for a period of two weeks.

Governance Token

LunarDAO Shares are represented by the symbol $VOX.

  • 1 $VOX is an equivalent to 1 share.
  • $VOX is LunarDAO governance token.
  • Minimum of 1 $VOX grants squad membership and voting power.
  • $VOX is an account bound, non-transferable token.
  • Every 0.1 ETH of tribute to the treasury mints 10 $VOX (-0.25% admin/management fee) to the member (at launch, future entry price may differ based on the previous investments made).
  • When a member ragequits their $VOX is burned.
    • $VOX value in the treasury stays the same for remaining members.
    • Ragequitting member gets 100% of their funds with no extra fee.

LunarDAO Loot

Loot represents members' value of shares in a non-voting form.

  • 1 $VOX-loot monetary value = 1 $VOX (as both are shares of the DAO treasury)
  • Symbol $VOX-loot represents loot.*
  • $VOX-loot does not grant voting power.
  • $LUNAR (community) token is not introduced at launch. It will be designed and introduced as part of the roadmap.*

Token Value

  • $VOX and $VOX-loot monetary value is equal. They both represent 1 share of the DAO treasury.
  • 1 $VOX (or $VOX-loot) = NET TREASURY VALUE / TOTAL AMOUNT OF $VOX (or $VOX-loot)
  • The assets in treasury or existing amount of shares changes according to:
    • Investment proposals voted upon by LunarDAO Squad (the DAO members) *
    • Future fundraising events (The initial entry price is 1 ETH = 100 $VOX (shares), the future ones will be decided by LunarDAO Squad) *

Fundraising Events

  • A fundraising event is proposed to take place 4x in the first year. (every third month).*
  • An investment deal is expected to happen at least once before between each fundraising event.*
  • If there are still unused ETH (or DAI) from the previous raise, the number of fundraising events or max cap of such event will be adjusted to this reality. *
  • The fundraising is open two weeks the first time, and thereafter a week on each occation.*
  • During this time anyone can become a Squad member by tributing ETH to the treasury.*

LunarDAO Operation Costs

  • LunarDAO has 6 Stewards (core-team members, founders) at the time of launch.
  • Several externals are supporting with design, administration, legal questions, web3 development and translations.
  • A management/admin/dev fee is sent to core-team multi-sig wallet (ETH: 0xAb501a8Eb58c9780eb04D683feB504fcE391A2DD). Management fee calculation:
    a) Entry: 0.25% from the initial tribute of every new member.
    b) Investment: 0.5% of every investment execution (after vote + grace period). *
  • To fund further expences and costs an LIP is submitted and voted upon.

Fund Management

LunarDAO makes investments in privacy projects through the governance process, which includes research, discussion, proposals and voting. The Squad allocates funds to selected teams while building a treasury of its investments. There are several ways how to approach treasury management and govern the funds. For easier understanding we summarized them under two main types: Portfolio (or Investment club) and Syndicate. These two approaches are explained with examples below.

After the genesis event (LunarDAO launch) the default approach to fund management is PORTFOLIO. However the Squad can decide to create separated guilds. To prevent disadvantage of old members' investment dilution, a bonding curve of 10% $VOX price increase is introduced for every new raise event. In the case of a Squad disapproval of opening a new fundraising event (to prevent dilution of past investments) and existing community wish and incentive to join the DAO, a subDAO can be established for the new raise building a separated treasury. In such scenario the different subDAOs manage their own treasuries and their management is based on the SYNDICATE model.

The following table explains these two concepts.

Table 1: Fundamental approaches: Portfolio & Syndicate

FUND MANAGEMENT – Design EssentialsPortfolio/ investment clubSyndicate
Description:All the assets in the treasury are pooled together as a common portfolio. Each $VOX despite the time of purchase represents the same value (1 $VOX = treasury asset net value / # $VOX ). The Squad members can start different sub-DAOs or specific guilds just like in the “Syndicate” option.Each fundraising cycle (or even each individual deal) is a separated entity in a separated subDAO. The investments or raising cycles can be separated into sub-DAOs or guilds or alternatively tokens representing the past investments are minted based on on-chain snapshot taken at the time of the investment.
Exposure to the past investments:Yes. New members are exposed to the old investments.No, new members aren’t part of the portfolio of the past, only to the future investments.
Aim of LunarDAO launch raise size (minimum, aim, maximum):700 ETH, 7000 ETH, 15000 ETH (if hit, the smart contract expires).As Portfolio
How often LunarDAO runs a raise event:Default: 4x the first year. An investment deal is expected to happen before any next raise. After the initial one, the formed Squad can propose to cap (# ETH) for the next raise or make a sub-DAO and switch into the syndicate option. Every sub-DAO makes autonomus decisions on this question.This case happens if the Squad decides to separate to subDAOs. 4x the first year. Before any next raising event a new separated sub-DAO is opened for the new members who will manage funds separately from the other subDAOs. Every sub-DAO makes autonomus decisions and can futher continue as portfolio style managed DAO.
How often the LunarDAO opens for new Squad members:Every raising event. If the Squad votes against new fundraising events while there is a strong community wish to join the DAO, a new subDAO fundraising can be opened -> switch to syndicate option.As Portfolio
Condition to join LunarDAO Squad at launch:Permissionless with a minimum tribute.LunarDAO launches as Portfolio fund. Conditions to join future subDAOs will be discussed with the community.
Condition to join LunarDAO Squad in the future:Default stays the same (except $VOX price - read below). The initial Squad will has a right to decide whether to keep the permissionless setup, introduce invites, raise the minimum tribute bar, limit the max Squad members or max ETH size etc.New syndicate sub-DAOs are permissionless.
Minimum tribute on launch0.1 ETH (10 $VOX). Tribute must be a multiplier of 0.1 ETH.LunarDAO launches as portfolio based fund.
On-boarding contract design:Contract is opened for a limited period. $VOX (shares) are minted based on members' tribute. If the maximum raise threshold is met the contract expires, no more tributes can be submitted.As Portfolio
On-boarding contract expiry period (1st one/ any next one):2 weeks the first raise/ 1 week any other one.Launch is portfolio type/ the future ones to be decided.
$VOX (shares) price on launch:1 ETH = 100 $VOX - 0.25% admin/management fee. Each $VOX in the given fundraising period has the same price (every Squad member has an equal entry price).As Portfolio
$VOX value calculation:1 $VOX = LunarDAO net value / # of $VOX in existenceSame formula for each subDAO
$VOX (shares) price bonding curve:+ 10% each next funding cycle. The squad can evaluate otherwise.The new members do not have access to the past investments, only the net value of the new treasury. There is no bonding curve. $VOX has the same price like on launch.
$VOX-loot price calculation:Owners $VOX-loot value = owners $VOX (shares) value, without voting power (in the time of GuildKick). Including owners access to the future allocations which are part of the RageQuited treasury.As Portfolio
Squad membership:Everyone owning at least 1 $VOX is a Squad member. Squad members have voting power.Everyone owning at least 1 $VOX is a Squad member, however members can vote on treasury decisions only in the guilds/ sub-DAOs in which their $VOX (shares) are allocated.
Overall governance changes:Discussion -> LIP -> vote -> implementationAll the sub-DAOs together and counted as one DAO with vote event. Every 1 $VOX = 1 vote.
Management/admin fee:Entry: 0.25% from each tribute, 0.5% per each investment execution from the treasury.Same like portfolio, but per each subDAO separately as raising events and investment executions happen in different times and sizes.
Further operational expenses:LIP is submitted and voted upon.LIP is submitted and voted upon. Two options: a) Divided budget proposals to each sub-DAO, based on their ETH weight (SUM(proposed ETH * sub_DAO ETH / all sub-DAOS ETH total)). b) One proposal to sub-DAOs combined into one DAO. Vote power is calculated from the proposed asset weight from different subDAOs and their members -> SUM(asset weight * # $VOX). If agreed, the payment is sent proportionally to the token weights of the subDAOs and its members.

Portfolio and Syndicate fund management options are explained below, including examples.

Portfolio/ Investment Club

By default all the assets are pooled in the DAO main treasury. The new members joining are part of the same portfolio and exposed to the past investments. The Squad members can decide to set up any further guilds or sub-DAOs (just like in the syndicate design). Every Squad member can RageQuit at any time and transfer their $VOX (shares) value to $VOX-loot. RageQuited members can re-join during the next raising event.

Genesis Event: DAO launch & the initial raise

  • Price: 100 $VOX (shares) = 1 ETH
  • Minimum tribute: 0.1 ETH
  • Fee: 0.25% from tribute, 0.5% per executed investment deal
  • Permissionless entry
  • Contract has an upper limit & time expiry, mints shares according to investors' tribute size. The price of everyone's shares is the same.


In examples we will use place holders X, Y & Z for supported projects and Tx, Ty & Tz for their tokens. For simplicity, fees are not included in the example calculations.

In a real life scenario the amount of $VOX (shares) will be arbitrary per each member as the tribute sizes will differ. Some members will likely RageQuit with their funds during the DAOs life cycle. This example is simplified to explain the portfolio logic.

  • 100 people join the Squad for 10 ETH each -> 1000 $VOX (shares) each.
  • Treasury net = 1000 ETH; 100 000 $VOX (shares) was minted.
  • The Squad invests 500 ETH to X in exchange for their token Tx. Deal is 1 ETH = 1000 Tx.
  • No-one RageQuits.
  • Treasury net = 500 ETH + 500 000 Tx, represented by 100 000 $VOX (shares).
  • Each member owns 1000 $VOX (shares) representing 5 ETH + 5000 Tx.

Second LunarDAO raising event

Because the new members have access to the deals of the past, the entry price is always 10% higher than the price during the previous event. This premium rewards members who entered past deals and stayed in the DAO exposing their part of portfolio to the new members. Any old member can RageQuit before the event with their assets and re-enter with ETH again.

  • Price: 100 VOX (shares) = 1.1 ETH
  • Conditions and minimum tribute to be decided by the existing Squad.


  • 100 new people join the existing Squad -> Each of the new member paid 11 ETH -> 1000 $VOX (shares) -> 100 000 new $VOX were minted.
  • Treasury has 200 000 $VOX total.
  • Squad = 200 members
  • Treasury net = 500 + 1100 ETH + 500 000 Tx
  • Each $VOX (share) represents:
    • 0.008 ETH
    • 2.5 Tx
  • Every Squad member has the same amount of shares: 1000 $VOX. Their shares representing:
    • 8 ETH (1600/ 200)
    • 25 000 Tx (500 000 / 200)
  • The first 100 members paid 10 ETH each, the new members paid 11 ETH each.
  • The Squad invests 800 ETH to Y in exhange for their token Ty. Deal is 1 ETH = 10 000 Ty.
  • Treasury net = 800 ETH + 500 000 TX + 8 000 000 Ty
  • Each member holding 1000 $VOX (shares) is an owner of:
    • 4 ETH
    • 2500 Tx
    • 40 000 Ty


  • Portfolio is the default fund management setup.
  • Permissionless but time & max cap limited entry.
  • At any point members can exit with their funds partly or fully.
  • The Squad can decide if, how and when to do next rasing events.
  • A bonding curve adds 10% to the price of $VOX (shares) for every next raising event to balance investment dilution.
  • Every member can add more funds during the next fundraising event.
  • All Squad members share a RageQuitable portfolio together, equal to the size of their tribute.
  • The Squad can decide to open separated guilds.


Each fundraising cycle (possibly each investment) is treated as a separated entity, unique sub-DAO. Members joining in future fundraising events share a new treasury (sub-DAO or a guild) without an access to the investments from the past. All treasury related proposals have impact only on the separated guild/sub-DAO in which the proposing Squad member is at. The management/admin fee (0.25% for new members and 0.5 per investment execution) is applied on each subDAOs.

There are cases in which all the votes across the subDAOs are seen as one DAO and vote on a decision together. In such cases the votes are counted and evaluated like if all the subDAOs were one DAO. Regardless of different investments in the subDAOs, every 1 $VOX = 1 vote. The scenarios include:

a) Overall Governance change proposal which has an impact on everyone (remove multi-sig, change number of Sentinels, change the whitepaper etc)

b) A core-team proposal to cover additional costs: If such proposal passes the payment is taken proportionally to the token weights of the subDAOs (and their members).

If less than 50% + 1 $VOX of total voting weight across the subDAOs is for the proposal, the proposal is rejected.

(Alternatively the assets can be still pooled together but an on-chain Snapshot of $VOX at the time of the investment is taken. The DAO uses proxy tokens to track who had tokens at the time of investment. This greatly simplifies raising, because every new treasury is always ETH.)

Genesis Event: DAO launch & the initial raise

  • Price: 100 $VOX (shares) = 1 ETH
  • Minimum tribute: To be decided as the the DAO launches as portfolio by default.
  • Permissionless entry
  • Contract has upper limit & time expiry. mints shares according to investors' tribute size. The price of everyone's shares is the same.


In examples we will use place holders X, Y & Z for supported project and Tx, Ty & Tz for their tokens

In a real life scenario the amount of shares (the tribute) will be arbitrary per each member and some members will likely RageQuit with their funds. This example is simplified to get the understanding of the syndicate logic.

  • 100 people join the Squad for 10 ETH each -> 1000 $VOX (shares) each.
  • Treasury net = 1000 ETH; 100 000 $VOX (shares) was minted.
  • The Squad invests 500 ETH to X in exchange for their token Tx. Deal is 1 ETH = 1000 Tx.
  • No-one RageQuits.
  • Treasury net = 500 ETH + 500 000 Tx, represented by 100 000 $VOX (shares).
  • Each member owns 1000 $VOX (shares) representing 5 ETH + 5000 Tx.

Second LunarDAO raising event

Because the new members joining another entity, separated from the initial DAO launch treasury, raise looks the same like the Genesis Event. In such scenario each sub-DAO manages their funds on their own in parallel to each other.

Overall Governance Changes

Decisions regarding to the general governance is voted in all the sub-DAOs together and counted as one vote event.


  • Genesis event -> DAO launch -> 1m $VOX across 100 members
  • Squad decided to not allow for future onboarding to the DAO and there is a strong community will to join LunarDAO.
  • New subDAO launches -> 500 000 $VOX across 50 members
  • Proposal to remove multi-sig from the DAO execution -> vote will be in the overall DAO consisting of the sum of all $VOX in all subDAOs.
  • Total $VOX in all subDAOs = 150m.
  • 1/3 of the members vote = 500 000 votes
    • a) 50% + 1 $VOX are for -> multi-sig gets removed
    • b) 50% and less are for -> multisig stays

LunarDAO operation funding proposal

A core-team proposal to cover additional costs for the administration, dev, ops, media, research etcetera. The proposal can be approached in two different ways:

  • a) Divided budget proposals to each sub-DAO
  • b) One proposal to one DAO conposed of all the sub-DAOs

a) The team divides the total sum of proposed budget between the sub-DAOs based on their weight of the given asset (ie ETH) and submits each of them as a separated proposal. The size of these proposals is calculated:

SUM(total funding proposal ETH * sub-DAO ETH weight / sumETH(all sub-DAOs))

Example a)

  • Genesis event -> DAO launches -> 1m $VOX minted between 100 members (10 000 ETH).
  • DAO invests in project X with 5 000 ETH -> Every $VOX (shares) represent 50% ETH and 50% token Tx.
  • Squad decided to not allow for future onboarding to the DAO and there is a strong community will to join LunarDAO.
  • New subDAO launches -> 1m $VOX minted between 1000 members (10 000 ETH).
  • There are 2 subdDAOs now.
  • The core team submits LIP to get 30 ETH funding for the work done. -> the proposal size will be divided between the sub-DAOS and voted upon by each of them separately.
  • The division formula is:
    • Total ETH: SUM(all sub-DAOs ETH) = (sub-DAO1 ETH) + (sub-DAO2 ETH) = 5 000 + 10 000 = 15 000 ETH
    • Funding proposal = 30 ETH
    • Proposal to sub-DAO1 = total funding proposal ETH * sub-DAO1 ETH / total ETH = 30 * 5000 / 15 000 = 10 ETH
    • Proposal to sub-DAO2 = total funding proposal ETH * sub-DAO2 ETH / total ETH = 30 * 10000 / 15 000 = 20 ETH
  • Core team submits 2 LIPs: 10 ETH to subDAO1 and 20 ETH to sub-DAO2
  • Each of them vote separately according to the governance rules.
  • Each sub-DAO and it's member votes as usual: 1 $VOX = 1 vote, the votes only impact the decision in the given sub-DAO.
  • The core team may be supported by all, none or either of the existing sub-DAOs.
  • New proposals can be submitted per governance guidelines.

b) The votes are counted and evaluated like if all the subDAOs were one DAO. Regardless of different investments in the subDAOs. The vote would have to be based on the proposed asset weight per members' $VOX (shares), ie ETH if proposal is for ETH funding:

voting SUM(ETH weight / $VOX * # $VOX)

Example b)

  • Genesis event -> DAO launches -> 1m $VOX minted between 100 members (10 000 ETH).
  • DAO invests in project X with 5 000 ETH -> Every $VOX (shares) represent 50% ETH and 50% token Tx.
  • Squad decided to not allow for future onboarding to the DAO and there is a strong community will to join LunarDAO.
  • New subDAO launches -> 1m $VOX minted between 1000 members (10 000 ETH).
  • There are 2 subdDAOs now.
  • The core team submits LIP to get 30 ETH funding for the work done. -> The proposal will be submitted and voted upon in the parent DAO consisting of the sum of all ETH in all subDAOs.
  • As the impact per member is on their ETH, the voting power is ETH weighted
  • The vote calculation from all voting members: SUM(ETH weight/$VOX * # $VOX)
    • sub-DAO1 member with 1000 $VOX (shares) = 0.5 / 1 * 1000 = 500 votes
    • sub-DAO2 member with 1000 $VOX (shares) = 1 / 1 * 1000 = 1000 votes
  • In this example: Each subDAO2 member has 2x voting power per $VOX than sub-DAO1 member, as they have 2x bigger ETH weight and 2x bigger ETH exposure to than the sub-DAO1 members.
  • The proposal in it's entirety either passes or not.
  • If the vote passes: 30 ETH are sent proportionally to the ETH weights per each LunarDAO member.
    • 10 ETH is sent from SubDAO 1 members in total.
    • 20 ETH is sent from SubDAO 2 members in total.


  • Every new raise cycle is unrelated to the previous investments.
  • New subDAOs mint $VOX (shares) for the same price like the previous ones, no bonding curve.
  • Old members are inaffected by the new members, no dilution, no more funds in the existing subDAOs.
  • Each member can be part of multiple sub-DAOs.
  • Decisions regarding the general governance is voted in all the sub-DAOs together and counted as one vote event.
  • Core-team additional funding: Possible options to make one all-DAO proposal or divide them per sub-DAOs and their ETH weights.


See LunarDAO Investment portal for current updates related to investments.

To support privacy projects by investing in them is the main purpose of LunarDAO. Planting seeds for the lunarpunk dark forest of cryptography, autonomy and users' knowledge. To choose meaningful projects and help them grow is vital. A reward for the LunarDAO community is the shared value of these projects in the form of their token and the knowledge and tools they build. It is a mutual harmony in which the growth of one empowers the other and vice versa. This symbiotic relationship slowly but steadily replaces the bare desert of surveillance and hegemony.

Investment Flow

Note: We use place holders X for the supported project and Tx for their token.

Project X is proposed to be financially supported by LunarDAO in exhcange for # of Tx tokens or any other value to the lunarpunk ecosystem. After a community discussion and research an investment LIP is submitted. In this LIP must be clearly defined:

1. Name of the project
2. Date
3. Project X's value to the ecosystem (problem solving, new primitives, tools, knowledge, monetary etc)
4. Requested size of support in USD terms
5. Offered amount of Project X tokens Tx and price per USD (if the project is monetary based)
6. Trigger event: Tokens Tx will be send to LunarDAO treasury/Time period needed for execution or expected time of launch (when Tx becomes liquid)
7. Is the team X supported by private investors or VCs, other DAOs (or plans to) or just LunarDAO?
8. If yes: In which size and what is the price of token Tx to other supporting subjects?
9. If project X is token based: Tx tokenomics/release schedule
10. Project X's wallet address to recieve the support
11. LunarDAO treasury address to recieve token Tx in agreed time, amount and price: 0x59f77dc848c2e45b5954975ee1969e7a22fa25f6

LunarDAO Squad votes on the proposal of investment (see Governance for more details). Project X escrows the promised tokens to LunarDAO treasury as a part of the on-chain proposal, or in case of an illiquid (yet) token Tx, a SAFT NFT (under construction) will be minted by Project X for LunarDAO in exchange for the support sent to the project X's wallet address.


LunarDAO is an anonymity-first organization. However our mission is bigger than that. With the objective to build a strong united Squad accountable to the common mission and shared wealth. Looking into investment DAOs based on Moloch V1 & V2, listening to the allies in chats and multiple meetings with builders, we believe that LunarDAO should not kick-off as an experiment, instead start on well tested mechanisms.

The Portfolio and Syndicate fund management options are perhaps the largest question to be continuosly discussed. We believe that the launch may be easier and more interesting with the Portfolio option as a default, which leaves the door open for anyone to join the Squad and decide in the future how to manage further fundraising events, guilds, sub-DAOs and all the changes.

We would like to remind all the participants to protect themselves and read our docs on anonymizing assets and use Aztec or TornadoCash mixers, ensure network protection and change RPC as a basis to join LunarDAO.


Resources & References

Nym Exit Gateways

As a part of our mission LunarDAO aims to:

Develop infrastructure for economy and politics beyond the state, that is uncensorable, sovereign and anonymous. Expand the dark forest.

To walk the talk, we lead by an example. Our first milestone to establish such infrastructure in an anonymous and distributed fashion is to run Nym Exit Gateways.

LunarDAO Gateways

LunarDAO currently operates 15 Nym Exit Gateways.

GatewayAdminLocationIPGateway Identity KeyGateway Sphinx KeyEmbeded Network Requester AddressIPR Address
gateway1.lunardao.netStewardsToronto, Canada159.203.56.34GYrMyaKVcgn5ZNd1syBKdfCBSRDWK9Kar7qLera5RKWQ4BdYu1aEaxFpi4eaM56Sv6NXX2aG3TdFNs5Sresgr5k34YSCrgN5J5sT6jdcoFebbB3QFDHTiA9oGMXPAageovs4.2dP1ytfyyrbVkraqhswELYDHRDSiPZCEXye2ayKJzSXz@GYrMyaKVcgn5ZNd1syBKdfCBSRDWK9Kar7qLera5RKWQABRfKXzEBiFvHAxyH2CtPu5sk3DE7CKg3tW9jWexyiD4.7CWwX7djpHRTKu82xvezcs35JAjjLcAXGQmknn5wNrf8@GYrMyaKVcgn5ZNd1syBKdfCBSRDWK9Kar7qLera5RKWQ
gateway2.lunardao.netStewardsToronto, Canada159.203.31.2029WnanMoeJD8urr3fe9neB3BneSZ6CuQNYfGBkiN87csQ3oEPcQWBNKMoxbg1UBKG4orTt385GPpkZ4cN3CKZkvPBAviqfchjSEbjgh596THD5pEG6w6WGnwRu3xUBrQM3s1m.4cUgKZYCqJvTGnAMiP35ZFbhVd3Hj2b7VCyeAthJFjTi@9WnanMoeJD8urr3fe9neB3BneSZ6CuQNYfGBkiN87csQJEJ6DaMjCWYNmh8hhT2E4v91Q2Q7RwTaP91U1yAjhjYN.BF9Y4gEBKZapMR4XAK2tg1hKU3n37Jwa2AnqwUUtzPBx@9WnanMoeJD8urr3fe9neB3BneSZ6CuQNYfGBkiN87csQ
gateway3.lunardao.netStewardsLA, USA (west)
gateway4.lunardao.netStewardsChicago, USA (east)
gateway5.lunardao.netStewardsDallas, USA (south)
gateway6.lunardao.netStewardsLondon, UK193.149.185.1886vtDnxeBpaTsy3Xd7BE2ZAEKiaQZFsXEZPf9ZKrQtxgSHsnQhJEtC65nXp9M7P25k4T6f9oPwL3yebtodXaSYwAeEpQ2wXbvDi9k2jQFtVZxXf5N5uf7tLofZQtihMDtQyau.4ufZNZAcuWFqiZ8kQHtC4tRxeX7McDsZLcunuCftMpJQ@6vtDnxeBpaTsy3Xd7BE2ZAEKiaQZFsXEZPf9ZKrQtxgSAEDMDA5iQg3FVYPucSKVzBtSag1HRE3xXgxiBk7UhuX3.FGkvAKxi9Q5Mn8BW8pktanU6YDAz9ukWrRN64SuxEtGS@6vtDnxeBpaTsy3Xd7BE2ZAEKiaQZFsXEZPf9ZKrQtxgS
gateway7.lunardao.netStewardsLondon, UK193.149.180.1578FpVXU3PVbMUJkRpRMLtrRWmcBvCrPLWVQggNRKrVkkn9RN4mKh4QX6FTbBj8kPRMaLtE6nS6gc3kF1ERuV8geAFA3Y7MYGLLVK1kEQZ12sTMt7PHi55kdqFA2vqwP5AUNP6.6pQRhNs82vHVaxTSwWWeH8tqqd5XS17PVau1Whquzfp@8FpVXU3PVbMUJkRpRMLtrRWmcBvCrPLWVQggNRKrVkkn6HDcvxa3SGamQAqjEfLjiWK4AnZKyh9DdozUUCr3U9JP.DdjyxirayhJMKd1ic6z8GsFdDNV7sF9Sy4fxtwRiqHJ9@8FpVXU3PVbMUJkRpRMLtrRWmcBvCrPLWVQggNRKrVkkn

Nym Mixnet Routing with Socks5 Client

Run ircd over the mixnet using LunarDAO gateways for max anonymity. Follow the guide here.

Nym has been developing an app to channel all users' traffic through the mixnet. Now users can use a client to run any SOCKS5 proxy traffic through. Many older version of Nym Network Requesters are limited by the outdated allowed.list and users had to run their own with a custom list of whitelisted services. LunarDAO Nym Gateways have Network Requester (NR) and Internet Pacet Router (IPR) embedded and they run according to the new Nym exit policy - a combination of Tornull and Tor reduced policy - a default filter allowing users to connect to any but blacklisted IPs and ports.

To use LunarDAO Nym Exit Gateways, run your own nym-socks5-client and route it through one of our embedded NR's. Here is how:

  1. Get nym-socks5-client from Nym release page.
  2. Make executable: chmod u+x nym-socks5-client
  3. Initialise and configure with one of our NR addresses listed in the table above.
./nym-sockc5-client init --id [ANY_NAME] --provider [USE_ONE_FROM_THE_LIST_ABOVE]
  1. Run ./nym-socks5-client run --id [YOUR_ID]

Now the client shall be connected to and port 1080, drop these values to any SOCKS5 supporting app to run through the mixnet, like in this example with electrum Bitcoin wallet.

DarkFi ircd behind Nym Mixnet

As bulletproof anon chat as it gets!

Lunarpunk vanguards built a fully anonymous and p2p instance of IRC chat called ircd. The team is just finishing their new instance of the program darkirc which we hope to see in production soon.

Nym has been developing an app to channel all users traffic through the mixnet. Now users can use a client to run any SOCKS5 proxy traffic through. In the past users had to configure and run thir Nym network requester with a custom list of whitelisted services including DarkFi endpoints.

LunarDAO Nym Gateways have Network Requester (NR) and Internet Packet Router (IPR) embedded and they run according to the new Nym exit policy - a combination of Tornull and Tor reduced policy - a default filter allowing users to connect to any but blacklisted IPs and ports.

To connect your ircd instance to LunarDAO Nym Exit Gateways through your local nym-socks5-client is simple and worth it. Here are the steps...


Install darkfi ircd and nym-socks5-client in the same environment.

Socks 5 client

  1. Get nym-socks5-client from Nym release page
  2. Make executable: chmod u+x nym-socks5-client
  3. Initialise and configure with one of our NR addresses listed as Embedded Network Requester Address
./nym-sockc5-client init --id [ANY_NAME] --provider [ANY_EMBEDDED_NR_ADDRESS_FROM_THE_LIST]
  1. Run ./nym-socks5-client run --id [YOUR_ID]


  1. Install ircd

  2. Open ~/.config/darkfi/ircd_config.toml

  3. Comment the line with seeds

  4. Add a line:

peers = ["nym://"]
  1. Change outbond_transports to:
outbond_transports = ["nym"]
  1. Make sure that
outbound_connections = 0
  1. Save config and restart ircd

Observe the ircd deamon to see that the communication is running through the mixnet.

Bonus: Join #lunardao ircd channel

Now, when your Darkfi's ircd runs through Nym Mixnet, you can join public and fully anonymous channel #lunardao. To do so, follow one of the two possibilities:

  1. Run a command in your weechat:
/join #lunardao
  1. Or open ~/.config/darkfi/ircd_config.toml and add "#lunardao" to the autojoin = [] brackets, save and restart ircd.


  • In case your ircd has problems to start or connect, run the following:
# cd to darkfi repo
git pull
git checkout c4b78ead5111b0423fca3bd53cb7185acd6f0faa

# compile ircd
make ircd

# in case of dependency error: "failed to load source for dependency `halo2_gadgets`"
rm Cargo.lock
make ircd

# remove the config file (rename it if you want to safe any values first)
rm ~/.config/darkfi/ircd_config.toml

# rerun ircd to generate new config file

# add your custom values from the old config file
  • In case socks5 client is not connecting to the gateway, try another one from the list.


The following entries about surveillance programs focuses both on the past and the present. This is a fragment of all information available, and even less if considering the surveillance measures by nation-states and corporations. We are not aiming to present in depth articles on these programs. The intention is to build an understanding for what surveillance measures are existing which can inform us directions in regards to privacy knowledge and tools. Wikileaks have extensive materials on surveillance programs and for anyone interested to learn more, we'd recommend to read the materials shared there.

European union chat surveillance

In 2013, former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden leaked US's National Security Agency (NSA) mass surveillance programs. NSA was collecting the telephone records of tens of millions of Americans, collected and stored 200 million text messages per day. NSA directly accessed servers of nine internet firms, including Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, to track online communication in a surveillance programme known as Prism. They also bugged Eurpean Union offices, and surveilled Japan, South Korea and India, Brazil and Mexico. These are only few examples.

The European union is currently proposing mandatory scanning of every private message, photo, and video in the name of stopping child sexual abuse. Research on this measure makes it clear that widespread scanning produces significant numbers of false accusations and is ineffective for the claimed purpose. It is also criticized fo violating the basic human right to privacy.

Schengen information system (SIS)

Schengen information system is a database composed by entries which are called alerts. 885 000 (or 1.9%) are connected to specific individuals. Every alert includes but is not limited to the following information: name, date of birth, gender, nationality, aliases, arms or history of violence, the reason for the alert and the action to be taken if the person is encountered, requests for extradition, undesirability of presence in particular territory, mental illnesses, requests by a judicial authority, and suspected of crime, lost, stolen and misappropriated firearms and banknotes. In total there are 46 million entries in SIS. All schengen countries have access to the database and have to abide by the information provided there. It is updated in real time.

On March 7, 2023, SIS was been updated; additional tools to prevent irregular migration, working closely with EES (Entry-Exit System, to be launched in November 2023), have emerged, including registering third-nation traveler’s name, the type of travel document, biometric data, and the date of entry and exit from the EU or refusal of entry information. Also, the new features of SIS will include new categories of alerts and biometric data, such as palm prints, fingermarks and DNA records for missing people.

Data rentention initiative

From 2006 EU member states had to store information on all citizens' phone and internet connections for a minimum of six months and at most twenty-four months. If the police in the member states demanded it, the information had to be shared. The court of justice of the European Union declared the directive invalid for violating fundamental rights.


In the 90s Echelon surveillance program was exposed. Echelon was a system used to intercept telecommunications, faxes as well as emails. It was created by USA but used also by the so called western countries.

Facebook selling user data

In 2018 it was revealed that Facebook had previously allowed the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica to access the personal data of tens of millions of its users - around 87 million people- without their knowledge or consent. This data was then used to target specific groups of users with political ads during the 2016 US presidential election. CA's executives declared in 2018 they had worked in 200 elections around the world.

Google tracking users

In 2018 it became known that Google is tracking the location of users even when they turn off their location history setting, and not only: they pressure phone companies to hide or make it harder to find location settings. This is continuing to this day.

Tik tok selling user data to Chinese government

In 2019 articles surfaced that were written about TikTok collecting extensive data about its users, including their device information and location data, and sharing it with the Chinese government.

In US all federal employees are prohibited to use Tik Tok. Canada and United Kingdom also banned Tik Tok. Many countries decided on some form of ban of TikTok on government-issued devices, here's a list of them. France extended the ban to other "recreational" apps like Twitter and Instagram.

Wikileaks publications

In 2017 Wikileaks published 'Vault 7' about US intelligence measures to spy on users and collect data. One of these projects was 'Scribbles' project, a document-watermarking system for documents that are likely to be copied by Insiders, Whistleblowers, Journalists or others - in order to track those who freely try to share about surveillance programs and attacks on our privacy.

In 2017 Wikileaks also published about CIA surveillance tool 'Weeping Angel', an implant designed for Samsung F Series Smart Televisions, which record audio from the built-in microphone and store the data.

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, has been imprisoned in Belmarsh High Security Prison for 5 years. The UK government ordered his extradiction to US in June 2022. The extradiction hasn't been executed yet due to appeals although the first was rejected by UK high court. In US Assange will face charges of espionage and even though the US has assured that no death penalty would not be imposed should he be convicted, he would face life imprisonment.

Assange was the target of many focused spying operations. One including UC Global Julian Assange spying case: Judge suggests CIA may have received illicitly recorded conversations, a company hired to secure and protect the Ecuadorian Embassy was used by the CIA to install surveillance devices including cameras and microphones throughout the embassy. This includes putting microphones inside the women's restroom. Julian and every guest that came into the Embassy including his legal defense team were spied on by UC Global for the CIA. The UC Global CEO would routinely meet with CIA officials and hand over surveillance materials.

Wikileaks have extensive materials on surveillance programs.


Pegasus was discovered in 2016. It is developed by Israeli cyber-arms company NSO. Pegasus is targeting smartphones and is capable of reading text messages, tracking calls, collecting passwords, location tracking, accessing the device's microphone and camera, and collecting information from apps. NSO stated that the spyware is intended to be used to combat terror and crime. However, many countries bought it to spy on those critical to the regime in the given location including activists, human rights defenders, journalists and even politicians. Up until 2019, some kind of interaction was needed from the user in order to install Pegasus, like clicking a link or opening a document. The last years have brought the zero-click exploit, meaning that the software can be installed with a missed call or a message; the record of the call can be canceled and there can be no notification for the message, meaning that the user doesn't even realize something is happening. Countries including Hungary, India, and even Saudi Arabia have bought it.

A consortium of 17 media organizations investigated Pegasus and released a list of 50000 phone numbers that could be possible surveillance or interesting targets for NSO since 2016; not everyone of them has been checked for traces but of the 67 examined in 2021, 37 turned out to have traces of Pegasus. The consortium also identified at least 1o governments who where entering numbers into a system: Azarbaijan, Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Morocco, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, India and United Arab Emirates.

An article from April 2023 states that an Indian defence agency bought spyware from Cognyte Software Ltd, which is seen as a Pegasus alternative. Cognyte collects information on, among others, journalists and critics of authoritarian regimes without their knowledge.

NSO has faced legal issues and heavy criticism by Microsoft, Meta, Alphabet, Cisco and Apple. Meta is pursuing a spyware lawsuit against Pegasus, accused of expoliting a bug in WhatsApp to install spy software allowing surveillance of 1400 people.

Amnesty International has developed a guide to check for traces of Pegasus on phones and a Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT) to automatize the process.

Surveillance in China

China surveils the population is a known fact, but maybe not everyone knows to what extent. More than half of the world’s surveillance cameras are in China, nearly one billion. The data from the cameras can tell someone’s race, gender and whether they are wearing glasses or masks. The police (In Fujian Province) estimated that there were 2.5 billion facial images stored at any given time. The aim is “controlling and managing people”. Devices known as WiFi sniffers and IMSI catchers are used by the police to track the movements of a person of interest. It's a way to connect digital footprint, real-life identity and physical whereabouts. All 31 of mainland China’s provinces and regions use phone trackers, for example to detect an Uyghur-to-Chinese dictionary app on phones in order to surveil the Uyghur ethnic minority. The police in China also use sound recorders, to record people's voices within a 300 foot radius. These are attached to their facial recognition cameras. In 2017 in Xinjiang, the Chinese authorities built a database which can hold iris samples from 30 million people and are now extensively expanding iris-scan and DNA databases. Megvii, one of the largest surveillance contractors in China, created a software that collects data like movement patterns, clothing, vehicle, information about their phone and social connections. This tool is used by the Chinese police.

The Great firewall of China is blocking peoples access to information through ie. url blocking, and VPN blocking. Cryptocurrencies are forbidden and therefore censored. The main reasons behind the firewall is to crack down on political dissent, control the narrative, and prevent people from accessing content that may go against the country's policies.

Government request of Big tech account data

A study from Surfshark (from 2013 to 2021) shared in an article by Cointelegraph reveals that requests for personal user data from global governments increased by 25% in 2021; 732 773 Google accounts and 716 108 Meta (Facebook) accounts. 60% of the requests came from the United States and Europe. US requests were more than twice as many as Europe. Outside of US; Germany, Singapore, the United Kingdom and France were the main collectors of this data.

Leaked documents showed that the CIA had owned and operated Crypto AG, a Swiss encryption company. Crypto AG had clients from around the world ranging from the Vatican to Iran, including governments officials and private corporations. The hardware allowed the CIA to access the communications via backdoored hardware. Crypto AG was acquired with a partnership between West Germany and the CIA in 1970 and the CIA continued as sole owner until 2018.

Leaked documents from the Snowden revelations uncover the NSA Prism program that was used to spy on users of services including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Youtube, Apple and many others. The NSA had direct access to the companies' servers. The data that was collected included email, chat (video & voice), photos, VoIP, file transfers, video conferencing, notifications of target activity (logins, etc.), online social networking details, and special requests.

Fingerprinting & Tracking

Device fingerprinting or browser fingerprinting is the systematic collection of information about a remote device, for identification purposes. Princeton University's WebTAP project did a measurement and analysis of online tracking in 2016. Sites that contain news, arts and sports have the most trackers. Google, Facebook, and Twitter are the only third-party entities present on more than 10% of sites.

Analysing information about tracking and fingerprinting cannot be separated when viewed from the angle of Big tech dominance on internet. Parazyd from DarkFi wrote about this in Status Quo. Gary Kovacs, from Mozilla Corporation, shared about the unconsentual tracking in a TED talk.

The information in this post is primarily compiled from Am I Unique, EFF and The Markup. There is extensive research and information on these pages on tracking and fingerprinting as well as proposal on how to improve privacy. This is the TL;DR version.

When you visit a website, your browser makes a request for that site. In the background, invisible trackers makes requests to other hidden third parties. These requests can include (but are not limited to):

  • Time zone
  • Browser settings
  • Versions of software installed
  • Broadcast device and browser version
  • Browser’s requests is also extracted by third-party ad networks, which are relying on cookie tracking, and browser fingerprinting.
  • Screen resolution

Trackers can reveal a detailed behavioral profile of online activity, including:

  • Income
  • Political affiliation
  • Level of education

Digital fingerprint

Browser and hardware setup are unique information to each user - a digital fingerprint. This for example also includes information like computer operating system and screen resolution. In other words characteristics that are more difficult to change.

If the user changes the identifier of the browser to a more common browser, it will not necessarily make the user less identifiable. In combination with other metrics this can stand out, ie. using chrome as identifier but the browser looks like Safari, a combination that is rarely used.

Canvas fingerprinting

Fingerprining can identify a user even with cookies being disables. The canvas fingerprinting technique identifies users by drawing shapes and text on the webpage and the differences in features can distinguish one device from another. The canvas is invisible to the user. Here is a list of more than 15000 sites with canvas fingerprinting scripts.


Cookies contains information that the website stores in the browser, such as account login information, items bought at an online store, and location. With this information it's possible to link all user activities. Cookies track users until the cookies are deleted from the browser.

Facebook pixel tracking

Facebook is tracking users, as well as non users, with Facebook Pixel even when they are not logged in. If the user for example makes a purchase, this information is then tied to the user's facebook acount and can reveal the user's real identity.

Google tracking

Google share in their privacy policy the extent of their tracking of anyone using internet.

This information collected and used include the language of the user, the people the user is connected to online, YouTube videos that might be of interest, browser type and settings, device type and settings, operating system, mobile network information including carrier name, phone number, and application version number. Google also collect information about the interaction of apps, browsers, and devices with Google services, including IP address, crash reports, system activity, date and time as well as:

  • Terms used for searches.
  • Videos watched.
  • Views and interactions with content and ads.
  • Voice and audio information.
  • Purchase activity.
  • Activity on third-party sites and apps that use their services.

How to disable cookies

Note: different browsers may have different names than this and some options may not be available. Users are encouraged to learn more about the browser they're using.

To disable cookies, go to the browser Settings then to Privacy and Security where it is possible to select:

  • Delete cookies and site data when browser is closed.
  • Clear data to remove existing cookies.
  • De-select Remember browser and download history.
  • Choose Block new requests asking to access your location
  • De-select Remember search and form history.

Privacy inspection tools

  • Blacklight is a privacy inspection tool. When going to a website it will tell the user how they may be tracked through:

  • Ad trackers.

  • Third-party cookies.

  • Tracking that evades cookie blockers.

  • Session recording services (such a mouse click and scrolling, anything typed into a form even if not submitted, including sensitive information such as passwords and credit card numbers). Inspectlet is such a surveillance tool.

  • Capturing user keystrokes (ie. logging of entered information such as name, family-name, given-name which matched anon user with postal addresses).

    Here is more information about each of the points above.

  • Lightbeam is a browser extension which show the relationships between third parties and the sites you visit.

  • Am I Unique

Fingerprint resistant browsers

Browsers such as Tor Browser and Brave are fingerprint resistant and they make the fingerprint less unique. Unique means more identifiable, which is something to avoid if we aim for privacy. Privacy Tools provides a list of browsers which are provacy oriented, including increased protection against tracking and fingerprinting as well as ad-blocking.


Ad blockers are browser extensions that stops advertisers and other third-party trackers.

SIM card data collection

SIM card providers are centralized entities. The data collected on SIM cards is not controlled by the user. It is transparent and a liability for anyone concerned with privacy. See Privacy setup for android with Graphene OS on private alternatives to android phones which are based on Google services.

  • Integrated circuit card identifier (ICCID):
    ICCID is a unique number assigned to a SIM card and internationally a standard way to identify SIM cards. ICCID is the printed on the SIM card. The two first numbers are fixed and differntiated the SIM card from other chips. Next two to three number are country codes. The next one to four numbers are Mobile Network Code which identifies the ussuer of the SIM card. The rest of the numbers are uniwue for each SIM and the last one is based on Luhn algoritm which is used to verify ICCID.

  • International mobile subscriber identity (IMSI): The IMSI number includes which country and mobile network and can be used to track the movements of the user. The cell towers’ location is used to triangulate the position.

  • Service provider name (SPN): The name of the mobile operator.

  • MSISDN - The Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number: The phone number for calling and texting.

  • Last dialed numbers (LDN): The number and name of the most recently dialed.

  • Abbreviated dialing numbers (ADN): Any number and name dialed is saved (and information which can be extracted).

  • Short message service (SMS): The information include the SMS text itself as well as the time a message was sent, the sender’s phone number and the status of the entry.

For more information, see:

Opt OUT!

When Edward Snowden was working for NSA he decided to stand against status quo and leak information about global surveillance programs, many which are run by the NSA in cooperation with telecommunication companies and European governments. This is the tip of the iceberg in regards to surveillance measure of governments and Big tech today. Edward Snowden was forced to leave US to avoid imprisonment for sharing this information to people who are the targets of this surveillance.

Julian Assange, currently imprisoned in UK, is one of the founders of Wikileaks. He is charged with espionage by US for sharing the truth about US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. In regard to surveillance, Wikileaks published extensive materials on CIA projects to intercept SSH credentials, target Linux, Windows and MAC systems, utilize webcams and suspend video recordings and also published research about Amazon's collaboration with the US Department of defense and CIA, and surveillance contractors in Russia to name a few.

Google holds over 70% of the browser market and through IP addresses tracks what we do on internet. Big tech collaborate with government by handing over information on demand. Even when we are not online, society is digitalized which faciliated enforcing control measures. When we move in society cameras are watching us or the electronic cards we might use for transportation or payment map out our lives.

To develop open source software which aims to bring privacy solutions to users is becoming criminalized. When Tornado cash developer Alex pertsev was arrested in Amsterdam, US government publicly tagged all Tornado cash users. The current push to regulate crypto including imposing CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) is a way for nation-states to co-opt crypto, control people and money flow.

If we want to opt out of the surveillance system, we need to build privacy tools, share knowledge and resources on what is already existing.

Nokia 8110 "Banana" - Jailbreak

Warning: Changing IMEI number is illegal in multiple jurisdictions. This report is not to promote any activity which can cause users any legal problems! Please research the laws concerning this issue in your region. Treat this report as educational source.

This report speaks about GSM network data monitoring. Do NOT confuse it with internet identifiers (MAC, IP address etc).

Problem: IMEI Number Identification

There are multiple security risks when using a mobile provider (phone or router + sim card) as a hotspot. One security risk is the unique sim card number. However sim cards can be purchased without KYC and changed, the internet or hotspot device - phone or portable router - has a unique IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity). this number remains the same (despite changing MAC or IP address). This makes a device easy to track as IMEI number is communicated to the mobile provider.

Solution: Unlocking IMEI Modification

Nokia 8110 or "Banana phone" (as it's known) is a great hotspot device, separated from the users main internet device (smart phone, tablet or laptop). With a few hacks, the Banana phone allows users to change the IMEI number any time. This setup has several advantages:

  • Keeps the SIM away from the actual user's devices. Prevents leakage of the main the main internet device IMEI.
  • Hacked Nokia 8110 can appear on GSM network as any other phone since IMEI numbers are unique per device and model.
  • If IMEI and SIM card are changed together - the user is very hard to be linked (mind the place of connection and other active devices!).

Tip: An IMEI number on Nokia 8110 can be seen in Menu -> Settings -> Device -> Device Information -> More Information or by dialing *#06#. Validate the setup functionality by running a test check before and after the IMEI change.


  • Nokia 8110 4G "Banana"
  • USB <-> Micro-USB cable with a capacity to handle data
  • Internet
  • Android SDK Tools
  • WebIDE - Palemoon works well

SDK Tools

To communicate with the phone via computer an adb command & shell are needed. Adb is a part of Android SDK Tools. Install as below.

Linux (Debian based)

sudo apt update && sudo apt install android-sdk

Windows - Follow steps in this manual.

WebIDE - Palemoon

WebIDE is used to sideload (install without the bootloader hacking) the needed apps via GUI. An older version of Palemoon works well. Open terminal in a directory where Palemoon will be downloaded and enter the following commands.

tar -xf palemoon-28.6.1.linux-x86_64.tar.bz2

Move to Palemoon directory and remove auto-update scripts to keep stay on this version.

cd palemoon
rm -rf update*

Run Palemoon


In case Palemoon still prompts to update, deny!

Installation & Setup

Regardless of the chosen setup, the Banana phone must have updated firmware and activated debugging mode.

Keep the device and desktop connected throughout the entire installation process.

Update Nokia Firmware

The device must be updated to the latest firmware.

Check Firmware Version

Settings -> Device -> Device Information -> Software

Update Firmware Version

Settings -> Device -> Device Information -> Software Update -> Select -> Select


Debugging is a mode in which developer changes can be implemented. Dial the code ##33284## (##debug##) with your keypad. A bug icon should appear in the system taskbar above (as already said, on some devices it is necessary to open a menu using the additional code ##0574## and from there enable the USB debugging).

Different Setups

This manual has three options, divided according to the three levels of customization and difficulty of the setup. All three of them include unlocking IMEI customization option.

Three Options

  1. Minimal - The necessary steps to allow IMEI & TTL modification *
  2. Advanced - Minimal + FOSS alternative enabled, remove Google apps enabled *
  3. Expert (not described in this manual yet)- Reinstalling the complete OS to Gerda - IMEI & TTL changing app is included with auto-randomizing script.

Chose option and follow the proceeding described under that option directly (ie if 2. is the choice, don't do 1. before).

Note: The points with * use Wallace Toolbox to change IMEI. User needs to enter the new IMEI manually. LunarDAO listed a database of IMEI numbers at

1. Minimal Setup - Wallace Toolbox Sideload

This setup is the fastest and the least difficult one. The only customization is a sideload of the Wallace Toolbox enabling user to change IMEI, TTL and do few other temporary root actions.

Get Wallace Toolbox

Open terminal in target directory to download and run:



  1. Open Palemoon WebIDE: Open Palemoon browser (the steps above) and press Shift + F8 or navigate to Tools -> Web Developer -> WebIDE
  2. Setup adb to tcp socket 6000. In terminal run:
adb forward tcp:6000 localfilesystem:/data/local/debugger-socket
  1. Connect Palemoon WebIDE app to the phone: click on Remote Runtime on the right and make sure it's set to localhost:6000.
  2. In Palemoon WebIDE app click on Open Packaged App... On the left
  3. Navigate to the wallace-toolbox-master directory and click Open.
  4. Click on the play button on top to sideload it.
  5. Done. Unmount the device.


Open the Wallace Toolbox app in the phone menu. Use index numbers to navigate. To edit IMEI1 or IMEI2, the new number must be correct, use to get one based on device and model of your choice. Reboot and control the IMEI in the phone settings.

Important: Test it few times without a sim card. After each reboot dial *#06# to confirm the IMEI number was edited. To maintain privacy, remove the phone back cover before the IMEI edit. When the phone turns off to reboot take off the battery and exchange sim cards. Assemble and power on.

2. Advanced Setup - Replacing Google Services with FOSS

WARNING! This process includes factory reset. All data and application will be wiped out!

This setup is probably the best compromise of spent time, needed skills, risk and outcome. The result is a rooted KaiOS (the original OS) enabling user to be in control of all applications and processes. This allows for access to developer menu, removing unwanted apps (Google services), sideloading any new apps and (like in setup #1) editing IMEI & TTL number.

This hack disables navigator.mozApps.mgmt.import method package signature checks, installs OmniSD and allows for app config modification.

Before this process, make sure Palemoon is installed (read Pre-Requsities), the firmware is up to date and the device debug mode is enabled.

Donwload OmniSD

Download and extract. Open terminal in the target directory and run the following commands:

mkdir omisd
cd ominsd
unzip OminSD.zip2

Install OmniSD & Run Priviledged Factory Reset

  1. Open Palemoon WebIDE: Open Palemoon browser (the steps above) and press Shift + F8 or navigate to Tools -> Web Developer -> WebIDE
  2. Setup adb to tcp socket 6000. In terminal run:
adb forward tcp:6000 localfilesystem:/data/local/debugger-socket
  1. Connect Palemoon WebIDE app to the phone: click on Remote Runtime on the right and make sure it's set to localhost:6000.
  2. In Palemoon WebIDE app click on Open Packaged App... On the left
  3. Navigate to the omnisd directory and click Open.
  4. Click on the play button on top to sideload it.
  5. In OmniSD menu on your device press # and accept privileged reset.
  6. Let the device reboot and run the initial setup.
  7. Allow debug mode again. Either dial ##33284## or Settings -> Device -> Developer Menu -> Enable debugger in the "ADB and DevTools" mode.
  8. Repeat the steps 1 to 6.
  9. When the installation is finished, all the applications shall be listed in the left-side bar of the WebIDE.

Keep the phone plugged, WebIDE connected and move through the following points.

Get Wallace Toolbox

Open terminal in target directory to download and run:


Install Wallace Toolbox

  1. In Palemoon WebIDE app click on Open Packaged App... On the left
  2. Navigate to the wallace-toolbox-master directory and click Open.
  3. Click on the play button on top to sideload it.

Uninstall Pre-Installed Apps

Pre-installed apps don't show the option Uninstall in the Menu. This quick hack makes them removable.

  1. Open Wallace Toolbox App and select 1:ADB root
  2. Pull webapps dictionary from the phone, in terminal enter:
adb pull /data/local/webapps/webapps.json
  1. Make a backup in case something goes wrong:
cp webapps.json webapps.json.bak
  1. Open downloaded webapps.json in a text editor
  2. Search every app to be set as removable and edit the dictionary line in the sub-dictionary from "removable": false, to "removable": true,. Save & exit.
  3. Push the modified file back to the phone:
adb push webapps.json /data/local/webapps/
  1. Reboot:
adb reboot
  1. Uninstall Apps in the device menu: move selector to the chosen app -> Options -> Uninstall

Edit IMEI in Wallace Toolbox App

Open the Wallace Toolbox app in the phone menu. Use index numbers to navigate. To edit IMEI1 or IMEI2, the new number must be correct, use to get one based on device and model of your choice. Reboot and control the IMEI in the phone settings.

Important: Test it few times without a sim card. After each reboot dial *#06# to confirm the IMEI number was edited. To maintain privacy, remove the phone back cover before the IMEI edit. When the phone turns off to reboot take off the battery and exchange sim cards. Assemble and power on.

3. Expert Setup - Replacing OS

This setup replace the original KaiOS with Gerda OS. Gerda OS by default has no Google services and IMEI randomization is semi-automatized (a user does not have to type the IMEI manually just pushes a button to randomize). However the installation requires good knowledge of Linux and the logic behind phone's backend and bootloader.

To be tested and documented soon.

Additional Security Steps

For maximal security do not use this phone for web browsing or other online applications. Run it as a hotspot and connect to it from another device using MAC spoofing and VPN or Tor!

  • Always change both IMEI and sim card at the same time when changing a setup (from hotspot to burner etc)
  • Disable Web Tracking: Menu -> Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Do Not Track -> Tick [x] on Tell websites and apps that I do not want to be tracked
  • Clear Browsing History, Cookies & Stored Data: Menu -> Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Browsing Privacy
  • App Permissions: Menu -> Settings -> Privacy & Security -> App Permissions -> Make sure no app has any permissions without asking.
  • Search: Menu -> Settings -> Personalization -> Search -> Change Engine from Google to DuckDuckGo and turn Search Suggestions to No.

Banana phone & Changing IMEI

Legendary Nokia Banana

NOTE: Changing users IMEI number is illegal in multiple jurisdictions. This page is not to promote any activity which can cause users any legal problems! Please research the laws concerning this issue in your region. LunarDAO is not responsible for any decisions done by the users! If you are uncertain, please do not read further and leave this page.

There are multiple security risks when using a mobile provider (phone or router + sim card) as a hotspot. One security risk is the unique sim card and all of identifying information leaked. We will cover this issue later on but there are sources to buy sims without KYC and change them as often as a user needs. Another security issue is that despite changing a simcard often, the internet or hotspot device - phone or portable router - has a unique IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) which stays the same despite changing MAC or IP address. This makes it easy to track.

Nokia 8110 or Banana phone (as it's known) is a great hotspot device, separated from the users main internet device (smart phone, tablet or laptop). With a few hacks, the Banana phone allows a user to change its IMEI. Such a setup has several advantages:

  1. Keeps the sim away from the actual user's devices - does not leak the main internet device IMEI
  2. Nokia 8110 can appear on the GSM network as any other phone since IMEI numbers are unique per device.
  3. If IMEI and simcard are changed together - the user is very hard to be traced (mind the place of connection and other active devices!)

Note: If not changed regularly, the risk of compromise is higher. Both sim and IMEI need to be changed at the same time!

Hacking a Banana Phone

The Banana phone has many different ways to be hacked for IMEI randomization. The most simple way is to install Wallace Toolbox. Here is Banana hackers guide on how to install Wallace Toolbox.

Installing Gerda OS improves usability, but is not needed to change IMEI. It's even possible to install Debian, called Bananian on this phone! LunarDAO Squad plans to make comprehensive manuals on all the IMEI randomizing devices and the installation steps.

IMEI numbers

If you succesfully hacked a Banana phone or already have one, it can be pain in the ass to find correct IMEI numbers, or even worse to make one up. Thanks to our fellow hackers, there is a generated IMEI table with several thousands IMEI numbers.

DISCLAIMER: The table was not created by LunarDAO Squad neither fully tested. All the data are accessible online, LunarDAO only provides a more accessible format.

IMEI Numbers

NOTE: Changing users IMEI number is illegal in multiple jurisdictions. This page is not to promote any activity which can cause users any legal problems! Please research the laws concerning this issue in your region. LunarDAO is not responsible for any decisions done by the users! If you are uncertain, please do not read further and leave this page.

International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number identifies mobile and satelite phones. The following table lists devices and randomly generated IMEI numbers.

DISCLAIMER: The table was not created by LunarDAO Squad neither fully tested. All the data are accessible online, LunarDAO only provides a more accessible format.

The table has over 16k rows, use search function to find a particular brad or model

352773074248705AcerLiquid Z630
148270036030247AlcatelAlcatel idealXCITE
148020069317791AlcatelAlcatel Ideal
146990066384444AlcatelAlcatel Ideal
146790022621701AlcatelAlcatel OneTouch Fierce XL
146710039197230AlcatelAlcatel Pixi Theatre
146580097529420AlcatelAlcatel Idol 4
146500098871977AlcatelAlcatel Fierce 4
146360030115839AlcatelAlcatel Idol 4S with Windows
146200083282138AlcatelAlcatel OneTouch POP 7 LTE
146080093536941AlcatelAlcatel Pop 4 Plus
146020075434889AlcatelAlcatel OneTouch Pop 3 - 5.5"
145560043219244AlcatelAlcatel OneTouch Flint
145510007926003AlcatelAlcatel OneTouch Fierce XL
145040074168107AlcatelAlcatel OneTouch Fierce XL
144970052669018AlcatelAlcatel OneTouch Idol 3 - 5.5
148580055710762AlcatelAlcatel Pulsemix
144700079213304AlcatelAlcatel OneTouch Icon Pop
148890037064786AlcatelAlcatel Idol 5
152930092471329AlcatelAlcatel TCL A1, Alcatel TCL LX
352871101362653AlcatelAlcatel Avalon V
140530056164970AlcatelAlcatel OneTouch Fierce 2
140670027671057AlcatelAlcatel One Touch Evolve
140680035169200AlcatelAlcatel OneTouch Evolve 2
354161071021242AlcatelAlcatel OneTouch Pixi Avion
354455099338723AlcatelAlcatel 1x
354458098875588AlcatelAlcatel 1x
355471080211661AlcatelAlcatel A30 Plus, Huawei Jitterbug Touch 2
139120012851861AlcatelAlcatel One Touch Evolve
350583091487828AlcatelAlcatel 3T 8"
139510085286179AlcatelAlcatel OneTouch POP 7 LTE
141880060909467AlcatelAlcatel OneTouch Fierce 2
354043106120357AlcatelAlcatel Avalon V
160950067801607AlcatelAlcatel Joy Tab, Alcatel Joy Tab 2
354349088995058AlcatelAlcatel Zip
144510044512130AlcatelAlcatel OneTouch Fierce XL
354454093975259AlcatelAlcatel 1x
143660009413989AlcatelAlcatel OneTouch Idol 3 - 5.5
154620019712974AlcatelAlcatel Insight
154230000484813AlcatelAlcatel TCL LX
154160082491024AlcatelAlcatel TCL LX
153710029038246AlcatelAlcatel Tetra
153200034823089AlcatelAlcatel Onyx
152630029485604AlcatelAlcatel 3T 8"
152490050037679AlcatelAlcatel 1x Evolve
151740023581281AlcatelAlcatel Tetra
151630096156998AlcatelAlcatel Tetra
162770026545998AlcatelAlcatel Joy Tab 2
157940019428356AlcatelAlcatel 7
157740085408575AlcatelAlcatel Joy Tab
157730091297294AlcatelAlcatel Joy Tab
151260073979376AlcatelAlcatel 7
143990040929200AlcatelAlcatel OneTouch Pixi 7
154950016715393AlcatelAlcatel Insight
155000005673093AlcatelAlcatel Joy Tab
151450048625697AlcatelAlcatel TCL LX
155520029925120AlcatelAlcatel 3V
155000200038829AlcatelAlcatel Joy Tab
867025028118114AlcatelAlcatel OneTouch Idol 3 - 4.7
143160060241932AlcatelAlcatel OneTouch Fierce 2
141890035698699AlcatelAlcatel OneTouch Fierce 2
148990089016583AlcatelAlcatel A30 Tablet 8"
149090059524366AlcatelAlcatel Idol 5S (USA)
149400042854442AlcatelAlcatel A30 Fierce
150260075472637AlcatelAlcatel idealXCITE
137780030869302AlcatelAlcatel One Touch Evolve
359414065807323AlcatelAlcatel OneTouch Pixi 7
156830017196462AlcatelAlcatel 1x
156410047385359AlcatelAlcatel TCL A1
156080039450774AlcatelAlcatel Joy Tab
155960033992064AlcatelAlcatel Joy Tab
155730030920602AlcatelAlcatel 3V
142800080344098AmazonFire Phone
141860006581182AmazonFire Phone
142850059821584AmazonFire Phone
140850074096214AmazonFire Phone
354356420564120AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
354798784364508AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
354794861183432AppleiPhone 12 Pro
354341370897365AppleiPhone 12 Mini
354988076751179AppleiPhone 6S Plus
354987071877609AppleiPhone 6S Plus
134690042605094AppleiPhone 5
354347189430900AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
354986073962369AppleiPhone 6S Plus
354985078871823AppleiPhone 6S Plus
354984074544898AppleiPhone 6S Plus
354980619028421AppleiPhone 13 Pro
354329701655818AppleiPhone 13 Mini
134680090039825AppleiPhone 5
354971070396464AppleiPhone 6S
354953074136112AppleiPhone 6S
354970076551015AppleiPhone 6S
354969072866138AppleiPhone 6S
354957736904965AppleiPhone 12 Pro
354957071747672AppleiPhone 6S
354956079323965AppleiPhone 6S
354955079889132AppleiPhone 6S
354954075657221AppleiPhone 6S
354972075532913AppleiPhone 6S
353797085707101AppleiPhone 6S
354326134596247AppleiPhone 13
135510049510767AppleiPhone 5
134720096210473AppleiPhone 5
134420015432924AppleiPhone 5
134760039891005AppleiPhone 5
354356547586451AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
353779331683500AppleiPhone 12
353793088096915AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
355438074046437AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
135220079137016AppleiPhone 5
134350017969088AppleiPhone 5
134360027872735AppleiPhone 5
134370005254855AppleiPhone 5
134380046317850AppleiPhone 5
134390091884969AppleiPhone 5
134400054556742AppleiPhone 5
134190075756294AppleiPhone 5
134180090082933AppleiPhone 5
134170098988793AppleiPhone 5
355440072161945AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
353796080195239AppleiPad Air 2
353795081062406AppleiPad Air 2
353792088748483AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
355439073521529AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
355430072490741AppleiPhone 6S
353790081397183AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
355431074210533AppleiPhone 6S
355432077998819AppleiPhone 6S
353781188892077AppleiPhone 12 Pro
134410052421427AppleiPhone 5
355433077823783AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
355434070222940AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
353779085403071AppleiPhone 7 Plus
355435078206942AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
353778083667307AppleiPhone 7
353776391463575AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
355435972644404AppleiPhone 11
355436075098456AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
355437075771332AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
353791087443229AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
135230041813016AppleiPhone 5
990003037874936AppleiPad Mini
135250042453497AppleiPhone 5
357619530817150AppleiPhone 12
990003029970007AppleiPad Mini
134340061136874AppleiPhone 5
990003048988741AppleiPad Mini
990003062519885AppleiPad 4
990003074580495AppleiPad 4
990003083028767AppleiPad 4
990002764295091AppleiPhone 5
990002753962404AppleiPhone 5
990002742214537AppleiPhone 5
990002739856662AppleiPhone 5
358762052580100AppleiPhone 5S
358761052110587AppleiPhone 5S
358760050347241AppleiPhone 5S
990002905420962AppleiPad Mini
358759055220718AppleiPhone 5S
359676585481553AppleiPhone 11
359676571071822AppleiPhone 12
359669600430499AppleiPhone 12
359666221673143AppleiPhone 14 Pro
359664926779521AppleiPhone 13 Pro
990003090270055AppleiPad 4
359663608932762AppleiPhone 13 Pro
990002640675896AppleiPhone 4S
990002658332950AppleiPhone 4S
990002668041989AppleiPhone 4S
990002675168031AppleiPhone 4S
990002688752169AppleiPhone 4S
359637263384303AppleiPhone 12
990002696304466AppleiPhone 4S
359690313024890AppleiPhone 12 Mini
135240026528877AppleiPhone 5
990002897158786AppleiPad 4
990002877110617AppleiPhone 5
135260086944202AppleiPhone 5
354817664006912AppleiPhone 12
135280085227938AppleiPhone 5
135290000185186AppleiPhone 5
135530069767030AppleiPhone 5
135300096122330AppleiPhone 5
135330044678588AppleiPhone 4S
135340025653898AppleiPhone 4S
135350088659989AppleiPhone 4S
135370058774477AppleiPhone 4S
354810903811259AppleiPhone Xr
135380014717346AppleiPhone 4S
135390042126832AppleiPhone 4S
135400014047120AppleiPhone 4S
990002885873685AppleiPhone 5
135410074855882AppleiPhone 4S
135320086318185AppleiPhone 4S
354952072413572AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353798087408953AppleiPhone 6S
355429070762622AppleiPhone 6S
990002773906852AppleiPhone 5
990002782321515AppleiPhone 5
990002792263988AppleiPhone 5
990002805801816AppleiPhone 5
990002816236390AppleiPhone 5
990002829361243AppleiPhone 5
990002838767869AppleiPhone 5
990002844127751AppleiPhone 5
990002853626974AppleiPhone 5
990002865038754AppleiPhone 5
135500067041027AppleiPhone 5
134330065059156AppleiPhone 5
990001823147624AppleiPhone 4S
134310016620140AppleiPhone 5
356765083174597AppleiPhone 8
356765112170228AppleiPad Air 4th Gen
356766089092775AppleiPhone 8
356766119345839AppleiPad Air 4th Gen
356767081927596AppleiPhone 8
356762114224442AppleiPad Air 4th Gen
356767114581089AppleiPad Air 4th Gen
356753563365166AppleiPhone 12
352604721114901AppleiPhone 14
356747117305058AppleiPad 8th Gen
356748118382526AppleiPad 8th Gen
357239097586989AppleiPhone Xs
357238097942184AppleiPhone Xs
357237095638109AppleiPhone Xs
356764113475421AppleiPad Air 4th Gen
357236093365475AppleiPhone Xs
357234096407691AppleiPhone Xs
357233093930051AppleiPhone Xs
357232091502474AppleiPhone Xs
352604704521122AppleiPhone 11
357231095253324AppleiPhone Xs
357229099761805AppleiPhone Xs
357228093818124AppleiPhone Xs
357227098923376AppleiPhone Xs
357226095008496AppleiPhone Xs
356749112217726AppleiPad 8th Gen
356750114257132AppleiPad 8th Gen
352615450027726AppleiPhone 13
356751110762166AppleiPad 8th Gen
356752119019491AppleiPad 8th Gen
357235090440240AppleiPhone Xs
356752985351507AppleiPhone 14 Plus
356764083860404AppleiPhone 8
356763085305897AppleiPhone 8
357277098797809AppleiPhone Xs Max
350738146108189AppleiPhone 13 Pro
357276090870911AppleiPhone Xs Max
357274096030713AppleiPhone Xs Max
357273090790017AppleiPhone Xs Max
357272091801450AppleiPhone Xs Max
357271093388102AppleiPhone Xs Max
357270099266361AppleiPhone Xs Max
357269090420274AppleiPhone Xs Max
357268093570762AppleiPhone Xs Max
357267094863622AppleiPhone Xs Max
357266090437449AppleiPhone Xs Max
357265096827595AppleiPhone Xs Max
357275097317363AppleiPhone Xs Max
356763113942216AppleiPad Air 4th Gen
352602953225882AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 5th Gen 2021
356755115469545AppleiPad 8th Gen
356755855387295AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
356756089074980AppleiPhone X
356756117733151AppleiPad 8th Gen
356758084670101AppleiPhone 8
356759084988485AppleiPhone 8
356760081914003AppleiPhone 8
356761081689371AppleiPhone 8
356762088489591AppleiPhone 8
356754114813779AppleiPad 8th Gen
352591137900181AppleiPhone 12 Mini
352590373324775AppleiPhone 12
134320090648495AppleiPhone 5
357230095716066AppleiPhone Xs
990001891327728AppleiPhone 4S
990001906432018AppleiPhone 4S
990001916679087AppleiPhone 4S
351044631257378AppleiPhone 13
990001926408287AppleiPhone 4S
351109222383410AppleiPhone 12
351090241628276AppleiPhone 13 Mini
351082465563875AppleiPhone 11
351066258407077AppleiPhone 12
990002237472277AppleiPhone 5
351062826675949AppleiPhone 13
351061789285506AppleiPhone 12
351057065177714AppleiPhone 11
351055801983106AppleiPhone 13
990001883143786AppleiPhone 4S
990002247562950AppleiPhone 5
353309072280140AppleiPhone 6S
356858904841153AppleiPhone 13
356860112460412AppleiPhone 11
134200022909969AppleiPhone 5
134210011128398AppleiPhone 5
134220085974734AppleiPhone 5
134230077921817AppleiPhone 5
134240024129083AppleiPhone 5
134250046339586AppleiPhone 5
134260043797389AppleiPhone 5
134270022231649AppleiPhone 5
134280084878708AppleiPhone 5
134290044226310AppleiPhone 5
134300022776531AppleiPhone 5
990001930704275AppleiPhone 4S
356858117359498AppleiPhone 11
990001870705662AppleiPhone 4S
990001856876776AppleiPhone 4S
990001818423477AppleiPhone 4S
990002273941995AppleiPhone 5
351039498423709AppleiPhone 11
351036279941511AppleiPad 9th Gen
990002280322502AppleiPhone 5
351030534683075AppleWatch Series 7 41mm
990002294296239AppleiPhone 5
990002307191880AppleiPhone 5
990002356326825AppleiPad 4
990002366021465AppleiPad 4
351025529925077AppleiPhone 12 Mini
990002267484333AppleiPhone 5
990002409845052AppleiPad Mini
990001867762221AppleiPhone 4S
351016090256422AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
990001346898729AppleiPad Mini
990001333190601AppleiPad 4
990001327731659AppleiPad 4
990002392750848AppleiPad Mini
990002250526116AppleiPhone 5
351048913914325AppleiPhone 14
990002702903202AppleiPhone 4S
990001830387452AppleiPhone 4S
990001847303401AppleiPhone 4S
351010643923869AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
990002719014548AppleiPhone 5
353393518382397AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
990002636242115AppleiPhone 4S
356168096941336AppleiPhone Xs
356167091110475AppleiPhone Xs
356166092890028AppleiPhone Xs
356165090104135AppleiPhone Xs
356164097977866AppleiPhone 6S
120250063868430AppleiPhone 3GS
120260051057235AppleiPhone 3GS
356170098943120AppleiPhone Xs
120270016175972AppleiPhone 3GS
355688078821892AppleiPhone 6S
355690076940831AppleiPhone 6S
354941735251032AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
356169098512109AppleiPhone Xs
354376068074976AppleiPhone 6 Plus
354377068525173AppleiPhone 6 Plus
355710071797844AppleiPhone 6S
355708339523994AppleiPhone 11
354378068657743AppleiPhone 6 Plus
354379065583205AppleiPhone 6 Plus
354380066662402AppleiPhone 6 Plus
354381066787363AppleiPhone 6 Plus
355689079636297AppleiPhone 6S
354382065335436AppleiPhone 6 Plus
354384068037308AppleiPhone 6 Plus
355701902305972AppleiPhone 13
355697072358975AppleiPhone 6S
355696073361517AppleiPhone 6S
355695078635008AppleiPhone 6S
354925092104793AppleiPhone 7 Plus
355694076079731AppleiPhone 6S
356171095073622AppleiPhone Xs
356172090249597AppleiPhone Xs
353289073971527AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353290078119831AppleiPhone 6S Plus
350294958210788AppleiPhone 13
350293722292429AppleiPhone 11
353291070027063AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353299077496702AppleiPhone 6S Plus
350283164996397AppleiPhone 13 Pro
353292079333908AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353293077096505AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353294073003420AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353294702931926AppleiPhone 14 Pro
353295078992087AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353296078435069AppleiPhone 6S Plus
350264842756346AppleiPhone 13 Pro
355687071554641AppleiPhone 6S
350263906272380AppleiPhone 11
353298075081771AppleiPhone 6S Plus
350282711205088AppleiPhone 13 Pro
356609085048955AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
356609108060805AppleiPhone 8
356609234967006AppleiPhone 12
355686076812996AppleiPhone 6S
355685271610544AppleiPhone 11
355685072176216AppleiPhone 6S
355684070963360AppleiPhone 6S
355683078136664AppleiPhone 6S
355682079227761AppleiPhone 6S
355681073815597AppleiPhone 6S
355680071096804AppleiPhone 6S
356173095136607AppleiPhone Xs
353297077760598AppleiPhone 6S Plus
350302399647052AppleiPhone 13 Pro
355693078200436AppleiPhone 6S
355691075299856AppleiPhone 6S
356153094534820AppleiPhone 6
121560098459974AppleiPhone 3GS
121610065098352AppleiPhone 3GS
356152095560362AppleiPhone 6
121620077228103AppleiPhone 3GS
356151097476551AppleiPhone 6
356149095724709AppleiPhone 6
122620099535948AppleiPhone 3GS
122630096662108AppleiPhone 3GS
122670049396446AppleiPhone 3GS
122680049002811AppleiPhone 3GS
121540091381672AppleiPhone 3GS
356635664161380AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 5th Gen 2021
356635350575430AppleiPad Pro 11" 3rd Gen 2021
356150092677551AppleiPhone 6
356699119705142AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356903553788121AppleiPhone 14 Pro
357339092644567AppleiPhone Xr
359235067888023AppleiPhone 6
354395067612040AppleiPhone 6
359236061347107AppleiPhone 6
357332090281862AppleiPhone Xr
353836108570128AppleiPhone 11 Pro
359237061686056AppleiPhone 6
353837081673822AppleiPhone 7
355692077907223AppleiPhone 6S
120320018681285AppleiPhone 3GS
356634825753987AppleiPhone 12
355690404586629AppleiPhone 12
354383068825985AppleiPhone 6 Plus
356859112063499AppleiPhone 11
356157218305124AppleiPhone 11
120290054941333AppleiPhone 3GS
123380098184516AppleiPhone 4
123390086275275AppleiPhone 4
124160012331511AppleiPhone 4
124170087181402AppleiPhone 4
124180013556510AppleiPhone 4
124190022645170AppleiPhone 4
124200021774564AppleiPhone 4
356626445238514AppleiPhone 12
124210040359685AppleiPhone 4
120300068943413AppleiPhone 3GS
124220091006820AppleiPhone 4
124230029517822AppleiPhone 4
356622127615061AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
356622107259823AppleiPad Pro 11" 2nd Gen 2020
124240028916289AppleiPhone 4
356617109524067AppleiPad Pro 11" 2nd Gen 2020
356613088862172AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
356612083550717AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
356611100719271AppleiPhone 8
356611083018543AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
356610107427193AppleiPhone 8
356610080242791AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
356625108766761AppleiPad Pro 11" 2nd Gen 2020
120280038786201AppleiPhone 3GS
123360083536979AppleiPhone 4
123370071455793AppleiPhone 4
350308221339859AppleiPhone 11
353288076850753AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353287217417647AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
357582529501385AppleiPhone 11
353402718810303AppleiPhone 12
357278097102389AppleiPhone Xs Max
353501490274255AppleiPhone 13 Pro
353369280494412AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
353514352199353AppleiPhone 14
353361736443143AppleiPhone 12
353357676134726AppleiPhone 13
353504409910886AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
353504863717561AppleiPhone 13
353505457239953AppleiPhone 11
353350076653346AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353349074604137AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353348071285635AppleiPhone 6S Plus
357588207041537AppleiPhone 14 Pro
353509873115094AppleiPhone 12
353345079589109AppleiPhone 6S
353503751059060AppleiPhone 12
354951074277076AppleiPhone 6S Plus
354372150695463AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
354948447322787AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
356330101855436AppleiPhone 11
356329100781734AppleiPhone 11
356328103517137AppleiPhone 11
356327109993136AppleiPhone 11
125330029717908AppleiPhone 4
125340088216015AppleiPhone 4
125360092105541AppleiPhone 4
353510606237734AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
356314955221432AppleiPhone 13 Pro
357590490974374AppleiPhone 13 Mini
357593325120379AppleiPhone 11
990003171536903AppleiPhone 5
990003185379779AppleiPhone 5
990003199367943AppleiPhone 5
353341833207484AppleiPhone 13
356281921508830AppleiPhone 11
353518368958389AppleWatch Series 7 41mm
353519511465090AppleiPhone 11
353526375165484AppleiPhone 12 Mini
355416071595655AppleiPhone 6S
355417071889882AppleiPhone 6S
355418078998619AppleiPhone 6S
355419070485282AppleiPhone 6S
356254250204990AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
353342072909897AppleiPhone 6S
353490928446323AppleiPhone 12
355420077128552AppleiPhone 6S
356240877716169AppleiPhone 14 Pro
356232686852921AppleiPhone 13 Mini
355423074516621AppleiPhone 6S
355424074204309AppleiPhone 6S
355425070469754AppleiPhone 6S
355426075673762AppleiPhone 6S
355427070530627AppleiPhone 6S
353800089246405AppleiPhone 6S
355428076882228AppleiPhone 6S
355421079139548AppleiPhone 6S
353799082579913AppleiPhone 6S
353342883218892AppleiPhone 12
353344074911038AppleiPhone 6S
990003201147143AppleiPhone 5
355422078394191AppleiPhone 6S
356314141341367AppleiPhone 11
356310705634064AppleiPhone 13 Pro
356295370910792AppleiPhone 14 Plus
353287079440679AppleiPhone 6S Plus
350328930243671AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
350320529785451AppleiPhone 11
356901452724221AppleiPhone 14 Pro
353300071865981AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353301078231417AppleiPhone 6S Plus
356885197291267AppleiPhone 13 Pro
356880118055123AppleiPhone 11
356878119485075AppleiPhone 11
356877118145508AppleiPhone 11
353302073811880AppleiPhone 6S Plus
356874117156404AppleiPhone 11
356873111662102AppleiPhone 11
356603087382983AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
356872111093359AppleiPhone 11
356869119131603AppleiPhone 11
356868118104975AppleiPhone 11
356867113945598AppleiPhone 11
356866119073769AppleiPhone 11
356865116080462AppleiPhone 11
356864112664924AppleiPhone 11
356863114876916AppleiPhone 11
356862113642279AppleiPhone 11
356861116994802AppleiPhone 11
356871118800790AppleiPhone 11
356608100469394AppleiPhone 8
350252263558861AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
350257572051441AppleiPhone 13 Mini
350320097989998AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356870115835080AppleiPhone 11
124310095044693AppleiPhone 4
124300008674116AppleiPhone 4
356335102730306AppleiPhone 11
356287128595215AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
353282072341586AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353282629358653AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
353283075638937AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353284075755754AppleiPhone 6S Plus
350342022618278AppleiPhone 12
353285079231361AppleiPhone 6S Plus
356331105144058AppleiPhone 11
356332104228553AppleiPhone 11
356333104971036AppleiPhone 11
356608084138395AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
356607107255749AppleiPhone 8
356607088042587AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
356606100357601AppleiPhone 7
356606085037780AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
356336102928395AppleiPhone 11
356337013897810AppleWatch Series 5 44mm
124290031090606AppleiPhone 4
124280091241389AppleiPhone 4
356338105649978AppleiPhone 11
124270038796181AppleiPhone 4
990002728622125AppleiPhone 5
356339103558492AppleiPhone 11
353286076843497AppleiPhone 6S Plus
124260021983128AppleiPhone 4
356604088976831AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
356604109048073AppleiPhone 7
356605087599565AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
356605107985109AppleiPhone 7
356603101608496AppleiPhone 7
357279091429109AppleiPhone Xs Max
356455107894624AppleiPhone Xr
357281094961831AppleiPhone Xs Max
353265077495895AppleiPhone 6S
353278072514933AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353264078991051AppleiPhone 6S
356648084651286AppleiPhone 6S
356649150626434AppleiPhone 13 Pro
356685114722588AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356684119955756AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356683111940550AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356682972742808AppleiPhone 13
356682110407876AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356681116946127AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356681082400620AppleiPhone 6
356680113955206AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356680088610778AppleiPhone 6
353266075899823AppleiPhone 6S
352839119040181AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
356679087090099AppleiPhone 6
356677085717481AppleiPhone 6
356676081072685AppleiPhone 6S
356673379415114AppleiPhone 13 Pro
352840116750947AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352841111246147AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352842113180516AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352843119582846AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352844111982414AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352845117998064AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
356650087677813AppleiPhone 6S
356678088671162AppleiPhone 6
358768056384530AppleiPhone 5S
353263079505241AppleiPhone 6S
356649083494405AppleiPhone 6S
353261072307888AppleiPhone 6S
353267072509100AppleiPhone 6S
353268073297786AppleiPhone 6S
357222093291374AppleiPhone Xs
358685099416097AppleiPhone 7
357221147472170AppleiPhone 12
357221096876116AppleiPhone Xs
358686052292590AppleiPhone 5S
357220092067084AppleiPhone Xs
358686098577970AppleiPhone 7
357219098023307AppleiPhone Xs
358686328994656AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
358685053866246AppleiPhone 5S
356148097686759AppleiPhone 6
358623074157725AppleiPhone 6S Plus
358624077882079AppleiPhone 6S Plus
356646220120257AppleiPhone 13
353267561961911AppleiPhone 14
352846110813326AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
356645080619366AppleiPhone 6
352848113098285AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
356643082425643AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
352849119358095AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
356642084070993AppleiPhone 7
356641087111408AppleiPhone 7
353281070051866AppleiPhone 6S Plus
356647088052962AppleiPhone 6S
353280076166090AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353272070877251AppleiPhone 6S
353271071676373AppleiPhone 6S
354878090833808AppleiPhone X
353270072771415AppleiPhone 6S
353269074304746AppleiPhone 6S
352847119132213AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
357223096991077AppleiPhone Xs
358642095883333AppleiPhone 7 Plus
358640091169731AppleiPhone 7 Plus
353251074832132AppleiPhone 6S
353250107394946AppleiPhone 11 Pro
354880092675369AppleiPad 6th Gen
353249103026064AppleiPhone 11 Pro
354881090641734AppleiPad 6th Gen
354882099215496AppleiPad 6th Gen
354883098111850AppleiPad 6th Gen
354884097367675AppleiPad 6th Gen
358647097619718AppleWatch Series 4 40mm
358646099441220AppleWatch Series 4 40mm
358645098351703AppleWatch Series 4 40mm
353251025660574AppleiPhone 11 Pro
358764058072868AppleiPhone 5S
358763462461766AppleiPhone 13
354885093057244AppleiPad 6th Gen
358763055598479AppleiPhone 5S
354442065281574AppleiPhone 6 Plus
354441066634278AppleiPhone 6 Plus
354440891164493AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
354440067968479AppleiPhone 6 Plus
354439064847538AppleiPhone 6 Plus
354438060011396AppleiPhone 6 Plus
354437067152807AppleiPhone 6 Plus
354436063305013AppleiPhone 6 Plus
354435063996789AppleiPhone 6 Plus
354434060395293AppleiPhone 6
356388109313261AppleiPhone 7
354433067950159AppleiPhone 6
354432067462207AppleiPhone 6
354431067740455AppleiPhone 6
354443063740637AppleiPhone 6
358641091627108AppleiPhone 7 Plus
353253072297789AppleiPhone 6S
353254076321351AppleiPhone 6S
358639098334850AppleiPhone 7 Plus
358639074949747AppleiPhone 7 Plus
354887096197647AppleiPad 6th Gen
358638098409423AppleiPhone 7 Plus
354888093866614AppleiPad 6th Gen
358634090698824AppleiPhone 8 Plus
358634078355447AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
354886091306484AppleiPad 6th Gen
358633097760363AppleiPhone 8 Plus
358632090746478AppleiPhone 8 Plus
358631091165290AppleiPhone 8 Plus
354889090091495AppleiPhone 8
358630098881032AppleiPhone 8 Plus
358630074558638AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353253184571238AppleiPhone 12
358629099400297AppleiPhone 8 Plus
354890092443361AppleiPhone 8
358627093077699AppleiPhone 8 Plus
358626093636249AppleiPhone 8 Plus
358633077992895AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
353262077810041AppleiPhone 6S
358643097583806AppleWatch Series 4 40mm
358644090292999AppleWatch Series 4 40mm
353260073322201AppleiPhone 6S
354879093746195AppleiPad 6th Gen
353259072952943AppleiPhone 6S
353258074465334AppleiPhone 6S
353257071034465AppleiPhone 6S
353256070632063AppleiPhone 6S
353255075817653AppleiPhone 6S
358628095210668AppleiPhone 8 Plus
354430717228416AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
357224098581445AppleiPhone Xs
358684096984884AppleiPhone 7
358548052749021AppleiPhone 5C
354032282002554AppleiPhone 12
358549055013258AppleiPhone 5C
358550050611872AppleiPhone 5C
354024919597304AppleiPhone 12 Pro
358551051304004AppleiPhone 5C
358551072901267AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 1st Gen 2015
358563078626194AppleiPhone 6S
358546267895381AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
352837113252364AppleiPhone 11 Pro
352838113842444AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353106106918749AppleiPhone Xs Max
356130092468664AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
358547841155334AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
358989495319966AppleiPhone 11
358978731915281AppleWatch Series 7 45mm
358648095173765AppleWatch Series 4 40mm
358649099395412AppleWatch Series 4 40mm
358649250197581AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
358650092919190AppleWatch Series 4 40mm
358651097449795AppleWatch Series 4 40mm
358652098529817AppleWatch Series 4 40mm
358663094552968AppleWatch Series 4 44mm
358934295716151AppleiPhone 12
358664094354066AppleWatch Series 4 44mm
358665098622010AppleWatch Series 4 44mm
358666093980106AppleWatch Series 4 44mm
358667097837318AppleWatch Series 4 44mm
358668097883294AppleWatch Series 4 44mm
358981875124793AppleiPhone 11
358669096276407AppleWatch Series 4 44mm
358547055277204AppleiPhone 5C
358565079192258AppleiPhone 6S
358571071463242AppleiPhone 6S
354005107236235AppleiPhone 11
354004108719976AppleiPhone 11
354003104087461AppleiPhone 11
358567073376960AppleiPhone 6S
358572073134807AppleiPhone 6S
354001104330766AppleiPhone 11
354000345617098AppleiPhone 12 Mini
354000106797451AppleiPhone 11
353999102245194AppleiPhone 11
353998108438480AppleiPhone 11
353997890159049AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
353997107459711AppleiPhone 11
353996105977690AppleiPhone 11
354039665712956AppleiPhone 11
353995104893734AppleiPhone 11
354002101707410AppleiPhone 11
353992100142190AppleiPhone 11
358566077456174AppleiPhone 6S
358564075279417AppleiPhone 6S
354073559397996AppleiPhone 13 Pro
354071152641851AppleiPhone 13 Pro
354066789721555AppleiPhone 13
354065524041766AppleiPhone Xr
357558701628378AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
354049346402257AppleiPhone 12 Pro
357569690814291AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
354047646496870AppleiPhone 12
358545056656566AppleiPhone 5C
358546053561411AppleiPhone 5C
353994107598648AppleiPhone 11
357217094935656AppleiPhone Xs
358670096561707AppleWatch Series 4 44mm
356131090187132AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
357210367259136AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
357210098704954AppleiPhone Xs
357209097807289AppleiPhone Xs
357208097655250AppleiPhone Xs
357207092394147AppleiPhone Xs
357215263348214AppleiPhone 13 Pro
357206099197321AppleiPhone Xs
357754990761612AppleiPhone 12 Pro
357730386936257AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
357724823947647AppleiPhone 13 Pro
355809083359864AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 2nd Gen 2017
355810087531144AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 2nd Gen 2017
355811083023714AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 2nd Gen 2017
355812083537869AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 2nd Gen 2017
357211095578458AppleiPhone Xs
357692293144260AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
355817086201264AppleiPad Pro 10.5"
357205098815347AppleiPhone Xs
356147090502088AppleiPhone 6
357216098770259AppleiPhone Xs
357218097671033AppleiPhone Xs
358677233748923AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
358678056558001AppleiPad Mini 2 Retina
358678092093880AppleWatch Series 4 44mm
358679050961928AppleiPad Air
358683094477826AppleiPhone 7
357225098755301AppleiPhone Xs
358684058326975AppleiPhone 5S
355816083430405AppleiPad Pro 10.5"
358671094323819AppleWatch Series 4 44mm
357212099803173AppleiPhone Xs
357214090200656AppleiPhone Xs
356132092278796AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
356132581955565AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356133092979383AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
354891097167708AppleiPhone 8
356146091313909AppleiPhone 6
356145090023113AppleiPhone 6
356144892543519AppleiPhone 13 Pro
354892092986167AppleiPhone 8
356144095260226AppleiPhone 6
356143095114151AppleiPhone 6S
356142836307116AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 5th Gen 2021
354893090067562AppleiPhone 8
356142096249255AppleiPhone 6S
358672098173390AppleWatch Series 4 44mm
357213094635602AppleiPhone Xs
354894098560376AppleiPhone 8
356140096350610AppleiPhone 6S
356139092949615AppleiPhone 6S
354896097972130AppleiPhone 8
356138094456629AppleiPhone 6S
356137094972148AppleiPhone 6S
356136093906578AppleiPhone 6S
356135099139192AppleiPhone 6S
356134097915604AppleiPhone 6S
356133318946117AppleiPhone 13 Pro
356141096753407AppleiPhone 6S
358673099270219AppleWatch Series 4 44mm
358676053992678AppleiPad Mini 2 Retina
358677059093503AppleiPad Mini 2 Retina
357215097902129AppleiPhone Xs
354895098185049AppleiPhone 8
354430067582891AppleiPhone 6
354429062561827AppleiPhone 6
356389104310310AppleiPhone 7
137090007594408AppleiPhone 5
358686412769741AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
356378105072938AppleWatch Series 5 44mm
356378517226312AppleiPhone 13
137290098927067AppleiPhone 5
137280051858375AppleiPhone 5
137240029568571AppleiPhone 5
137210002069822AppleiPhone 5
137180064076728AppleiPhone 5
137170081395524AppleiPhone 5
137150099482597AppleiPhone 5
137130066792236AppleiPhone 5
356377107857262AppleWatch Series 5 44mm
357251093102513AppleiPhone Xs
358687054329794AppleiPhone 5S
357250091865121AppleiPhone Xs
356450102072284AppleiPhone Xr
356449103191911AppleiPhone Xr
356448108146300AppleiPhone Xr
356447103355767AppleiPhone Xr
356446104466391AppleiPhone Xr
356445105094319AppleiPhone Xr
356444109233809AppleiPhone Xr
356443102541929AppleiPhone Xr
356442102122185AppleiPhone Xr
356441109745733AppleiPhone Xr
356440107195750AppleiPhone Xr
356439104688593AppleiPhone Xr
356438105453866AppleiPhone Xr
357247393285107AppleiPhone 13
356437109688295AppleiPhone Xr
358687095114270AppleiPhone 7
358688096540604AppleiPhone 8 Plus
136650061357207AppleiPhone 4
136640036733418AppleiPhone 4
136630064843882AppleiPhone 4
136620030471066AppleiPhone 4
136610072231684AppleiPhone 4
136600045733619AppleiPhone 4
136320018198571AppleiPhone 5
136310014252340AppleiPhone 5
136680050100912AppleiPhone 4
136300049929988AppleiPhone 5
136270033102522AppleiPhone 5
136250063129017AppleiPhone 5
136240016503129AppleiPhone 5
136230053298808AppleiPhone 5
358688053247938AppleiPhone 5S
136220037983104AppleiPhone 5
136200082972988AppleiPhone 5
136190064250612AppleiPhone 5
136050077758300AppleiPhone 4S
136040002303983AppleiPhone 4S
136290016211660AppleiPhone 5
135970005926649AppleiPhone 4S
136690039470252AppleiPhone 4
137100015968104AppleiPhone 5
356376103939371AppleWatch Series 5 44mm
358690090237336AppleiPhone 8 Plus
358690050276035AppleiPhone 5S
358689090125806AppleiPhone 8 Plus
358689054636103AppleiPhone 5S
358688605526458AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
136210049512751AppleiPhone 5
136660020751903AppleiPhone 4
356436106958552AppleiPhone Xr
356434109947862AppleiPhone Xr
350728710354905AppleiPhone 12 Pro
350725919547875AppleiPhone 12
350725744125137AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
350698365859070AppleiPad 9th Gen
355749079929041AppleiPhone 6S Plus
350666973669538AppleiPhone 14 Pro
350654412426306AppleiPhone 14
350643636314091AppleiPhone 12
350736853830466AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
350640541274501AppleiPhone 12
350639794892134AppleiPhone 13
350735455316262AppleiPhone 14
353304072547622AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 1st Gen 2015
353305077414882AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 1st Gen 2015
353306071593937AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 1st Gen 2015
352747616642195AppleiPhone 11
353307071929527AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 1st Gen 2015
353308075880658AppleiPhone 6S
350641995190888AppleiPhone 12 Mini
350737734321147AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
357264092241836AppleiPhone Xs Max
357286095830208AppleiPhone Xs Max
357285092575105AppleiPhone Xs Max
357284096313134AppleiPhone Xs Max
357283094567691AppleiPhone Xs Max
357282093847088AppleiPhone Xs Max
353304545251489AppleiPhone 12
356435101000055AppleiPhone Xr
357287093527457AppleiPhone Xs Max
357289091702553AppleiPhone Xs Max
356433103348119AppleiPhone Xr
356432103962044AppleiPhone Xr
357291095961318AppleiPhone Xs Max
356450256307676AppleiPhone 12 Mini
356451102507261AppleiPhone Xr
356452107223110AppleiPhone Xr
356453102670255AppleiPhone Xr
990001106288459AppleiPhone 4S
990001095045654AppleiPhone 4S
990001086871936AppleiPhone 4S
990001077796167AppleiPhone 4S
990001062565346AppleiPhone 4S
990001050609858AppleiPhone 4S
990001043657451AppleiPhone 4S
357288091314179AppleiPhone Xs Max
990001032109761AppleiPhone 4S
990001013201959AppleiPhone 4S
357290095757544AppleiPhone Xs Max
990001003907185AppleiPhone 4S
990000884355928AppleiPhone 4S
990000870739648AppleiPhone 4S
990000867943112AppleiPhone 4S
356460104603150AppleiPhone Xr
356459102945126AppleiPhone Xr
356458102598596AppleiPhone Xr
356457101462796AppleiPhone 11
356456103255828AppleiPhone Xr
353837108032168AppleiPhone 11 Pro
356454102578274AppleiPhone Xr
990001026419770AppleiPhone 4S
136670048983297AppleiPhone 4
358691054341767AppleiPhone 5S
358691099985917AppleiPhone 8 Plus
359184075387570AppleiPhone 7
356742113726381AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
359183076312397AppleiPhone 7
359182072989398AppleiPhone 7
359181077570484AppleiPhone 7
356743115962255AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
359180074100691AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359179074943738AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359185074548559AppleiPhone 7
357263091503196AppleiPhone Xs Max
357261095916521AppleiPhone Xs Max
357260092963320AppleiPhone Xs Max
356745082529264AppleiPhone 8
357258092853376AppleiPhone Xs
356742084712675AppleiPhone X
357257093964760AppleiPhone Xs
356745713180339AppleWatch Series 7 41mm
357254092568163AppleiPhone Xs
357253093575862AppleiPhone Xs
357252741360909AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
357262090908414AppleiPhone Xs Max
135920005092603AppleiPhone 4S
356741087816418AppleiPhone X
359187074764905AppleiPhone 7 Plus
356390102447849AppleiPhone 7
354421064957434AppleiPad Mini 3
356391101418336AppleiPhone 7
359206409147485AppleiPhone 13 Pro
359206070397336AppleiPhone 7
356392107636376AppleiPhone 8
357255096729594AppleiPhone Xs
359205074983638AppleiPhone 7
356741118331080AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
354423069471932AppleiPad Air 2
354428060772634AppleiPhone 6
354427068620589AppleiPhone 6
354444050114737AppleiPad Mini 2 Retina
354444061898583AppleiPhone 6
356387108774564AppleiPhone 7
354445050053072AppleiPad Mini 2 Retina
135900087471446AppleiPhone 4S
135670039807928AppleiPad 4
135650018617100AppleiPad 4
135610042368369AppleiPad 4
135560076745547AppleiPhone 5
135550039725173AppleiPhone 5
135540011067389AppleiPhone 5
354422069581427AppleiPad Mini 3
356381107790705AppleWatch Series 5 44mm
354424069921439AppleiPad Air 2
356384104670177AppleWatch Series 5 44mm
356386106178612AppleWatch Series 5 44mm
354451066549079AppleiPhone 6 Plus
354450069490810AppleiPhone 6
354449069594274AppleiPhone 6
354448060704932AppleiPhone 6
354447428011584AppleiPhone 12
354447062963843AppleiPhone 6
354446061233497AppleiPhone 6
354446059935152AppleiPad Mini 2 Retina
354445065235128AppleiPhone 6
356385102803231AppleWatch Series 5 44mm
356389957922328AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
356383108324179AppleWatch Series 5 44mm
359204076701221AppleiPhone 7
359203507657747AppleiPhone 14
359203070181026AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
358692098438213AppleiPhone 8 Plus
356375233112529AppleiPhone 12
352892112588532AppleiPhone Xr
352893112669702AppleiPhone 11
352894115542227AppleiPhone 11
352895119488432AppleiPhone 11
352915118937237AppleiPhone 11
352914119617096AppleiPhone 11
352913110576756AppleiPhone 11
353303072539274AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 1st Gen 2015
352912118406602AppleiPhone 11
352911113134540AppleiPhone 11
352910119129710AppleiPhone 11
352909113839167AppleiPhone 11
356375105018887AppleWatch Series 5 44mm
352908118768108AppleiPhone 11
358692057097620AppleiPhone 5S
352906110174416AppleiPhone 11
352905113940369AppleiPhone 11
352904113254830AppleiPhone 11
352903116106526AppleiPhone 11
352902112697249AppleiPhone 11
352901110532226AppleiPhone 11
352900110703050AppleiPhone 11
352899115010240AppleiPhone 11
352898116415291AppleiPhone 11
352897115118880AppleiPhone 11
352896111323791AppleiPhone 11
352905611444518AppleiPhone 13
358691731678086AppleiPhone 13
352907115927246AppleiPhone 11
358693051240596AppleiPhone 5S
358693095350856AppleiPad Pro 11" 2018
358697092602540AppleiPad Pro 11" 2018
359186077628091AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359202074298885AppleiPhone 7
356393106471492AppleiPhone 8
356394100773073AppleiPhone 8
356395102622770AppleiPhone 8
356396102996339AppleiPhone 8
359195676363513AppleiPhone 12
356402978619169AppleiPhone 13 Pro
359190074421492AppleiPhone 7 Plus
356403875686947AppleiPhone 12 Pro
359189076153368AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359188078973849AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359201075766759AppleiPhone 7 Plus
357252094802648AppleiPhone Xs
135950070363423AppleiPhone 4S
135980022804950AppleiPhone 4S
352891114878669AppleiPhone Xr
358698096797765AppleiPad Pro 11" 2018
358703097831660AppleiPad Pro 11" 2018
358708098352053AppleiPhone 8
358709096790104AppleiPhone 8
358710095060705AppleiPhone 8
358711093902237AppleiPhone 8
357280095966419AppleiPhone Xs Max
358712095272041AppleiPhone 8
352885114324245AppleiPhone Xr
352886115542413AppleiPhone Xr
352887111831651AppleiPhone Xr
352888111213882AppleiPhone Xr
352889111558326AppleiPhone Xr
352890115533851AppleiPhone Xr
358713098253244AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 3rd Gen 2018
353838089522409AppleiPhone 7 Plus
353843083577060AppleiPhone 7
359238066033419AppleiPhone 6
355798073949281AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
355380253733619AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
355381077491624AppleiPhone 6 Plus
357448971348206AppleiPhone 13 Pro
359418746664623AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 5th Gen 2021
359417082722565AppleWatch Series 3 38mm
356556086534121AppleiPhone 7
355379070536809AppleiPhone 6 Plus
353331072007877AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353339078474157AppleiPhone 6S
356555102976647AppleiPhone 11
358543051837000AppleiPhone 5C
351596247206396AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
351696727049066AppleiPhone 12
357447883353338AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
351594952858782AppleiPhone 11
353332072113061AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353824082191434AppleiPhone 7
353332806162624AppleiPhone 6S Plus
359430824235549AppleWatch Series 3 38mm
359420083441540AppleWatch Series 3 38mm
353333073435909AppleiPhone 6S Plus
351588827692269AppleiPhone 12
353334073417814AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353335079635176AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353336070979795AppleiPhone 6S Plus
356554089510719AppleiPhone 7
353337074206698AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353338071997495AppleiPhone 6S
356554109234043AppleiPhone 11
359433086860913AppleWatch Series 3 42mm
356555085894205AppleiPhone 7
355380072000984AppleiPhone 6 Plus
355803082784263AppleiPad 5th Gen
353327074320854AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353834104643460AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353328073907253AppleiPhone 6S Plus
358522147289186AppleiPhone 12 Pro
353329070963182AppleiPhone 6S Plus
356552102395282AppleiPhone 11
358536054169488AppleiPhone 5C
353833101630702AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353832101147766AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353831107111115AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353830102808626AppleiPhone 11 Pro
358531054714581AppleiPad Air
358532054262274AppleiPad Air
353829107540242AppleiPhone 11 Pro
357442558962604AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
358533053804041AppleiPhone 5C
358534055351221AppleiPhone 5C
353833085941711AppleiPhone 7
356846110567092AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356095096159744AppleiPhone 8
353825082620124AppleiPhone 7
353340079337542AppleiPhone 6S
355376080858041AppleiPhone 7 Plus
355377078750349AppleiPhone 6 Plus
355802086014743AppleiPhone 6S
355801087378784AppleiPhone 6S
355800077354011AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
353340482169201AppleiPhone 12 Pro
355378071343090AppleiPhone 6 Plus
355799070858871AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
353828102596019AppleiPhone 11 Pro
356551103174753AppleiPhone 11
358544058348389AppleiPhone 5C
356711110742766AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
357945447940441AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
357353094393875AppleiPhone Xr
357997054037169AppleiPhone 5S
356422242156459AppleiPad Air 5th Gen
356423100817018AppleiPhone Xr
357846852079834AppleiPhone 13
353705909337427AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
358082907363077AppleiPhone 13 Mini
358408878733008AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
352681237776118AppleiPhone 11
357946226015678AppleiPhone 13
356731115346140AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
358073467675588AppleiPhone 14 Pro
356732080639295AppleiPhone 8
355660526441219AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
356732119608121AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
132640037695172AppleiPhone 4
356733086097157AppleiPhone 8 Plus
132630029889669AppleiPhone 4
352308251024494AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
356733119106439AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
356734080540945AppleiPhone 8 Plus
356734117102974AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
352968113676235AppleWatch Series 6 44mm
357350090094747AppleiPhone Xr
352944119254822AppleWatch SE 1st Gen 44mm
356735087264017AppleiPhone 8 Plus
356700080404655AppleiPhone 8
357814439693741AppleiPhone 12
358845638688388AppleiPhone 11
357354090879412AppleiPhone Xr
357996052622493AppleiPhone 5C
355671078343794AppleiPhone 5S
356725084732421AppleiPhone X
358074293376565AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
355054413636950AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356725112836939AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
355889060673842AppleiPad Air 2
355890068210314AppleiPad Air 2
357352097857886AppleiPhone Xr
356725663913699AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
357998053368688AppleiPhone 5S
356726084095793AppleiPhone X
356727086104807AppleiPhone X
355891066642730AppleiPad Air 2
356727114070756AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
356424103849669AppleiPhone Xr
356728084412168AppleiPhone 8
358397347888115AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
357848530649806AppleiPhone 12
357351098594795AppleiPhone Xr
356726114259393AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
355892063288253AppleiPad Mini 3
356724119301781AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
352946110591912AppleWatch SE 1st Gen 44mm
358406642667122AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
352243616286902AppleiPhone 12
357355095883598AppleiPhone Xr
358737094382004AppleiPhone Xs Max
358399360995454AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
358611743634091AppleiPhone 12 Pro
358607322337445AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356728110840838AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
132710072744845AppleiPhone 4
354504897357011AppleiPhone 13 Pro
358535057649819AppleiPhone 5C
356825825065022AppleiPhone 13
355384076077717AppleiPhone 6 Plus
359414080458458AppleWatch Series 3 38mm
355796074068788AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
355382071824091AppleiPhone 6 Plus
359413086968742AppleWatch Series 3 38mm
359412086225681AppleiPhone X
351572594414537AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
359411081848604AppleiPhone X
355795072504471AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
356556108051690AppleiPhone 11
356559100976872AppleiPhone 11
351570365643276AppleiPhone 12
356826116472158AppleiPhone Xr
355793072312516AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
359410082959287AppleiPhone X
355383075531195AppleiPhone 6 Plus
353822084268713AppleiPhone 7
359409089803878AppleiPhone X
356106848475757AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
355792073423611AppleiPhone 6
355791075434618AppleiPhone 6
355794077428950AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
356560085781154AppleiPhone 7
356560105428778AppleiPhone 11
358110348802435AppleiPhone 13
350753242306884AppleiPhone 13 Pro
356835114174450AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
353818088931090AppleiPhone 7 Plus
353823081729277AppleiPhone 7
356836115490804AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356833111835348AppleiPhone Xr
356109096953079AppleiPhone 8 Plus
356716082751133AppleiPhone 8 Plus
357398096735524AppleiPhone Xr
355804825797588AppleiPhone 12 Mini
353140101155569AppleiPhone Xs
355804088897919AppleiPad 5th Gen
350148172718192AppleiPhone 12
350913691770283AppleiPhone 12
350158421138571AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
356716110292258AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
356717087146287AppleiPhone 8 Plus
357399092554612AppleiPhone Xr
354507902883780AppleiPhone 12 Pro
359449128525546AppleiPhone 14 Pro
354506126223575AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
356559086829822AppleiPhone 7
356827118348768AppleiPhone Xr
356557081376104AppleiPhone 7
356828111754457AppleiPhone Xr
356829118127317AppleiPhone Xr
358102245029600AppleiPad Air 5th Gen
355789078975603AppleiPhone 6
356830117765859AppleiPhone Xr
356831111006456AppleiPhone Xr
356557106689572AppleiPhone 11
356557849252001AppleiPhone 13
356558080958389AppleiPhone 7
353821089181756AppleiPhone 7 Plus
356094098308649AppleiPhone 8
356558102513717AppleiPhone 11
356832117560090AppleiPhone Xr
355790074199693AppleiPhone 6
353326075863201AppleiPhone 6S Plus
356837117778865AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
350758790039019AppleiPhone 13 Mini
356111093943947AppleiPhone 8 Plus
358820054908792AppleiPhone 5C
350750727991354AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
355386074662929AppleiPhone 6 Plus
359415086217632AppleWatch Series 3 38mm
353341078264364AppleiPhone 6S
359416081742277AppleWatch Series 3 38mm
358538320089904AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
356552966076598AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356553101767943AppleiPhone 11
353330071467025AppleiPhone 6S Plus
359437081848377AppleWatch Series 3 42mm
356553511858167AppleWatch Ultra 49mm
358539057277381AppleiPhone 5C
355387074865256AppleiPhone 6 Plus
359436088832962AppleWatch Series 3 42mm
358538059162724AppleiPhone 5C
353827103282082AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353826107206634AppleiPhone 11 Pro
359435089531839AppleWatch Series 3 42mm
358541052698439AppleiPhone 5C
359434086146394AppleWatch Series 3 42mm
358541077484013AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
358542057221771AppleiPhone 5C
358542079730726AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
353826084099945AppleiPhone 7
351601285391355AppleiPhone 12
351606645065045AppleiPhone 13
353330707818930AppleiPhone 6S Plus
358537056840951AppleiPhone 5C
358540059411689AppleiPhone 5C
356838111114925AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356833917785192AppleiPad Pro 11" 3rd Gen 2021
350742139057304AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356839118000075AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356840110615605AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356834112386117AppleiPhone Xr
356200540638687AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
350761560380845AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
356842112526210AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356843110915637AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356844119076967AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356113098161095AppleiPhone 8 Plus
355388073099996AppleiPhone 6 Plus
356845112171762AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
350765875436614AppleiPhone 12
351929293003898AppleiPhone 14
356841116618643AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
353819087503369AppleiPhone 7 Plus
355797073190375AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
358820098475048AppleiPhone Xr
355788070380283AppleiPhone 6
356110094215479AppleiPhone 8 Plus
355787078941336AppleiPhone 6
356561081709256AppleiPhone 7
353820087095406AppleiPhone 7 Plus
355786372623178AppleiPhone 13 Pro
355786079980152AppleiPhone 6
355385073044782AppleiPhone 6 Plus
355785070917924AppleiPhone 6
355387493422564AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
355784079654844AppleiPhone 6
350738644662729AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
350739823012520AppleiPhone 13
356112094439489AppleiPhone 8 Plus
352235583063850AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
132650095135292AppleiPhone 4
356729083098388AppleiPhone 8
355063667263239AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
131710020531816AppleiPhone 4S
355675078811684AppleiPhone 5S
352964116532368AppleWatch Series 6 44mm
358612412364432AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
356705088421684AppleiPhone 8
356704112784258AppleiPhone 12 Pro
131820033260921AppleiPhone 4S
131810029953696AppleiPhone 4S
131800016767860AppleiPhone 4S
355676078864418AppleiPhone 5S
131740026902331AppleiPhone 4S
131770087847547AppleiPhone 4S
356703111281118AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356701089664331AppleiPhone 8
357344094442127AppleiPhone Xr
131760083377862AppleiPhone 4S
131750006405452AppleiPhone 4S
356703089831324AppleiPhone 8
356702114704316AppleiPhone 12 Pro
355902060411442AppleiPhone 6
356704081667021AppleiPhone 8
355669077513243AppleiPhone 5S
358091655069042AppleiPhone 13
357348098262316AppleiPhone Xr
131990095983700AppleiPhone 4S
356737087644040AppleiPhone 8 Plus
352953111697698AppleWatch Series 6 40mm
353410570208425AppleiPhone 13 Mini
358606071794574AppleiPhone 6S Plus
357989056346789AppleiPhone 5S
358846050710635AppleiPad Air
352291515477288AppleiPhone 13 Pro
354199140815012AppleiPhone 12 Pro
131910098320619AppleiPhone 4S
358032603974420AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
131940078369682AppleiPhone 4S
131930073757304AppleiPhone 4S
356011262507517AppleiPhone 14 Pro
354217682566304AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
356015905197685AppleiPhone 12 Mini
131920019048751AppleiPhone 4S
358031058162861AppleiPhone 5C
355669672181289AppleiPad 9th Gen
358030052610818AppleiPhone 5S
131840019212704AppleiPhone 4S
358847050859216AppleiPad Air
131830071611679AppleiPhone 4S
131410045837971AppleiPhone 4S
358850055180182AppleiPad Mini 2 Retina
356702082113904AppleiPhone 8
356701117853500AppleiPhone 12 Pro
352206209888509AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
355673079088741AppleiPhone 5S
358739096933537AppleiPhone Xs Max
131700031491530AppleiPhone 4S
352292937778774AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
356700118007124AppleiPhone 12 Pro
355672077483953AppleiPhone 5S
357855868749942AppleiPhone 12 Mini
358849058355296AppleiPad Mini 2 Retina
358740095484068AppleiPhone Xs Max
131420057146864AppleiPhone 4S
131950075927614AppleiPhone 4S
355060588567953AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
358718091092952AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 3rd Gen 2018
352948117679955AppleWatch SE 1st Gen 44mm
358021943571285AppleiPhone 13
356429103667441AppleiPhone Xr
355900065999924AppleiPhone 6
354196921033716AppleiPhone 13
357346092393186AppleiPhone Xr
358070157944878AppleiPhone 11
352943114581916AppleWatch SE 1st Gen 44mm
352965112799174AppleWatch Series 6 44mm
356425106104671AppleiPhone Xr
352967118964661AppleWatch Series 6 44mm
356428101628033AppleiPhone Xr
352949117788770AppleWatch SE 1st Gen 44mm
358027175039842AppleiPhone 12 Mini
356426105296518AppleiPhone Xr
352957115871530AppleWatch Series 6 40mm
356427105443829AppleiPhone Xr
352958118037442AppleWatch Series 6 40mm
358851437903085AppleiPhone 14
355899065019974AppleiPhone 6
352691137274676AppleiPhone 13
357347097789717AppleiPhone Xr
357988056909802AppleiPhone 5S
131970007976737AppleiPhone 4S
352950117222612AppleWatch SE 1st Gen 44mm
352959110768919AppleWatch Series 6 40mm
356427677953304AppleiPhone 12
356736112339972AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
352956110534556AppleWatch Series 6 40mm
132080016017058AppleiPhone 4S
358027054391678AppleiPhone 5C
352955115633918AppleWatch Series 6 40mm
358612074214057AppleiPhone 6S Plus
356740116532558AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
353669753784037AppleiPhone 12
132090000088445AppleiPhone 4S
131980031416261AppleiPhone 4S
352954116115033AppleWatch Series 6 40mm
356740080143424AppleiPhone X
352951118419330AppleWatch SE 1st Gen 44mm
132010070942628AppleiPhone 4S
357349099528846AppleiPhone Xr
132060075359831AppleiPhone 4S
132070028387847AppleiPhone 4S
352966748720246AppleiPhone 13 Pro
352940119719871AppleWatch Series 6 40mm
352941117193531AppleWatch Series 6 40mm
356739089879004AppleiPhone X
356740913493905AppleiPhone 12 Pro
352939111634401AppleWatch Series 6 40mm
358607078494697AppleiPhone 6S Plus
132050088497033AppleiPhone 4S
355898065331652AppleiPhone 6
132020071204340AppleiPhone 4S
356737112142978AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
355668077838287AppleiPhone 5S
356739117904840AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
352966111505372AppleWatch Series 6 44mm
352224774590434AppleiPhone 11
356738084453112AppleiPhone X
353653127367893AppleiPhone 12
356738117479266AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
131960050213963AppleiPhone 4S
357850274479770AppleiPhone 12 Pro
355877061381184AppleiPhone 6 Plus
357923214522338AppleiPhone 11
355877339146575AppleiPhone 12
358611073816490AppleiPhone 6S Plus
357464553301851AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
355878062440888AppleiPhone 6 Plus
352672760445411AppleiPhone 11
356412102141667AppleiPhone Xr
358098970805844AppleiPhone 11
357504279430102AppleiPhone 12
358610072632171AppleiPhone 6S Plus
358733099810917AppleiPhone Xs Max
357504142394394AppleiPhone 14
358729091414864AppleiPhone Xs Max
355654074106308AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 1st Gen 2015
352971440624258AppleiPhone 13 Mini
356413108395729AppleiPhone Xr
357492907154429AppleiPhone 13
357489328344092AppleiPhone 12 Mini
355655071493474AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 1st Gen 2015
355656073857864AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 1st Gen 2015
358734096034790AppleiPhone Xs Max
358732096134370AppleiPhone Xs Max
352971111247215AppleWatch Series 6 44mm
355656502639479AppleiPhone 13 Pro
357990056473904AppleiPhone 5C
358736091124757AppleiPhone Xs Max
352704136312973AppleiPhone 12
356129094894737AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
352947118081021AppleWatch SE 1st Gen 44mm
357999057059653AppleiPhone 5C
132700057927952AppleiPhone 4
355893064937914AppleiPad Mini 3
352945110854015AppleWatch SE 1st Gen 44mm
352682656657458AppleiPhone 11
356729114714292AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
356730088894508AppleiPhone 8
358000052965421AppleiPhone 5C
132690033473116AppleiPhone 4
358738093966847AppleiPhone Xs Max
352287189257642AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
132680042042218AppleiPhone 4
356730112518164AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
132670074869703AppleiPhone 4
357829183012856AppleWatch SE 2nd Gen 44mm
356731086763091AppleiPhone 8
355894060540132AppleiPad Mini 3
352970115743286AppleWatch Series 6 44mm
356735117275348AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
356422108985785AppleiPhone Xr
358416180309193AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
355657079172456AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 1st Gen 2015
355876060463977AppleiPhone 6 Plus
358731090463116AppleiPhone Xs Max
356417100518972AppleiPhone Xr
355657922703044AppleiPhone 13
358730098383045AppleiPhone Xs Max
357474400615957AppleiPhone 13
356418109659346AppleiPhone Xr
358609377552993AppleiPad 9th Gen
132660094237221AppleiPhone 4
990004054320969AppleiPhone 4S
990004061584490AppleiPhone 4S
355883587895723AppleiPhone 12 Pro
990004037489907AppleiPhone 4S
990004047163062AppleiPhone 4S
354226990166194AppleiPhone 13 Pro
352235484234030AppleiPhone 12
356736087616859AppleiPhone 8 Plus
352963115286364AppleWatch Series 6 44mm
131890023800861AppleiPhone 4S
356708085913570AppleiPhone 8 Plus
352301453765030AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
355678074588868AppleiPhone 6S
355901062025820AppleiPhone 6
355677814427999AppleiPhone 13 Pro
356707084473743AppleiPhone 8
358442712127861AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
355900702045883AppleiPhone 11
131880046696909AppleiPhone 4S
356706920419696AppleiPhone 13
355677070206004AppleiPhone 5S
356706086730381AppleiPhone 8
131870050264314AppleiPhone 4S
131860041005041AppleiPhone 4S
131850023705379AppleiPhone 4S
355670074694150AppleiPhone 5S
358389746876643AppleiPhone Xr
356024617338595AppleiPhone 13 Pro
131900038348911AppleiPhone 4S
355679075146995AppleiPhone 6S
358041416851477AppleiPhone 12 Mini
356007208863824AppleiPhone 12 Mini
357345094940218AppleiPhone Xr
357995051859403AppleiPhone 5C
357838491118156AppleiPhone 11
990004019818784AppleiPhone 4S
990004072632536AppleiPhone 4S
990004088109818AppleiPhone 4S
357993051980840AppleiPhone 5S
990004093593014AppleiPad 4
358430274082962AppleWatch SE 1st Gen 44mm
358438449121755AppleiPhone 12 Pro
990004105957777AppleiPad 4
990004113821395AppleiPad Mini
357991056273278AppleiPhone 5C
990004121772051AppleiPad Mini
357933312187058AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
358427487725478AppleWatch Series 7 45mm
357941270868908AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
353696747182887AppleiPhone 14 Plus
355883615245230AppleiPhone 11
358608073275636AppleiPhone 6S Plus
357463521875012AppleiPhone 12
358618688238242AppleiPhone 12 Pro
358728098661709AppleiPhone Xs Max
990004006153146AppleiPhone 4S
357994055984796AppleiPhone 5S
990003998600791AppleiPhone 4S
356421068075322AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
350911501073765AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
990003834185288AppleiPad 4
990003705124101AppleiPhone 5
358452281607219AppleiPhone 12 Pro
352279177293572AppleiPhone 13
352707669317855AppleiPhone 13
355880063190108AppleiPhone 6
357818706542226AppleiPhone 11
358609070505611AppleiPhone 6S Plus
350141785127034AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
350135027484120AppleiPhone 12 Mini
353167668485550AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
359220072374177AppleiPhone 6
355394070344666AppleiPhone 6
358823094933663AppleiPhone Xr
354390069476643AppleiPhone 6 Plus
359223079817198AppleiPhone 6S Plus
354685925135972AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
353851665169511AppleiPhone 13 Pro
359254060578572AppleiPhone 6
359474086971730AppleiPhone 7 Plus
354228679652676AppleiPhone 13
352052061873670AppleiPhone 5S
358600073581501AppleiPhone 6S Plus
358601070139095AppleiPhone 6S Plus
358828053557577AppleiPhone 5S
355393076531177AppleiPhone 6
358829058229709AppleiPhone 5S
356122165489776AppleiPhone 12
358831057231579AppleiPhone 5C
354112726847754AppleiPhone 12
358891507356368AppleiPhone 13
352051695399466AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
352051075672607AppleiPhone 6 Plus
352051061604085AppleiPhone 5S
357342099651494AppleiPhone Xr
354110237468094AppleiPhone 13
358832054551498AppleiPhone 5C
357343099534144AppleiPhone Xr
357341094352983AppleiPhone Xr
359473088782335AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359472089198699AppleiPhone 7 Plus
357171856462450AppleiPhone 12 Pro
359471086941648AppleiPhone 7 Plus
358823057788260AppleiPhone 5C
353817081629354AppleiPhone 7 Plus
357183969972283AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
358825053146567AppleiPhone 5S
358825098325424AppleiPhone Xr
354392067528284AppleiPhone 6 Plus
355395077509706AppleiPhone 6
350839222590900AppleiPhone 12
359218077119035AppleiPhone 7 Plus
353816081412456AppleiPhone 7 Plus
355396071274628AppleiPhone 6
355396084657645AppleiPhone 6S
356115092274956AppleiPhone 8 Plus
359217078403711AppleiPhone 7 Plus
356175095159091AppleiPhone Xs
359216078429577AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359221070582464AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
359219075841075AppleiPhone 7 Plus
354391061903865AppleiPhone 6 Plus
359227060868599AppleiPhone 6
357204096594590AppleiPhone Xs
357203093620697AppleiPhone Xs
359226061912877AppleiPhone 6
357202094279669AppleiPhone Xs
359225076596527AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
357201092221806AppleiPhone Xs
356177153733601AppleiPhone 13
355392078129758AppleiPhone 6 Plus
357188827877830AppleiPhone 13 Pro
359224073376124AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
359222076966131AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
356174413544522AppleiPhone 13
355394086787544AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
359465088730991AppleiPhone 7
358598521672999AppleiPhone 13
358745095650881AppleiPhone Xs Max
359072419806886AppleiPhone 13 Pro
358744092450098AppleiPhone Xs Max
358743092736431AppleiPhone Xs Max
358605077636243AppleiPhone 6S Plus
358844057136748AppleiPhone 5S
358750489678415AppleiPhone 13 Pro
352057065224598AppleiPad Air
358756051526825AppleiPhone 5S
354619645072058AppleiPhone 13 Pro
352050076653277AppleiPhone 6 Plus
354109332729442AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
358602079527298AppleiPhone 6S Plus
358746097700120AppleiPhone Xs Max
352050065966169AppleiPhone 5S
352049066895864AppleiPhone 5S
352048885045412AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
358603078094223AppleiPhone 6S Plus
352048078834754AppleiPhone 6 Plus
358757052968909AppleiPhone 5S
352048066523070AppleiPhone 5S
352047065122025AppleiPhone 5S
358758586076094AppleiPhone 12
358839815879142AppleiPhone 11
354106772114721AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
358758087191921AppleiPhone 5S
358841055249465AppleiPhone 5S
358604076884102AppleiPhone 6S Plus
358758058362287AppleiPhone 5S
352049072072490AppleiPhone 6 Plus
354615757838153AppleiPhone 14 Pro
358747090454426AppleiPhone Xs Max
358755059811411AppleiPhone 5S
359466082564667AppleiPhone 7
352056067751459AppleiPad Air
358863665572995AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
359467080577321AppleiPhone 7
352055063862070AppleiPhone 5S
359468087119067AppleiPhone 7 Plus
358833053840304AppleiPhone 5C
358826056165489AppleiPhone 5S
352054064671937AppleiPhone 5S
358599077734803AppleiPhone 6S Plus
352053064289666AppleiPhone 5S
358827057639233AppleiPhone 5S
357174298981772AppleiPhone 13 Pro
354121939321556AppleiPhone 12 Pro
358751052057953AppleiPhone 5S
359469088166297AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359470082638075AppleiPhone 7 Plus
358598932222996AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
356122176541862AppleiPhone 13
358834052030814AppleiPhone 5C
357158818035524AppleiPhone 12
359052371540111AppleiPhone 13 Pro
358843055347968AppleiPhone 5S
358754211569744AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
358754059660001AppleiPhone 5S
354084992375754AppleiPhone 13 Mini
359056810713197AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
358753059083347AppleiPhone 5S
358915485340258AppleiPhone 12 Pro
358752054027424AppleiPhone 5S
352052075357330AppleiPhone 6 Plus
358824787437590AppleiPhone 13
358824096143673AppleiPhone Xr
355084959859989AppleiPhone 13 Pro
359243062543775AppleiPhone 6 Plus
353839101824773AppleiPhone 11 Pro
354006102739223AppleiPhone 11
354396702752639AppleiPhone 11
353843109945960AppleiPhone 11 Pro
359251066763620AppleiPhone 6
359251341974349AppleiPhone 13 Mini
353844085449001AppleiPhone 7
352490402877747AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
359252060481714AppleiPhone 6
354671030515597AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
353842108574912AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353844102357609AppleiPhone 11 Pro
352484686880824AppleiPhone 11
353839086879487AppleiPhone 7 Plus
356087094212096AppleiPhone 8
353845105312939AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353846080511230AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
353846107494105AppleiPhone 11 Pro
357334095356624AppleiPhone Xr
359253068312711AppleiPhone 6
353847086102750AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
352484810715748AppleiPhone 12
355397073278773AppleiPhone 6
359249069131530AppleiPhone 6 Plus
353842082126010AppleiPhone 7
353809080890749AppleiPhone 7 Plus
357333094248188AppleiPhone Xr
353808086828448AppleiPhone 7 Plus
353807081800238AppleiPhone 7 Plus
353845083767427AppleiPhone 7
353840089593331AppleiPhone 7 Plus
350852696761543AppleiPhone 13
353835085304303AppleiPhone 7
353838105645713AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353812086586626AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359239069622158AppleiPhone 6
353811086944686AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359240067358498AppleiPhone 6 Plus
353810083349881AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359241069780119AppleiPhone 6 Plus
357332362099430AppleiPhone 13
353836083777268AppleiPhone 7
354393069780147AppleiPhone 6 Plus
353835109270753AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353813086675591AppleiPhone 7 Plus
355397086758415AppleiPhone 6S
357177504386876AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
353814080399014AppleiPhone 7 Plus
356174098524955AppleiPhone Xs
359214079174045AppleiPhone 7
355398071023336AppleiPhone 6
359213078506207AppleiPhone 7
355398084709848AppleiPhone 6S
359212070268444AppleiPhone 7
359242063951623AppleiPhone 6 Plus
359211072394976AppleiPhone 6S
359210079147601AppleiPhone 7
359209072319571AppleiPhone 7
353815081978193AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359207072943507AppleiPhone 7
357329383632223AppleiPhone 13
357330096843743AppleiPhone Xr
357331091399772AppleiPhone Xr
356116096819036AppleiPhone 8 Plus
353806084072332AppleiPhone 7
359244064863161AppleiPhone 6 Plus
353805085621733AppleiPhone 7
355391076613631AppleiPhone 6 Plus
351880151947769AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356856111302985AppleiPhone 11
356855117495199AppleiPhone 11
356848113404232AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356199671143386AppleiPhone 13
350777733190879AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
351906518300689AppleiPhone 14 Plus
355389089543415AppleiPhone 5S
355390070451337AppleiPhone 6 Plus
351905373388573AppleiPhone 11
351893605665242AppleiPhone 13 Mini
356114095882881AppleiPhone 8 Plus
354389066955229AppleiPhone 6 Plus
359230060605326AppleiPhone 6
358821055206210AppleiPhone 5C
351890922678841AppleiPhone 11
356850782835381AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
356851111238347AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
351889402253281AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356852115778809AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356853119665406AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
351887639834915AppleiPhone 13
356854116112343AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356849114983778AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356189757334306AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
359229066396153AppleiPhone 6
359228067392955AppleiPhone 6
358823340257289AppleiPhone 13 Pro
358824051463249AppleiPhone 5C
356850117866598AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
354388063314786AppleiPhone 6 Plus
359230406689869AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
359231068849262AppleiPhone 6
356088095539792AppleiPhone 8
359248068067893AppleiPhone 6 Plus
353804085200929AppleiPhone 7
353802084417965AppleiPhone 7
353801084807233AppleiPhone 6S
359245069326435AppleiPhone 6 Plus
359245672966411AppleiPhone 11
353840105323234AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353841085681872AppleiPhone 7
359246064629278AppleiPhone 6 Plus
353841102523677AppleiPhone 11 Pro
359247063986370AppleiPhone 6 Plus
353803080483498AppleiPhone 7
353848082131850AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
359214466224056AppleiPhone 13
359215079962172AppleiPhone 7 Plus
356857111093855AppleiPhone 11
355091849036454AppleiPhone 11
350813505381386AppleWatch Series 7 45mm
359232065815413AppleiPhone 6
350813227724582AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
359233068879323AppleiPhone 6
359234062994878AppleiPhone 6
358842055725959AppleiPhone 5S
354387065443049AppleiPhone 6 Plus
358821096774341AppleiPhone Xr
351876491976807AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
354386067079561AppleiPhone 6 Plus
356194441301737AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
354385066717049AppleiPhone 6 Plus
358822051269939AppleiPhone 5C
359237632265976AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
352047074419073AppleiPhone 6 Plus
358598073298193AppleiPhone 6S Plus
890128046328714AppleiPhone 7
139700060501771AppleiPhone 5S
356541051983966AppleiPhone 11
350229618318605AppleiPhone 13 Pro
139690081785745AppleiPhone 5S
139680002473604AppleiPhone 5S
351001681317379AppleiPhone 12 Pro
139670062846625AppleiPhone 5S
139650017781408AppleiPhone 5S
350961637867937AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
350971741293219AppleiPhone 13 Mini
350980295229800AppleiPhone 13
350981868297844AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
139710079562987AppleiPhone 5S
350997794270556AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
354551502204708AppleiPhone 13
139660012638917AppleiPhone 5S
354509710299860AppleiPhone 13 Pro
353134107819534AppleiPhone Xs
356720851535966AppleiPhone X
353150101084404AppleiPhone Xs
356709086352552AppleiPhone 8 Plus
353151107761003AppleiPhone Xs
353152109986143AppleiPhone Xs
355807149487646AppleiPhone 11
356708112484819AppleiPhone 12 Pro
355807087494018AppleiPad 5th Gen
355167760943041AppleiPhone 12 Pro
355806087711215AppleiPad 5th Gen
356542104004594AppleiPhone 11
356715085740671AppleiPhone 8 Plus
139720063893652AppleiPhone 5S
356543109527514AppleiPhone 11
139940032094725AppleiPhone 5C
139930027471483AppleiPhone 5C
139920017464812AppleiPhone 5C
139980052614192AppleiPhone 5C
139750098660669AppleiPhone 5C
139740050548408AppleiPhone 5C
139730082740974AppleiPhone 5S
356544104457137AppleiPhone 11
356097090552684AppleiPhone 8
356096091668465AppleiPhone 8
354548725115653AppleiPhone 13
354542501147154AppleiPhone 14 Pro
356545103423616AppleiPhone 11
356546105494381AppleiPhone 11
890490320380245AppleiPhone Xr
356547106525595AppleiPhone 11
351010397983010AppleiPhone 11
354532199453311AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
356549109588984AppleiPhone 11
353323078266664AppleiPhone 6S Plus
359451186772226AppleiPhone 13
356550106720158AppleiPhone 11
353324072969576AppleiPhone 6S Plus
354523330036289AppleiPhone 12 Pro
353324653719614AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
353325076223738AppleiPhone 6S Plus
358216481897833AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
350244336835731AppleiPhone 13
356721084193375AppleiPhone X
350240680505144AppleiPhone 13 Mini
356548100409778AppleiPhone 11
139950077010866AppleiPhone 5C
355805088602837AppleiPad 5th Gen
355160954885243AppleiPhone 13
356717117158161AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
350905821053218AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356718083873387AppleiPhone X
351704556692293AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
355130349416632AppleiPhone 13
356098095172387AppleiPhone 8
356718114720938AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
355127843829062AppleiPhone 12 Mini
355126460429032AppleiPhone 11
350165055200346AppleiPhone 13 Pro
355125531377907AppleiPhone 11
353425681643351AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
356719112848887AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
353137106841607AppleiPhone Xs
353162101896018AppleiPhone Xs
353136106593838AppleiPhone Xs
355103316237984AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356720083105737AppleiPhone X
356720116835185AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
351732271813308AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
356719083680632AppleiPhone X
353135102799910AppleiPhone Xs
355143723661442AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
350160483929715AppleiPhone 11
353163108563627AppleiPhone Xs
353164102656565AppleiPhone Xs
353165107016424AppleiPhone Xs
353165802090294AppleiPhone 13 Pro
353166105929220AppleiPhone Xs
357400090575961AppleiPhone 8 Plus
355103946010694AppleiPhone 13
353153108260183AppleiPhone Xs
353161100492050AppleiPhone Xs
356713082580281AppleiPhone 8 Plus
358184145350229AppleiPhone 13
353154103346894AppleiPhone Xs
353155105391242AppleiPhone Xs
353156100670853AppleiPhone Xs
356715116015002AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
353157108697906AppleiPhone Xs
353149107532416AppleiPhone Xs
350956843911636AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 5th Gen 2021
353147476842556AppleiPhone 12 Pro
353147107715205AppleiPhone Xs
356711082469091AppleiPhone 8 Plus
353142100407512AppleiPhone Xs
356710083730774AppleiPhone 8 Plus
356712086762424AppleiPhone 8 Plus
353160106482289AppleiPhone Xs
356712112781125AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
351710690273809AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
357419578219603AppleiPhone 12 Pro
358166962627821AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
353158104321210AppleiPhone Xs
353144103090535AppleiPhone Xs
356709117909388AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356713119776332AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
358168387829495AppleiPhone 14 Pro
353141102745242AppleiPhone Xs
355808087786734AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 2nd Gen 2017
356714089759720AppleiPhone 8 Plus
356714117242186AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
353145103739641AppleiPhone Xs
353146104187467AppleiPhone Xs
353143107293533AppleiPhone Xs
356724089449750AppleiPhone X
139960079455100AppleiPhone 5C
356723116523942AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
355852084564223AppleiPhone 7
359255060037154AppleiPhone 6
359256068148472AppleiPhone 6
355848084418659AppleiPhone 7
357335093457231AppleiPhone Xr
353854136371237AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
354404069737670AppleiPhone 6
359257064603734AppleiPhone 6
355849089269295AppleiPhone 7
355850083596659AppleiPhone 7
355851080674630AppleiPhone 7
355847087121377AppleiPhone 7
351914962111370AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
357340090407114AppleiPhone Xr
355846084256004AppleiPhone 7
354409066773958AppleiPhone 6
358595072631366AppleiPhone 6S Plus
358596071344431AppleiPhone 6S Plus
352070072529487AppleiPad Air 2
352070067014131AppleiPhone 6
352069076661338AppleiPad Air 2
352069061278668AppleiPhone 6
358597075540503AppleiPhone 6S Plus
352068075886854AppleiPad Air 2
358594072806631AppleiPhone 6S Plus
352068066501868AppleiPhone 6
359464080867976AppleiPhone 7
352066062897520AppleiPhone 6 Plus
352065068170411AppleiPhone 6
352063063677936AppleiPhone 6 Plus
354419333751927AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
352062064789518AppleiPhone 6 Plus
355845087462478AppleiPhone 7
355844080879382AppleiPhone 7
352059061235586AppleiPad Air
359258066840191AppleiPhone 6
355853086080168AppleiPhone 7
353855325955318AppleiPhone 11
355856120089582AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
359259066928911AppleiPhone 6
354406068611350AppleiPhone 6
357336095073489AppleiPhone Xr
357337092750343AppleiPhone Xr
355866086621880AppleiPhone 7
355852231093860AppleiPhone 12 Mini
357338094764464AppleiPhone Xr
354407062199582AppleiPhone 6
359453088940257AppleiPad 5th Gen
354403066343391AppleiPhone 6
359454080466788AppleiPad 5th Gen
359456081531254AppleiPad 5th Gen
359456492577995AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
359457084793222AppleiPad 5th Gen
359458085916010AppleiPhone 7
359458686662948AppleiPhone 12
355870377925356AppleiPhone 13
353867103525254AppleiPhone 11 Pro
354405066796114AppleiPhone 6
352452185967640AppleWatch Series 7 45mm
354402064523426AppleiPhone 6
354692272365087AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
355842080239656AppleiPhone 7 Plus
355843083990964AppleiPhone 7 Plus
355843801185004AppleiPhone 13 Pro
359455085104670AppleiPad 5th Gen
352061069759294AppleiPhone 6
352060425649850AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
352060066320951AppleiPad Air
139870064908627AppleiPhone 5S
356431108872836AppleiPhone Xr
139860058439952AppleiPhone 5S
139850017287865AppleiPhone 5S
139840067199979AppleiPhone 5S
139830041750625AppleiPhone 5S
139820049113058AppleiPhone 5C
139810088511007AppleiPhone 5C
139800059938396AppleiPhone 5C
139790049836224AppleiPhone 5C
139770046199719AppleiPhone 5C
139760018809163AppleiPhone 5C
139890074670140AppleiPhone 5S
358209592562990AppleiPhone 12
350183987582491AppleiPhone 13
139910076029317AppleiPhone 5S
356721117544735AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
356722084047090AppleiPhone X
356722116434910AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
353133107751564AppleiPhone Xs
358201611286867AppleiPhone 12 Mini
356723081832989AppleiPhone X
353132100931710AppleiPhone Xs Max
350888748229378AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
140000010207265AppleiPhone 5C
356531082286836AppleiPhone 11
139990040761260AppleiPhone 5C
350879906822328AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
139970023780735AppleiPhone 5C
139900001848899AppleiPhone 5S
350199579933868AppleiPhone 12
350197048432579AppleiPhone 12
139880042572460AppleiPhone 5S
352059074594060AppleiPad Mini 3
352067060148841AppleiPhone 6
354408067913027AppleiPhone 6
358593073093264AppleiPhone 6S Plus
358592379083680AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
354410066200299AppleiPhone 6
353869100728436AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353869224498981AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
353870103107131AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353871100728705AppleiPhone 11 Pro
354411069611862AppleiPhone 6
353872868160032AppleiPhone 12 Mini
359459080719649AppleiPhone 7
359460086122606AppleiPhone 7
358592890157633AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
359461088133021AppleiPhone 7
353873787659039AppleiPhone 13 Mini
350189697724067AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
350864485127257AppleiPhone 11
355389073715599AppleiPhone 6 Plus
356847117481410AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
358845052812704AppleiPad Air
353873109534514AppleiPhone 11 Pro
352058067857740AppleiPad Air
359261061451360AppleiPhone 5S
356117094223064AppleiPhone 8 Plus
359260068404349AppleiPhone 6
353875105873317AppleiPhone 11 Pro
359463088514507AppleiPhone 7
353874103091402AppleiPhone 11 Pro
359462082788992AppleiPhone 7
356118095964011AppleiPhone 8 Plus
354009842698196AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356430104846596AppleiPhone Xr
358570070267760AppleiPhone 6S
355541828868186AppleiPhone 12
355551624752815AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
355555755832692AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
355562901446286AppleiPhone 12 Mini
359508534248280AppleiPhone 12 Mini
359484087967223AppleiPhone 6S
359500082001054AppleiPhone 8 Plus
355565708799708AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
359498087206580AppleiPhone 8
359497081159704AppleiPhone 8
359496089405440AppleiPhone 8
359495086704334AppleiPhone 8
359494081126098AppleiPhone 8
355568949219700AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
353042097863273AppleiPhone X
359487082562535AppleiPhone 6S
359486088938244AppleiPhone 6S
359499081253156AppleiPhone 8 Plus
352039061372654AppleiPhone 5S
352038075044671AppleiPhone 6 Plus
352038067568943AppleiPhone 5S
359177075031461AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359176073066495AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359175079485907AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359174073457194AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359173736365794AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
359173078576206AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359172077740144AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359171077256895AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359170079399570AppleiPhone 7
359486327741714AppleiPhone Xr
359169076077999AppleiPhone 7
353042114433191AppleiPhone 12
353043119617721AppleiPhone 12
359155077742400AppleiPhone 6S
359155244355110AppleiPhone 13 Mini
359156077562004AppleiPhone 6S
359482084430914AppleiPhone 6
359481988087879AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
359481083207059AppleiPhone 6
359480089268156AppleiPhone 6
359479088567618AppleiPhone 6
359478089872795AppleiPhone 6
359477081609445AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359476083223288AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359475081707219AppleiPhone 7 Plus
352046076176228AppleiPhone 6 Plus
359483088721761AppleiPhone 6S
353043090576425AppleiPhone X
352046065794338AppleiPhone 5S
352045067325133AppleiPhone 5S
352044070673894AppleiPhone 6 Plus
352044060474873AppleiPhone 5S
352043079077594AppleiPhone 6 Plus
352043066795562AppleiPhone 5S
352042078231939AppleiPhone 6 Plus
352041077590592AppleiPhone 6 Plus
352041066715671AppleiPhone 5S
352040070288139AppleiPhone 6 Plus
352045130499022AppleiPhone 12
352039072794615AppleiPhone 6 Plus
359483632555459AppleiPhone 13 Pro
359485084648120AppleiPhone 6S
353044091376278AppleiPhone X
352045079225040AppleiPhone 6 Plus
354869722190683AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
359178075749987AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359166070100587AppleiPhone 7
355238189437210AppleiPhone 12 Mini
355238419912214AppleiPhone 12
352014967400594AppleiPhone 12
353965104879769AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353982106490479AppleiPhone 11
353967107885108AppleiPhone 11
352923117366374AppleiPhone 11
352922188266067AppleiPhone 13 Mini
352922115546342AppleiPhone 11
352921115382716AppleiPhone 11
352920114339370AppleiPhone 11
352919116353314AppleiPhone 11
352918115912435AppleiPhone 11
352917112041578AppleiPhone 11
355237863879564AppleiPhone 13
352916110087609AppleiPhone 11
356791110417684AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356790112248931AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356789284564109AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
356789114218058AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356788111564118AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356787110371830AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356786118380348AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356785112955683AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356784119986296AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356783117832338AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356782111543230AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
352924115899606AppleiPhone 11
352925111948297AppleiPhone 11
352926114834476AppleiPhone 11
356792116760234AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
359168071693792AppleiPhone 7
352026073626011AppleiPhone 6
352027075774908AppleiPhone 6
359165077639142AppleiPhone 7
359164071871959AppleiPhone 7
359163071225554AppleiPhone 7
359162079373317AppleiPhone 7
359161075398567AppleiPhone 7
359160078777892AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359159073820855AppleiPhone 6S
359158074811459AppleiPhone 6S
359157076783849AppleiPhone 6S
359167070324474AppleiPhone 7
355260783778203AppleiPhone 12 Mini
355254198757043AppleiPad 9th Gen
355240573442988AppleiPhone 13
352037062676438AppleiPhone 5S
352027060210827AppleiPhone 5S
352036061416978AppleiPhone 5S
352034068907131AppleiPhone 5S
352033064020071AppleiPhone 5S
352032075685617AppleiPhone 6
352032065764091AppleiPhone 5S
355224380824885AppleiPhone 13 Pro
352031074510057AppleiPhone 6
352031069278934AppleiPhone 5S
352030073448038AppleiPhone 6
352030064697411AppleiPhone 5S
352029078472639AppleiPhone 6
352029069537861AppleiPhone 5S
355230557179953AppleiPhone 11
352028075521620AppleiPhone 6
352028066026977AppleiPhone 5S
352035068534528AppleiPhone 5S
352927118637675AppleiPhone 11
354876505177522AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
354875091056462AppleiPhone X
353044110324515AppleiPhone 12
355405072326046AppleiPhone 6
355405767211958AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
355406076940873AppleiPhone 6
355407073045005AppleiPhone 6
355408076824263AppleiPhone 6
355409072094927AppleiPhone 6
355410077936583AppleiPhone 6
355411070641485AppleiPhone 6
357641773214192AppleiPhone 12
355412070689722AppleiPhone 6
355413612265369AppleiPhone 13 Mini
353045099832071AppleiPhone X
355413860546619AppleiPhone 12 Mini
355415073213531AppleiPhone 6S
354852091493433AppleiPhone X
354853090705512AppleiPhone X
354854099057129AppleiPhone X
354854624745800AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
354855098265654AppleiPhone X
354856093157557AppleiPhone X
355413076507637AppleiPhone 6S
354857095117961AppleiPhone X
355404076542997AppleiPhone 6
355402930398648AppleiPhone 13
359153076160526AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359152078117088AppleiPhone 7
359151071653750AppleiPhone 7 Plus
355414076913643AppleiPhone 6S
359150070731237AppleiPhone 7
353045114366782AppleiPhone 12
355640716621416AppleiPhone 11
356600086738371AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
356599145939345AppleiPhone 12
356599103176088AppleiPhone 11
356599082498008AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
356598106985156AppleiPhone 11
352089077072764AppleiPhone 6
355653078040349AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 1st Gen 2015
355651077353986AppleiPad Pro 9.7"
356073908427260AppleiPhone 13 Mini
352090072933299AppleiPhone 6
352091077976333AppleiPhone 6
356065541297316AppleiPhone 11
352092079890373AppleiPhone 6
357804766680411AppleiPhone 12 Mini
352100133061830AppleiPhone 13
352113534798314AppleiPhone 12
352114952019779AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
352117350492563AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
355652072943151AppleiPad Pro 9.7"
356037849957222AppleiPhone 12 Pro
355623120551627AppleiPhone 13
357782729087025AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
357774334498747AppleiPhone 13
355626406187701AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
357771772882580AppleiPhone 11
357771755125320AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
357771579616025AppleiPhone 12
357763869873119AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
355628562787217AppleiPhone 13
356057365309301AppleiPhone 11
354876094836041AppleiPhone X
359149072274097AppleiPad Pro 9.7"
359146078709316AppleiPad Pro 9.7"
351228764527554AppleiPhone 13 Pro
352017072993171AppleiPhone 6
352017064071796AppleiPhone 5S
351232995859562AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
352016079458931AppleiPhone 6
352016060120417AppleiPhone 5S
352015077198044AppleiPhone 6
352019076581739AppleiPhone 6
354859096457636AppleiPhone X
352025075909441AppleiPhone 6
354877097731023AppleiPhone X
354860895173192AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
354861094767578AppleiPhone X
354862092560809AppleiPhone X
352018060511868AppleiPhone 5S
354863096172856AppleiPhone X
354865094044375AppleiPhone X
354866092854682AppleiPhone X
354155258768500AppleiPhone 14
354867094805912AppleiPhone X
354868092609017AppleiPhone X
352026061510755AppleiPhone 5S
354869092420876AppleiPhone X
354870092695517AppleiPhone X
354871092655576AppleiPhone X
354872099064010AppleiPhone X
354140913058109AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
354873097231130AppleiPhone X
354874093800571AppleiPhone X
354874932271968AppleiPhone 13
354864099222995AppleiPhone X
359147076336185AppleiPad Pro 9.7"
352018077791263AppleiPhone 6
352020068748518AppleiPhone 5S
359145079699112AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
359144777985964AppleiPhone 13
359144078717421AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
355403070208795AppleiPhone 6
357688114410120AppleiPhone 13
357677122307501AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
357676159047303AppleiPhone 12
357667706225930AppleiPad Air 5th Gen
355399074121945AppleiPhone 6
355399082865830AppleiPhone 6S
355400077714700AppleiPhone 6
355400087446889AppleiPhone 6S
355401078373736AppleiPhone 6
355402079401237AppleiPhone 6
352019061121483AppleiPhone 5S
357650615579159AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
359154077019372AppleiPhone 7
354858094871962AppleiPhone X
354860090093567AppleiPhone X
352024070627066AppleiPhone 6
352024064388758AppleiPhone 5S
352023217222021AppleiPhone 12
352023071384081AppleiPhone 6
352023061089765AppleiPhone 5S
351224677947468AppleiPhone 13
352022072047622AppleiPhone 6
352021076367846AppleiPhone 6
353964105216949AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352020071417903AppleiPhone 6
352025061863438AppleiPhone 6S
357680881838575AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
358366060481085AppleiPhone 6
358367062546610AppleiPhone 6
358368061471354AppleiPhone 6
352003066765593AppleiPhone 5S
355332085329199AppleiPhone 7
355339088874071AppleiPhone 7
356795110114324AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
133310042042237AppleiPhone 5
133290051904313AppleiPhone 5
138460067768508AppleiPhone 5S
138450027945924AppleiPhone 5S
138400564518824AppleiPhone 5S
138380040560345AppleiPhone 5C
138370054791852AppleiPhone 5C
138360093486366AppleiPhone 5C
138350069712192AppleiPhone 5C
138340069884604AppleiPhone 5C
352002076064856AppleiPhone 6 Plus
137900052119614AppleiPhone 5S
137880064318323AppleiPhone 5C
137870040651327AppleiPhone 5C
137360054544931AppleiPhone 5
137340092833330AppleiPhone 5
137330070924334AppleiPhone 5
354739189577393AppleiPhone 13
350400612471449AppleiPhone 12
350401986283071AppleiPhone 11
350404164864423AppleiPhone 12 Mini
350408421747396AppleiPhone 13
350408481993492AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
138470069252179AppleiPhone 5S
138480059838085AppleiPhone 5S
138490021391477AppleiPhone 5S
137890088526470AppleiPhone 5S
138500051211153AppleiPhone 5S
355334085388431AppleiPhone 7
355335086928208AppleiPhone 7
358355068989405AppleiPhone 5S
358356066977939AppleiPhone 5S
358357064589759AppleiPhone 5S
358358062181896AppleiPhone 5S
358478806519076AppleiPhone 12
358358836832311AppleiPhone 11
358359061140149AppleiPhone 6
358360068159652AppleiPhone 6
358361065851671AppleiPhone 6
358469523791015AppleiPhone 13
358494249235774AppleiPhone 12
133320070166923AppleiPhone 5
355329086283532AppleiPhone 7
355331089365027AppleiPhone 7
352002067682310AppleiPhone 5S
355347088302845AppleiPhone 7 Plus
352000062926369AppleiPhone 5S
355345085486041AppleiPhone 7 Plus
355344082717599AppleiPhone 7
355343080403756AppleiPhone 7
352000671373813AppleiPhone 5S
355342088485070AppleiPhone 7
355341084798023AppleiPhone 7
352001062019031AppleiPhone 5S
355330087868511AppleiPhone 7
355340088541819AppleiPhone 7
352001079956258AppleiPhone 6 Plus
355338081940947AppleiPhone 7
355337089567371AppleiPhone 7
355336087688122AppleiPhone 7
355346083349397AppleiPhone 7 Plus
358354062655054AppleiPhone 6 Plus
138970096308787AppleiPhone 5C
138950088256194AppleiPhone 5C
355757078457021AppleiPhone 6S Plus
356697113080074AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356698087212537AppleiPhone 8
355756079024541AppleiPhone 6S Plus
356698119527993AppleiPhone 12 Pro
355755070819099AppleiPhone 6S Plus
355753071001643AppleiPhone 6S Plus
356699089518236AppleiPhone 8
355751075680214AppleiPhone 6S Plus
355750079821931AppleiPhone 6S Plus
355768078404087AppleiPhone 6S
355769072741862AppleiPhone 6S
355770079409073AppleiPhone 6S
356694114333255AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356697085130600AppleiPhone 7 Plus
350474346783619AppleiPhone 12 Mini
354703756077153AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
356686114015098AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356687119547051AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356688112571957AppleiPhone 12 Pro
354700289501469AppleiPhone 13 Pro
356689113215867AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356690118089232AppleiPhone 12 Pro
354696401879694AppleiPhone 12
350472509401078AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
356691114544816AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356693081907281AppleiPhone 7 Plus
355783073763908AppleiPhone 6
355782155496825AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
355779072330491AppleiPhone 6S
354710122000488AppleiPhone 12
138960055400048AppleiPhone 5C
356696720683197AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356696085757230AppleiPhone 7 Plus
138940072888987AppleiPhone 5C
138930065945803AppleiPhone 5C
138920087268631AppleiPhone 5C
138910039743237AppleiPhone 5C
138900077573539AppleiPhone 5C
138890009031609AppleiPhone 5C
138880052640273AppleiPhone 5S
350419539441269AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
138870046007010AppleiPhone 5S
138850042719222AppleiPhone 5S
138840064992658AppleiPhone 5S
138830002932981AppleiPhone 5S
138820027162078AppleiPhone 5S
138810031218578AppleiPhone 5S
356696112823419AppleiPhone 12 Pro
138800016609990AppleiPhone 5S
138530084358093AppleiPhone 5S
138520073470215AppleiPhone 5S
138510007303798AppleiPhone 5S
138860019996117AppleiPhone 5S
139050082352062AppleiPhone 4
350424811011848AppleiPhone 13 Mini
350472593143396AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
355767078493264AppleiPhone 6S
355766078919112AppleiPhone 6S
356695087761497AppleiPhone 7 Plus
355765072587743AppleiPhone 6S
356695114797936AppleiPhone 12 Pro
355764074267842AppleiPhone 6S
355763076863541AppleiPhone 6S
138600243571025AppleiPhone 5C
355328087699266AppleiPhone 7
358353066238040AppleiPhone 6 Plus
358503116354383AppleiPhone 12
133500052043790AppleiPhone 5
133490035394454AppleiPhone 5
133480065205258AppleiPhone 5
133470083386602AppleiPhone 5
133460084512181AppleiPhone 5S
133450082215044AppleiPhone 5
133360055468159AppleiPhone 5
133350057555483AppleiPhone 5
133340027556489AppleiPhone 5
133330060068294AppleiPhone 5
133720065230032AppleiPad 4
133740099011505AppleiPad 4
359294066459013AppleiPhone 6S Plus
134060090475305AppleiPhone 5
133510051077293AppleiPhone 5
356778115937113AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356774085413987AppleiPhone 8 Plus
356773087056232AppleiPhone 8 Plus
356772082109921AppleiPhone 8 Plus
356771717383083AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
356771111388472AppleiPad Air 4th Gen
356771082626835AppleiPhone 8 Plus
356770113013062AppleiPad Air 4th Gen
356770081256164AppleiPhone 8 Plus
356780115924554AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356769110077476AppleiPad Air 4th Gen
356768113242848AppleiPad Air 4th Gen
356768081709703AppleiPhone 8 Plus
134160080820203AppleiPhone 5
134150017690357AppleiPhone 5
356775081794593AppleiPhone 8 Plus
134130072352531AppleiPhone 5
133520014860420AppleiPhone 5
133600088141277AppleiPad Mini
358369068376919AppleiPhone 6
358370069188105AppleiPhone 6
358371066777080AppleiPhone 6
352938118457154AppleWatch Series 6 40mm
358372064715494AppleiPhone 6
352937118666368AppleWatch SE 1st Gen 40mm
358373064281255AppleiPhone 6
356781407419360AppleiPhone 12
352936117509090AppleWatch SE 1st Gen 40mm
352934110004672AppleWatch SE 1st Gen 40mm
358374060962278AppleiPhone 6
352933113977793AppleWatch SE 1st Gen 40mm
358375060240839AppleiPhone 6
352932117142198AppleiPhone 11
133590062486204AppleiPad Mini
352931116799123AppleiPhone 11
352929590488767AppleiPhone 13 Mini
352929112867159AppleiPhone 11
352928111923963AppleiPhone 11
352935116508160AppleWatch SE 1st Gen 40mm
358365063786193AppleiPhone 6
356781112059063AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356779116029678AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
133710069390833AppleiPad 4
133700067723119AppleiPad 4
133690090961143AppleiPad 4
133680045074514AppleiPad 4
133670028401370AppleiPad 4
133630002636532AppleiPad Mini
133620046987975AppleiPad Mini
352930114313283AppleiPhone 11
134120015446300AppleiPhone 5
134110045210818AppleiPhone 5
134100094622948AppleiPhone 5
352653446947681AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
351941234886471AppleiPhone 11
351942131393389AppleiPhone 14 Pro
351942833385709AppleiPhone 13
352622991733382AppleiPhone 12 Pro
352619273209073AppleiPhone 12
356342105657361AppleiPhone 11
356374107992066AppleWatch Series 5 44mm
356372101312398AppleWatch Series 5 44mm
356371105774058AppleWatch Series 5 44mm
356370169125397AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
356370104932352AppleWatch Series 5 44mm
356369102735338AppleWatch Series 5 44mm
351974978378017AppleiPhone 13
352668911113031AppleiPhone 13 Pro
356368104789764AppleWatch Series 5 44mm
356367109986193AppleWatch Series 5 44mm
356360102717459AppleWatch Series 5 40mm
356373104748216AppleWatch Series 5 44mm
356341103054688AppleiPhone 11
356340102398138AppleiPhone 11
355348084913643AppleiPhone 7 Plus
355327088087364AppleiPhone 7
355326084998343AppleiPhone 7
355325635514849AppleiPhone 11
355325322616337AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
355325089582029AppleiPhone 7
355324082901492AppleiPhone 7
355323086378327AppleiPhone 7
355322089280530AppleiPhone 7
351976063813394AppleiPad Air
352672484003967AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
356793114347586AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356794118515665AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
134080023446843AppleiPhone 5
134070097726451AppleiPhone 5
356769087251062AppleiPhone 8 Plus
358364063988180AppleiPhone 6
358363067175687AppleiPhone 6
358362061592574AppleiPhone 6
356356108902319AppleWatch Series 5 40mm
356355104775901AppleWatch Series 5 40mm
356354103390283AppleWatch Series 5 40mm
356353100088056AppleWatch Series 5 40mm
351981063638056AppleiPhone 5S
356352107767621AppleWatch Series 5 40mm
356351109303195AppleWatch Series 5 40mm
351982067073779AppleiPhone 5S
351983067759961AppleiPhone 5S
356350108483727AppleWatch Series 5 40mm
356349109672353AppleWatch Series 5 40mm
351977062232693AppleiPad Air
356357108044516AppleWatch Series 5 40mm
351978069708545AppleiPad Mini 2 Retina
351979064977937AppleiPad Mini 2 Retina
356343107736526AppleiPhone 11
356344104489499AppleiPhone 11
356600106357228AppleiPhone 11
356345102792206AppleiPhone 11
356346103806623AppleiPhone 11
351988060294866AppleiPhone 5S
356347100400303AppleWatch Series 5 40mm
351987069929944AppleiPhone 5S
351986069840705AppleiPhone 5S
356348106567913AppleWatch Series 5 40mm
351989060374955AppleiPhone 5S
355777917453031AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
356601086302739AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
356602089052057AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
353017116481448AppleiPhone 12 Mini
353016110179057AppleiPhone 12 Mini
353015114874630AppleiPhone 12 Mini
353014113467934AppleiPhone 12 Mini
353013110180227AppleiPhone 12 Mini
353013094974405AppleiPhone 8 Plus
353012118849163AppleiPhone 12 Mini
353012098739301AppleiPhone 8 Plus
356570103942498AppleiPhone 11
353011117249862AppleiPhone 12 Mini
356570087287589AppleiPhone 7 Plus
356565108969918AppleiPhone 11
356565084915034AppleiPhone 7 Plus
356564107305539AppleiPhone 11
353429174545701AppleiPad Air 5th Gen
358803053227109AppleiPhone 5C
358802050095071AppleiPhone 5C
358801091895176AppleiPhone Xr
358801054495238AppleiPhone 5C
358800351246690AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
358800095867744AppleiPhone Xr
358800055293725AppleiPhone 5C
351803614815415AppleiPhone 13 Pro
358798480732046AppleiPhone 14
358798094052781AppleiPhone Xr
358795287998036AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
353490232847257AppleiPhone 12
356561103896651AppleiPhone 11
353487949475620AppleiPhone 13
358802091224649AppleiPhone Xr
353486975109103AppleiPad Mini 6th Gen
356565164079511AppleWatch Series 8 41mm
356569080585478AppleiPhone 7 Plus
357000061082037AppleiPhone 6 Plus
352975117348190AppleiPhone 11
352974118128040AppleiPhone 11
356961062715621AppleiPhone 5S
351338691755523AppleWatch Series 7 45mm
356961135020751AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356962064060925AppleiPhone 5S
356963063706708AppleiPhone 5S
352973113446407AppleiPhone 11
352972113974434AppleWatch Series 6 44mm
351339410359449AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
351344355944577AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
357014740124599AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
351302981065860AppleiPhone 13
356569107743803AppleiPhone 11
357012125797898AppleiPhone 12 Mini
351374050263171AppleiPhone 13 Mini
356964062644692AppleiPhone 5S
356999065867585AppleiPhone 6 Plus
353980109155255AppleiPhone 11
357319097498821AppleiPhone Xs Max
357324094091561AppleiPhone Xs Max
356566089835201AppleiPhone 7 Plus
356566105340830AppleiPhone 11
356567083353563AppleiPhone 7 Plus
356567103555312AppleiPhone 11
356567826311043AppleiPhone 7 Plus
356568084311741AppleiPhone 7 Plus
356568109834503AppleiPhone 11
356568440757959AppleiPad Pro 11" 3rd Gen 2021
351365227971399AppleiPhone 12
356965064885670AppleiPhone 5S
356562088278659AppleiPhone 7
353484560174293AppleiPhone 13 Mini
353009095851402AppleiPhone 8 Plus
353008119837470AppleiPhone 12 Mini
353007111985022AppleiPhone 12 Mini
353006119924322AppleiPhone 12 Mini
353005119409110AppleiPhone 12 Mini
353004117643911AppleiPhone 12 Mini
353003118807574AppleiPhone 12 Mini
353003092098976AppleiPhone 8
353002092954758AppleiPhone 8
353001098273098AppleiPhone 8
356571088984166AppleiPhone 7 Plus
353000098156600AppleiPhone 8
356571109828947AppleiPhone 11
352999095862519AppleiPhone 8
356573080330794AppleiPhone 7 Plus
356572088713399AppleiPhone 7 Plus
352998096085039AppleiPhone 8
352997098949564AppleiPhone 8
352996430649585AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
352996091068190AppleiPhone 8
352995099924412AppleiPhone 8
352994098380734AppleiPhone 8
352993096977038AppleiPhone 8
352992717248225AppleiPhone 13 Mini
358804097755121AppleiPhone Xr
358805054839337AppleiPhone 5S
358805091162222AppleiPhone Xr
359286062494127AppleiPhone 6
359285067429252AppleiPhone 6
359284061145774AppleiPhone 6
356572106085135AppleiPhone 11
356562102799524AppleiPhone 11
356573109931507AppleiPhone 11
352992111499929AppleiPhone 11
356563086124580AppleiPhone 7
356563100622171AppleiPhone 11
356564086509234AppleiPhone 7 Plus
353011093441459AppleiPhone 8 Plus
353010117523995AppleiPhone 12 Mini
353010091477747AppleiPhone 8 Plus
353009119227688AppleiPhone 12 Mini
352992094345511AppleiPhone 8
352991739426157AppleiPhone 13
352991136116781AppleiPhone 12 Mini
352991117732754AppleiPhone 11
352991093057929AppleiPhone 8
356574102156183AppleiPhone 11
356575103376357AppleiPhone 11
358803099365939AppleiPhone Xr
356576100080950AppleiPhone 11
353952100793814AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353953109462153AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353954104020434AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353955104081805AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
354300901553731AppleiPhone 13
353956104999665AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353957103300947AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353958100448002AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
354286943537313AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
353959103564829AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353960104846264AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353961107945871AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353962103847814AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353963102377936AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
356577108301893AppleiPhone 11
359283066673897AppleiPhone 6
352976118826838AppleiPhone 11
352987115779466AppleiPhone 11
354989070810565AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353076696771743AppleiPhone 12 Pro
353080108036810AppleiPhone Xr
357326097576159AppleiPhone Xs Max
356977060626867AppleiPhone 6
356978060817118AppleiPhone 6
356979064767309AppleiPhone 6
352003577036096AppleiPhone 12 Pro
352004066072899AppleiPhone 5S
356976060519791AppleiPhone 6
352005064586269AppleiPhone 5S
352007063811730AppleiPhone 5S
352008065548700AppleiPhone 5S
352009067277421AppleiPhone 5S
353100103302569AppleiPhone Xs Max
352012831477038AppleiPhone 11
352013077527247AppleiPhone 6
352006065153141AppleiPhone 5S
356970060245325AppleiPad Air 2
351299711247331AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
354996070329868AppleiPad Mini 4
353079108938611AppleiPhone Xr
353078107192030AppleiPhone Xr
353077108576654AppleiPhone Xr
356979069962590AppleiPhone 6
353076106437356AppleiPhone Xr
354991551312905AppleiPhone 12 Pro
353075115929890AppleiPhone 12 Pro
353075108670154AppleiPhone Xr
354992073461964AppleiPhone 6S Plus
351246303334837AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
354993071331704AppleiPad Mini 4
353093104016934AppleiPhone Xs Max
353095108920003AppleiPhone Xs Max
358570700673510AppleiPhone 13 Mini
353091102388297AppleiPhone Xr
354991077666644AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353082104852935AppleiPhone Xr
353083105004252AppleiPhone Xr
353090105494300AppleiPhone Xr
353089104269275AppleiPhone Xr
353084301486954AppleiPhone 13 Pro
353087108013129AppleiPhone Xr
353086102111731AppleiPhone Xr
353084108088797AppleiPhone Xr
353085104494194AppleiPhone Xr
353084786855962AppleiPhone 13
353088100570512AppleiPhone Xr
353094104783978AppleiPhone Xs Max
354990071589703AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353092949809867AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 5th Gen 2021
353106013365406AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
353105101826444AppleiPhone Xs Max
353104102349720AppleiPhone Xs Max
353103640297508AppleiPhone 13 Pro
353103105065812AppleiPhone Xs Max
353102106410381AppleiPhone Xs Max
353101100836344AppleiPhone Xs Max
353092108103730AppleiPhone Xr
353100559421384AppleiPhone 13 Pro
353099107213261AppleiPhone Xs Max
353098100739538AppleiPhone Xs Max
353097109488808AppleiPhone Xs Max
353096100548099AppleiPhone Xs Max
352988091483974AppleiPhone 7
356966062367828AppleiPad Air 2
357329098747639AppleiPhone Xs Max
357328091905079AppleiPhone Xs Max
352985093377220AppleiPhone 7
352984111455159AppleiPhone 11
352984090848135AppleiPhone 7
352983110898054AppleiPhone 11
352983099326788AppleiPhone 8 Plus
351330882044791AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
352982117829260AppleiPhone 11
352982092157778AppleiPhone 8 Plus
352981113303338AppleiPhone 11
352981099045028AppleiPhone 8 Plus
352980111705239AppleiPhone 11
356968062574502AppleiPad Air 2
352977092067647AppleiPhone 8 Plus
352976098785244AppleiPhone 8 Plus
352985118718457AppleiPhone 11
356967060752219AppleiPad Air 2
356997065110394AppleiPhone 6 Plus
356996069397379AppleiPhone 6 Plus
356995062438404AppleiPhone 6 Plus
356991064804347AppleiPhone 6
356990061203560AppleiPhone 6
356989063406809AppleiPhone 6
356988067262325AppleiPhone 6
356987064464215AppleiPhone 6
356986062506654AppleiPhone 6
356985721082834AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
356985061956027AppleiPhone 6
356984067017595AppleiPhone 6
356983063907528AppleiPhone 6
356982068753408AppleiPhone 6
356998063553072AppleiPhone 6 Plus
354994071833962AppleiPad Mini 4
352989119528626AppleiPhone 11
352986112425966AppleiPhone 11
354995075960636AppleiPad Mini 4
357327099940765AppleiPhone Xs Max
353081109255417AppleiPhone Xr
356969068434105AppleiPad Air 2
356981065379555AppleiPhone 6
356980065453170AppleiPhone 6
352979099245580AppleiPhone 8 Plus
352978118088823AppleiPhone 11
352990095839771AppleiPhone 8
352978092312637AppleiPhone 8 Plus
352990114820174AppleiPhone 11
352977111100031AppleiPhone 11
356951068807217AppleiPhone 6
356952062500170AppleiPhone 6
352986097791200AppleiPhone 7
356953063618912AppleiPhone 6
351309642167365AppleiPhone 13
356955066623260AppleiPhone 6
356955701876539AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
356956060308817AppleiPhone 6
356957068809616AppleiPhone 6
356958068481885AppleiPhone 6
356959065586957AppleiPhone 6
352979116876524AppleiPhone 11
356960069097074AppleiPhone 6
352980095981483AppleiPhone 8 Plus
352980536322784AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
352988112020540AppleiPhone 11
352989093318358AppleiPhone 8
352987095614691AppleiPhone 7
356954062782055AppleiPhone 6
359282062757233AppleiPhone 6
359281061460104AppleiPhone 6
359280604783618AppleiPhone 6
353048098901145AppleiPhone X
353047113033322AppleiPhone 12
353047095572289AppleiPhone X
353046118846704AppleiPhone 12
353051102547243AppleiPhone Xr
357372097641692AppleiPhone Xr
353055115718311AppleiPhone 12
353055712186045AppleiPhone Xr
357370093320568AppleiPhone Xr
357369095472781AppleiPhone Xr
357368098754070AppleiPhone Xr
357367096844883AppleiPhone Xr
357366096824424AppleiPhone Xr
357365095314957AppleiPhone Xr
353048110916857AppleiPhone 12
357364097682479AppleiPhone Xr
357362092152126AppleiPhone Xr
357361095918152AppleiPhone Xr
357360091796984AppleiPhone Xr
357358096127551AppleiPhone Xr
357357098633079AppleiPhone Xr
357356094975625AppleiPhone Xr
353057186972884AppleiPhone 13
353057116682207AppleiPhone 12
353057107645072AppleiPhone Xr
353057098214573AppleiPhone X
353056111554130AppleiPhone 12
353056109168729AppleiPhone Xr
353056091052618AppleiPhone X
357363098371082AppleiPhone Xr
357359093628567AppleiPhone Xr
353049096644992AppleiPhone X
353050096648389AppleiPhone X
352419717817528AppleiPad Mini 6th Gen
356589108364490AppleiPhone 11
356587100908009AppleiPhone 11
356586862747308AppleiPhone 13
356585107207011AppleiPhone 11
356584109837834AppleiPhone 11
356583100889877AppleiPhone 11
356581106225674AppleiPhone 11
356580103724168AppleiPhone 11
356579550581022AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
356579104295178AppleiPhone 11
356578109904115AppleiPhone 11
356588106206539AppleiPhone 11
356596086048177AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
353049114733025AppleiPhone 12
357373098791049AppleiPhone Xr
353055096276503AppleiPhone X
353054110293735AppleiPhone 12
353054103052759AppleiPhone Xr
353054092863729AppleiPhone X
353053114335369AppleiPhone 12
353053104363611AppleiPhone Xr
353053092785551AppleiPhone X
353052110267915AppleiPhone 12
353052107773289AppleiPhone Xr
353052097878668AppleiPhone X
353055103495336AppleiPhone Xr
353051112037482AppleiPhone 12
353051092979844AppleiPhone X
353050118172947AppleiPhone 12
357371096625904AppleiPhone Xr
356590106197544AppleiPhone 11
353046098993286AppleiPhone X
356598087551167AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
353318077720851AppleiPhone 6
353319075392115AppleiPhone 6
352073507962729AppleiPhone 14 Plus
353320070672600AppleiPhone 6
353322070871596AppleiPhone 6
358352066527675AppleiPhone 6 Plus
358351062147215AppleiPhone 6 Plus
352071064910552AppleiPhone 6
352071073468931AppleiPad Air 2
352072060372854AppleiPhone 6
352072076680084AppleiPad Air 2
352073063822150AppleiPhone 6
353317071614193AppleiPhone 6S
353321078009381AppleiPhone 6
356076096138193AppleiPhone 7 Plus
356074705214604AppleWatch Series 7 41mm
352129387575344AppleiPhone 13 Pro
359844409141890AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
359843528367741AppleiPhone 14
359836511944591AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
359827482478222AppleiPhone 12
359823653352767AppleiPhone 12
359817811419351AppleiPad Pro 11" 3rd Gen 2021
359811264129302AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
359794259810914AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
352130219339727AppleiPhone 14 Pro
359786903264340AppleiPhone 13
356602101372277AppleiPhone 7
356597080446953AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
356596106895714AppleiPhone 11
352720801733665AppleiPhone 13 Pro
353315077655095AppleiPhone 6S
352074070299077AppleiPad Mini 2 Retina
352075067355764AppleiPhone 6
352075075246880AppleiPad Mini 2 Retina
352076073271722AppleiPad Mini 2 Retina
352077071167045AppleiPad Mini 2 Retina
352083074901786AppleiPhone 5S
352084077969150AppleiPhone 5S
352085074578563AppleiPhone 5S
352086079968882AppleiPhone 5S
352087078995686AppleiPhone 5S
358322368600579AppleWatch Series 7 41mm
352088078428579AppleiPhone 6
356085273467705AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
356085093283407AppleiPhone 8
353316073692819AppleiPhone 6S
356084830379008AppleiPhone 13 Pro
356083095329336AppleiPhone 8
356082090877448AppleiPhone 8
356081097589402AppleiPhone 8
356080098759477AppleiPhone 8
356079091474225AppleiPhone 8
356078091944419AppleiPhone 7 Plus
356086099257429AppleiPhone 8
356077093209995AppleiPhone 7 Plus
352074067275486AppleiPhone 6
352073071467832AppleiPad Mini 2 Retina
353312076177262AppleiPhone 6S
353313074887779AppleiPhone 6S
352725357435078AppleiPhone 13 Pro
353314073791376AppleiPhone 6S
356084090534748AppleiPhone 8
356591107597096AppleiPhone 11
356592103620163AppleiPhone 11
356593107202297AppleiPhone 11
357299098179721AppleiPhone Xs Max
354998079044035AppleiPhone 6 Plus
357298091044353AppleiPhone Xs Max
354999077097629AppleiPhone 6 Plus
357297095365962AppleiPhone Xs Max
357296098137139AppleiPhone Xs Max
357295095754706AppleiPhone Xs Max
357294090495993AppleiPhone Xs Max
357293378394126AppleiPhone 11
357292097123055AppleiPhone Xs Max
357325099776510AppleiPhone Xs Max
359265063718130AppleiPhone 5S
359263069884287AppleiPhone 6
355306083352247AppleiPhone 6S
357300096777282AppleiPhone Xs Max
355301087977651AppleiPhone 7
358819094738326AppleiPhone Xr
358819054816955AppleiPhone 5C
358818092916488AppleiPhone Xr
358818059137037AppleiPhone 5C
351786560704339AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
358817055961689AppleiPhone 5C
358816056631002AppleiPhone 5C
351793396760543AppleiPhone 12
358815058302703AppleiPhone 5C
358814057456693AppleiPhone 5S
358813052852849AppleiPhone 5S
358812056042928AppleiPhone 5S
358811052296272AppleiPhone 5S
358810058358425AppleiPhone 5S
351777865259590AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
351795552179491AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
357304098925964AppleiPhone Xs Max
357305094124643AppleiPhone Xs Max
359280069526403AppleiPhone 6
359279068955449AppleiPhone 6
359278064675464AppleiPhone 6
359277062389532AppleiPad Mini 4
359276060545962AppleiPad Mini 4
359275061914425AppleiPad Mini 4
359274066517424AppleiPad Mini 4
359273061130431AppleiPad Mini 4
359272531713685AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
359272060496579AppleiPhone 5S
359271065935938AppleiPhone 5S
359270064596535AppleiPhone 5S
359269064173287AppleiPhone 5S
359268064887706AppleiPhone 5S
354997071719966AppleiPad Mini 4
359267066727241AppleiPhone 5S
359287060897246AppleiPhone 6
359265389819059AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
359290142160682AppleiPhone 13 Pro
357293099920910AppleiPhone Xs Max
357323538663357AppleWatch Series 7 41mm
357323090295002AppleiPhone Xs Max
357321093829397AppleiPhone Xs Max
357320092004853AppleiPhone Xs Max
352014073308996AppleiPhone 6
357310099846257AppleiPhone Xs Max
357309095707083AppleiPhone Xs Max
357308098147024AppleiPhone Xs Max
357307094225511AppleiPhone Xs Max
357306099170334AppleiPhone Xs Max
359266065828836AppleiPhone 5S
358809054834520AppleiPhone 5S
358808052784349AppleiPhone 5S
358807094526015AppleiPhone Xr
352380205640261AppleiPhone 12
352377992269460AppleiPhone 12
355042180106463AppleiPhone 13 Pro
352377639004072AppleiPhone 13 Mini
355044563341154AppleiPhone 12
357397700472508AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
357397091409051AppleiPhone Xr
357394091039533AppleiPhone Xr
352408236493671AppleiPhone 13
357393097535395AppleiPhone Xr
357391099057228AppleiPhone Xr
357390091503643AppleiPhone Xr
355048448248344AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
357380092877302AppleiPhone Xr
352391573036354AppleiPhone 13
357379099689009AppleiPhone Xr
357377093039585AppleiPhone Xr
357376098350211AppleiPhone Xr
357375091162763AppleiPhone Xr
357392092286293AppleiPhone Xr
357374095384804AppleiPhone Xr
355033654558743AppleiPhone 13 Pro
352420747978256AppleiPhone 12 Mini
356595107655614AppleiPhone 11
356595084972693AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
355018172524004AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
356594596453433AppleiPhone 12
356594102489822AppleiPhone 11
356594082153463AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
357378092542835AppleiPhone Xr
352396470278736AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
352015067165441AppleiPhone 5S
352021069600286AppleiPhone 5S
358807054475377AppleiPhone 5S
358806055223273AppleiPhone 5S
355306407942749AppleiPhone 12 Pro
359264063020852AppleiPhone 6
355307081719775AppleiPhone 6S
355309084729637AppleiPhone 7
359262062011906AppleiPhone 5S
355015320378747AppleiPhone 13 Pro
352203773560820AppleiPhone 13 Pro
352195602198493AppleiPhone 13 Mini
352191183081000AppleiPhone 12 Mini
352180442830257AppleiPhone 13
352164234611323AppleiPhone 13
355321082772238AppleiPhone 7
355320908427910AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
355320853977356AppleiPhone 7
351243323208836AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
355308089693566AppleiPhone 7
351764718551431AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
355310083472534AppleiPhone 7
355311080102819AppleiPhone 7
355312086923604AppleiPhone 7
356601104831180AppleiPhone 11
355313089320483AppleiPhone 7
355315087664184AppleiPhone 7
355316083287947AppleiPhone 7
355317080498990AppleiPhone 7
355318082669968AppleiPhone 7
355319087207192AppleiPhone 7
355320087746759AppleiPhone 7
355314084490032AppleiPhone 7
356693111134856AppleiPhone 12 Pro
359824135008530AppleiPhone 12
355773073610555AppleiPhone 6S
355840084630227AppleiPhone 7 Plus
350530655743344AppleiPhone 12 Mini
350522072824831AppleiPhone 12 Pro
350521063232392AppleiPhone 13
350514058067097AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 5th Gen 2021
350555044967387AppleiPhone 13
352883112022135AppleiPhone Xr
129910069078182AppleiPhone 3GS
129630010829240AppleiPhone 4
350114367656159AppleiPhone 14 Pro
350110428168531AppleiPhone 12
350108844796737AppleiPhone 13
350081613859947AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
350065659163744AppleiPad Pro 11" 3rd Gen 2021
355839087043453AppleiPhone 7 Plus
350060425429933AppleiPhone 13 Pro
350038446839991AppleiPhone 13
350031579741605AppleWatch Series 7 45mm
350024062856717AppleiPhone 13
350022969151059AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
350019044890008AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
350017082654732AppleiPhone 13 Pro
352782113001165AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 4th Gen 2020
352783110560369AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 4th Gen 2020
352784980828134AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
352787117912473AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 4th Gen 2020
352790710425794AppleiPhone 11
352792115350437AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 4th Gen 2020
352794270955067AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
352798291472093AppleiPhone 12 Pro
350054540210898AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
350122220010472AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
355838088983782AppleiPhone 7 Plus
355836086069000AppleiPhone 7 Plus
354833097599456AppleiPhone 8 Plus
350488963096030AppleiPhone 13
354833963759648AppleiPhone 13
354834143475980AppleiPhone 12
354835098679344AppleiPhone 8 Plus
354836092144673AppleiPhone 8 Plus
354837099945476AppleiPhone 8 Plus
354838096030122AppleiPhone 8 Plus
354839099187323AppleiPhone X
354840097566138AppleiPhone X
359746500963942AppleiPhone 13
359735199075118AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
354841093788866AppleiPhone X
354834095049569AppleiPhone 8 Plus
355837089060707AppleiPhone 7 Plus
354842097552373AppleiPhone X
350510542216860AppleiPhone 12 Pro
355829087055409AppleiPhone 7
355830089099437AppleiPhone 7
350579248239310AppleiPhone 13
350578595411415AppleiPhone 12 Mini
355831088407969AppleiPhone 7
350566107022655AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
355832085183629AppleiPhone 7
350559896861870AppleiPhone 11
355833088579490AppleiPhone 7
355833867383270AppleiPhone 14 Pro
350507041542127AppleiPhone 11
355834087310481AppleiPhone 7 Plus
355835085733541AppleiPhone 7 Plus
355841084125002AppleiPhone 7 Plus
354832092985579AppleiPhone 8 Plus
353951102356323AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353949101899913AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
358792057903288AppleiPhone 5C
358791056021704AppleiPhone 5C
359323061451970AppleiPhone 6 Plus
358790738919392AppleiPhone 14 Pro
358789056217157AppleiPhone 5S
358779058643021AppleiPhone 5S
358775057212982AppleiPad Mini 2 Retina
358774508647185AppleiPhone 13
358774056443169AppleiPad Mini 2 Retina
358773057817132AppleiPad Air
358772055018164AppleiPad Air
358771057651261AppleiPad Air
358770058735313AppleiPad Air
358769056328386AppleiPad Air
358793051848396AppleiPhone 5C
358790059882955AppleiPhone 5C
359324069350883AppleiPhone 6 Plus
359330183784071AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
352818119242666AppleiPhone 11 Pro
352819118814539AppleiPhone 11 Pro
352820116933206AppleiPhone 11 Pro
352820543520956AppleiPhone 14 Plus
359408085751511AppleiPhone X
359408010715243AppleiPhone X
359407081084356AppleiPhone X
359406083040440AppleiPhone X
359405084437571AppleiPhone X
359404083893645AppleiPhone X
359325065499723AppleiPhone 6 Plus
359403082268775AppleiPhone X
353238100657435AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353950104070577AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
359001977316624AppleiPhone 13
359035298385462AppleiPhone 12
353237109554189AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353236106636106AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353235109820097AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353234101278156AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353925103108255AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353233109620468AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353232106456272AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353926101044591AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353227100485202AppleiPhone 6S
353226106922010AppleiPhone 6S
352803728484305AppleiPhone 14 Pro
353225101961783AppleiPhone 6S
353929797848507AppleiPhone 13 Pro
353223100854992AppleiPhone 6S
359015632924523AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
353222105363728AppleiPhone 8
353221043278527AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353221024769973AppleiPhone 8
353935595487034AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
353943237730423AppleiPhone 14 Pro
353947101190549AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353948106678264AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353224107908278AppleiPhone 6S
352806847527318AppleiPhone 13 Pro
352810157847548AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
352811114872520AppleiPhone 11 Pro
359552547187242AppleiPad 9th Gen
359551279463870AppleiPhone 13
359513551797771AppleiPhone 13 Mini
359508620074699AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
353221108722906AppleiPhone 8
359401087523863AppleiPhone 8 Plus
354831097706352AppleiPhone 8 Plus
354829095339846AppleiPhone 8 Plus
353062104760361AppleiPhone Xr
353058093098615AppleiPhone X
130280007391353AppleiPhone 4S
130080072204162AppleiPhone 4S
130070086031040AppleiPhone 4S
130050005569718AppleiPhone 4S
130040099427691AppleiPhone 4S
130030014004550AppleiPhone 4S
130020004995172AppleiPhone 4S
129950095451227AppleiPhone 3GS
129940068979932AppleiPhone 3GS
129930083929129AppleiPhone 3GS
147360043229980AppleiPhone 5S
354843096690040AppleiPhone X
353058108336281AppleiPhone Xr
353062113840469AppleiPhone 12
353072097007241AppleiPhone 7
353071104838937AppleiPhone Xr
353071098768280AppleiPhone 7
353070105719302AppleiPhone Xr
353070096741422AppleiPhone 7
356485100919995AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
353069101742367AppleiPhone Xr
353069094283098AppleiPhone 7
353068115930786AppleiPhone 12
353068106240617AppleiPhone Xr
353063100707711AppleiPhone Xr
353068092890649AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
353067100923673AppleiPhone Xr
353067093199364AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
353064099505207AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
353066119065369AppleiPhone 12
353058113286307AppleiPhone 12
353059119979879AppleiPhone 12
359708823001438AppleiPhone 12
354846099597286AppleiPhone X
354847093171144AppleiPhone X
354848098250263AppleiPhone X
359702378990616AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
354849094783349AppleiPhone X
354850091318121AppleiPhone X
358569077999706AppleiPhone 6S
354851094003371AppleiPhone X
353073119611192AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356460908283258AppleiPhone 11
356462101919019AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356462529190656AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356463108014978AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
353059104203608AppleiPhone Xr
356464108467794AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356466104690451AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356467104060620AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356468108200295AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356469107969880AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356461107874244AppleiPhone Xr
353073105693014AppleiPhone Xr
353073093628576AppleiPhone 7
353072104709094AppleiPhone Xr
353061285327016AppleiPhone 11
356485674979953AppleiPhone 14 Plus
353061110419145AppleiPhone 12
353061109799408AppleiPhone Xr
353060117765385AppleiPhone 12
353060109032737AppleiPhone Xr
356465106925824AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
354830092101684AppleiPhone 8 Plus
353066100472053AppleiPhone Xr
353065110745839AppleiPhone 12
355818451421446AppleiPhone 13
352876118794541AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
355818727270015AppleiPad 9th Gen
352874118195272AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352873832674307AppleiPhone 13
352873118788318AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352872113150995AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352871475735880AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
352871112066467AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
355828084181622AppleiPhone 7
352870118958222AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352869118784521AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352868111719260AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352867113723114AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352877117323472AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352866117067304AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352865113820070AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352864117626013AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
355819082493242AppleiPad Pro 10.5"
352863111975558AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352862114772681AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352869551272307AppleiPhone 12 Mini
350589178907174AppleWatch Series 7 45mm
350588706371499AppleiPhone 11
350585971057258AppleiPhone 13 Pro
354826090355793AppleiPhone 7
354826884001371AppleiPhone 13
354827092139607AppleiPhone 7
354828091368486AppleiPhone 7
354828359706112AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
352865678949314AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
353066097911170AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
352861116283465AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352859112034155AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353065106321652AppleiPhone Xr
353065095204703AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
353064114033813AppleiPhone 12
353064106793523AppleiPhone Xr
353067111408615AppleiPhone 12
129920026038781AppleiPhone 3GS
354842970944192AppleiPhone 12
354841665055421AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
352858119868276AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352857113181231AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352856119745031AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352855119674282AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
355820085742478AppleiPad Pro 10.5"
352854119058828AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352860117183492AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352853883801959AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
352852114320474AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
355822264686294AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
352851133185256AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
352851115354136AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
352850792286207AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
352850113722575AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
355824086815556AppleiPhone 7
352849425184524AppleiPhone 12 Mini
355825084381822AppleiPhone 7
350627794816013AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
355826087281811AppleiPhone 7
355827086379101AppleiPhone 7
350611986654614AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
352858285255753AppleiPhone 12 Mini
352853110810617AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
359394645751656AppleiPhone 12 Pro
359393988371908AppleWatch Series 7 41mm
359391202211884AppleiPad Pro 11" 3rd Gen 2021
353113105699619AppleiPhone Xs Max
352830112261569AppleiPhone 11 Pro
352831113372025AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353119102863330AppleiPhone Xs Max
353112107873305AppleiPhone Xs Max
353111102244132AppleiPhone Xs Max
352832119317246AppleiPhone 11 Pro
352833112321797AppleiPhone 11 Pro
352834115859544AppleiPhone 11 Pro
352834616539702AppleiPhone 12
352835118964108AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353110100546290AppleiPhone Xs Max
352835989236750AppleiPhone 13 Pro
353109100275553AppleiPhone Xs Max
352829113967992AppleiPhone 11 Pro
352836117034687AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353990999970176AppleiPhone 13 Pro
352826116857378AppleiPhone 11 Pro
352825112059823AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353120108887778AppleiPhone Xs Max
352831574802932AppleiPhone 13
353114106362389AppleiPhone Xs Max
353115826694191AppleiPhone 14 Pro
358224503877130AppleiPad Air 5th Gen
353990108893848AppleiPhone 11
353989101979661AppleiPhone 11
353988100559854AppleiPhone 11
353987109319088AppleiPhone 11
353986109864325AppleiPhone 11
353985103709098AppleiPhone 11
353984100355708AppleiPhone 11
358298164569905AppleiPhone 13 Pro
358288943947860AppleiPhone 13
358287291562313AppleiPhone 14 Pro
358284937339958AppleiPhone 12
358267712844482AppleiPhone 14 Pro
353115101877412AppleiPhone Xs Max
358265587693539AppleiPhone 13
358259425340841AppleiPhone 12
358250490878088AppleiPhone 14
358239123139547AppleiPhone 13
358233413634986AppleiPad 9th Gen
358227634636606AppleWatch Series 7 45mm
358226366743986AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
352821115633359AppleiPhone 11 Pro
358275386871954AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
352827114037781AppleiPhone 11 Pro
352828115136960AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353116103372642AppleiPhone Xs Max
358584076717686AppleiPhone 6S
352823110979274AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353902100038801AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353903109860054AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
356908242036246AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
356918500020261AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
356929762837276AppleiPhone 11
356942212610094AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
356942282599995AppleiPhone 13 Pro
355475791934669AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
355471424504490AppleiPhone 13 Pro
355450071078255AppleiPad Pro 9.7"
355449238295380AppleiPhone 13
355449079918959AppleiPad Pro 9.7"
353879104132675AppleiPhone 11 Pro
355448078430271AppleiPad Pro 9.7"
353901109831984AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
355442077964836AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
353909593399863AppleiPhone 12 Pro
353909109531579AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353908103359268AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353907106066862AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353906100056804AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353905998581907AppleiPhone 12
353905100261711AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353904100298336AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
355446554434825AppleiPhone 12 Pro
353878136489624AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
353877100112055AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353876108479672AppleiPhone 11 Pro
358568073896239AppleiPhone 6S
356694081251241AppleiPhone 7 Plus
355441078136956AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
352822118376244AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353900101381535AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353880109164184AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353131104333170AppleiPhone Xs Max
353130108857838AppleiPhone Xs Max
353124100992867AppleiPhone Xs Max
352824119738760AppleiPhone 11 Pro
352824481024575AppleiPhone 13
353123102163634AppleiPhone Xs Max
353121102537963AppleiPhone Xs Max
353107107129476AppleiPhone Xs Max
353991109431463AppleiPhone 11
353993100692408AppleiPhone 11
353899105877847AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353898100525781AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353897102287200AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353879232979633AppleiPhone 13 Pro
353896106116183AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353894105678782AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353893107929839AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353892103167683AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353891101717291AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353890101353321AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353889102154167AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353888108682486AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353887102126979AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353886101543200AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353885100900577AppleiPhone 11 Pro
357528946714945AppleiPad Pro 11" 3rd Gen 2021
353884109174631AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353881104552449AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353881003676265AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353895104105453AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
119850010591440AppleiPhone 3GS
128480005520417AppleiPhone 4
129620067643289AppleiPhone 4
129600099567425AppleiPhone 4
129580074131340AppleiPhone 4
129570047934110AppleiPhone 4
129400029772256AppleiPhone 4S
129390072094098AppleiPhone 4S
129380077879569AppleiPhone 4S
129370046830736AppleiPhone 4S
129360091597918AppleiPhone 4S
352362888551544AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
128440053885633AppleiPhone 4
128570087151634AppleiPhone 3GS
128560030177927AppleiPhone 3GS
128550070406872AppleiPhone 3GS
128540053993483AppleiPhone 3GS
128510060117335AppleiPhone 4
128500062963679AppleiPhone 4
128490032245144AppleiPhone 4
352355503914279AppleiPhone 13
351519636902151AppleiPhone 13
351540510297260AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
351139867821358AppleiPhone 12
351138108589816AppleiPhone 13
351133757780519AppleiPhone 13
353919100633084AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
128430035970496AppleiPhone 4
352364228953976AppleiPhone 13
359388533234064AppleiPhone 14
359383681414683AppleiPad Mini 6th Gen
359371608623619AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
359349737626885AppleiPhone 13 Pro
359339136694402AppleiPhone 13 Pro
359583828977258AppleiPhone 13 Pro
359402084561781AppleiPhone 8 Plus
129640020796644AppleiPhone 4
353924104992080AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353240105415355AppleiPhone 11 Pro
128410084106093AppleiPhone 4
128400000358993AppleiPhone 4
128390010856765AppleiPhone 4
128380094466516AppleiPhone 4
128420096275653AppleiPhone 4
128370042853584AppleiPhone 4
356486107566300AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356487104668719AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356487143037934AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
356488108998516AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
355616303738136AppleiPhone 13
355608701097405AppleiPhone 11
355600721519427AppleiPhone 13 Pro
355598144944299AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
355597824115212AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
355597758313361AppleiPhone 12
355591195196851AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
352370396150147AppleiPhone 11
128360039452979AppleiPhone 4
351123629122859AppleiPhone 13
353920103684231AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353248100290137AppleiPhone 11 Pro
351158918651929AppleWatch Series 7 41mm
351156783326890AppleiPhone 12
351156626648021AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
353916105785984AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
351152345332633AppleiPhone 13
351150160660724AppleiPhone 13 Pro
351174777415116AppleiPhone 11
352884115682230AppleiPhone Xr
355818087751166AppleiPad Pro 10.5"
119830083904712AppleiPhone 3GS
119820013419774AppleiPhone 3GS
119810018764423AppleiPhone 3GS
119520004940719AppleiPhone 3GS
353915100164583AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
119510033458049AppleiPhone 3GS
119490013560991AppleiPhone 3GS
119480032087860AppleiPhone 3GS
119360023981331AppleiPhone 3GS
119500099971324AppleiPhone 3GS
353914103385410AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
351166898073360AppleiPhone 12
353913104963407AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353247432808830AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
353247106141757AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353246101268698AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353918109215711AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353245109615751AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353244105948696AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353921102257250AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353243102658829AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353242106504013AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353241894947319AppleiPhone 12
353241106676706AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353241098275442AppleiPhone 11 Pro
353922104002504AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353240588727532AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
353923105100834AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353920962068088AppleiPhone 12
353239101852694AppleiPhone 11 Pro
351176560638812AppleiPhone 13 Pro
351145707222749AppleiPhone 13
353912104473102AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
351183329417595AppleiPhone 12
353911107198997AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
353910109950082AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
354845094092020AppleiPhone X
351194968396461AppleiPhone 12 Pro
351563858044797AppleiPhone 11
351559302114566AppleiPhone 13 Pro
351548607605766AppleiPhone 13
351542781649765AppleiPhone 12 Mini
353917105504805AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
351143341916768AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
351200147646013AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
354844094099929AppleiPhone X
356470102057713AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356472104732632AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
352509584966174AppleiPhone 11
352507508960695AppleiPhone 13 Pro
357879434621856AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
357879829444062AppleiPhone 11
357883119600110AppleiPhone 11
357883425311048AppleiPhone 12 Pro
357884544613603AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
357902798492993AppleiPhone 11
357909671831478AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
359984986642272AppleiPhone 13 Pro
353168109791358AppleiPhone Xs
353169105380741AppleiPhone Xs
353170104153337AppleiPhone Xs
352513429383413AppleiPhone 12
353218105171202AppleiPhone 8
353210488154590AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
353210100920428AppleiPad 7th Gen
353209107123838AppleiPad 7th Gen
353208102085810AppleiPad 7th Gen
353207102782558AppleiPad 7th Gen
353206109870259AppleiPad 7th Gen
353205101677589AppleiPad 7th Gen
353204104976445AppleiPad 7th Gen
353220108714525AppleiPhone 8
353203103449529AppleiPad 7th Gen
353193104432287AppleiPad Air 3rd Gen
353188100038039AppleiPad Air 3rd Gen
353187655562500AppleiPhone 13
353186433988144AppleiPhone 13 Mini
353212101754863AppleiPad 7th Gen
353180105125663AppleiPad Mini 5th Gen
357866892942577AppleiPhone 13 Pro
352544474090868AppleiPhone 13 Pro
127620027664906AppleiPhone 3GS
127610072742574AppleiPhone 3GS
127590001567989AppleiPhone 4
127560069126184AppleiPhone 4
127550015552674AppleiPhone 4
127540009673065AppleiPhone 4
125380073887859AppleiPhone 4
127530081759643AppleiPhone 4
127510085565543AppleiPhone 4
127500016210541AppleiPhone 4
127490056739536AppleiPhone 4
127460081660254AppleiPhone 4
127450019771471AppleiPhone 4
352538153796472AppleWatch Series 7 45mm
127440034978516AppleiPhone 4
127520050402978AppleiPhone 4
138450058386352AppleiPhone 5S
125370039277667AppleiPhone 4
353219107873456AppleiPhone 8
359984548108341AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
359978127615098AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
359968970221391AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
359949183625891AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
352569481689535AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
352563744334997AppleiPhone 11
352561331241708AppleiPhone 13
127430010668462AppleiPhone 4
353178107213313AppleiPad Mini 5th Gen
353173105103145AppleiPad Mini 5th Gen
353970104178378AppleiPhone 11
354267895326681AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
353971106173425AppleiPhone 11
353972107098900AppleiPhone 11
353973100923862AppleiPhone 11
353974109518786AppleiPhone 11
353974648614765AppleiPhone 11
354916095851233AppleiPhone 7
353975103796690AppleiPhone 11
353977104175734AppleiPhone 11
356471102099432AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
353979100410214AppleiPhone 11
353981109653117AppleiPhone 11
353969109864982AppleiPhone 11
353311077492050AppleiPhone 6S
353541326168636AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
353560908637818AppleiPhone 12
353568256240929AppleiPhone 11
353976105206845AppleiPhone 11
351470113799290AppleiPhone 13
351475398829498AppleiPhone 12 Pro
354915095448958AppleiPhone 7
356514108843095AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356512107421202AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356504109456047AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356502109012992AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356501102113187AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356500107911157AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356499109411987AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
353983106071442AppleiPhone 11
353175868867246AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
353968101925817AppleiPhone 11
353172100534817AppleiPhone Xs
353171100140872AppleiPhone Xs
353195713915388AppleiPhone 13 Mini
138470086216652AppleiPhone 5S
235307414950911AppleiPhone 12 Pro
235671816817766AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
351406661602767AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
351417715300944AppleiPad Pro 12.9" 5th Gen 2021
351420093098056AppleiPhone 12 Mini
359888174877675AppleiPhone 13
359886432024221AppleiPhone 13 Mini
359885818270721AppleWatch Series 8 45mm
351421790956836AppleiPhone 14
359879856013986AppleiPhone 12
353967815993418AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
351430269038786AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
359871979817286AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
359870567571362AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
351447850772755AppleiPhone 12
351454480152077AppleiPhone 14
354924093308032AppleiPhone 7 Plus
354922769828622AppleiPhone 13
351458132511960AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
354918093425739AppleiPhone 7
354917093072848AppleiPhone 7
351467535059998AppleiPhone 13
354916455825124AppleiPhone 13 Pro
359914358375433AppleiPhone 11
351389403690995AppleiPhone 12 Mini
359928558833678AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
351436779521484AppleiPhone 13 Pro
132750091715442AppleiPhone 4
355351084199791AppleiPhone 7 Plus
132740037985001AppleiPhone 4
132720008337192AppleiPhone 4
355376073799905AppleiPhone 6 Plus
359295066545719AppleiPad Mini 4
355375080601674AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359296063588462AppleiPhone 6
355374089484653AppleiPhone 7 Plus
355372084991508AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359297062381024AppleiPhone 6
359298064283341AppleiPhone 6
132730005902484AppleiPhone 4
355350084506625AppleiPhone 7 Plus
355349082629165AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359311060366240AppleiPhone 6
359137079153927AppleiPhone 5S
359137271945609AppleiPhone 12
359140076179507AppleiPhone 5S
357149979904418AppleiPhone 13
359141078995700AppleiPhone 5S
357145415710450AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
359142074006005AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
355373083372567AppleiPhone 7 Plus
357143264126233AppleiPhone 11
133270023216129AppleiPhone 5
355370085438560AppleiPhone 7 Plus
355772074795738AppleiPhone 6S
355771073600121AppleiPhone 6S
356692118276942AppleiPhone 12 Pro
355960224207981AppleiPhone 14 Pro
350393281939525AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
350381395022171AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
359301032672981AppleiPhone 6
355365661202752AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
359301063944416AppleiPhone 6
359302065506237AppleiPhone 6
359303066845517AppleiPhone 6
359304068206369AppleiPhone 6
359305064507593AppleiPhone 6
359306063921009AppleiPhone 6
133280026025930AppleiPhone 5
355359082372435AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359307063197384AppleiPhone 6
355357083163209AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359308064025954AppleiPhone 6
359308704771454AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
355356083954112AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359309061565158AppleiPhone 6
355355083944990AppleiPhone 7 Plus
355354086400167AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359310061152625AppleiPhone 6
355353087384313AppleiPhone 7 Plus
355352082688322AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359300061169919AppleiPhone 6
359300009298200AppleiPhone 6
359299061061870AppleiPhone 6
355358080239539AppleiPhone 7 Plus
359143071858562AppleiPhone SE 1st Gen 2016
357140955719268AppleiPhone 13
359135155326912AppleiPhone 12 Mini
351619855022523AppleiPhone 13 Pro
351613967249199AppleiPad 9th Gen
359105973967197AppleiPhone 12
353966105106822AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
356796113966017AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356797113690094AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
126570051030642AppleiPhone 4
126560049088729AppleiPhone 4
126550040823547AppleiPhone 4
126540017579123AppleiPhone 4
126530095241555AppleiPhone 4
126520042056503AppleiPhone 4
126510086202220AppleiPhone 4
126500007180787AppleiPhone 4
351629573160547AppleiPad Mini 6th Gen
126490043960444AppleiPhone 4
126460018986666AppleiPhone 4
126450017581733AppleiPhone 4
125750085401552AppleiPhone 3GS
125730090096233AppleiPhone 3GS
125720008704606AppleiPhone 3GS
125470057688751AppleiPhone 4
125460042965547AppleiPhone 4
125430033491225AppleiPhone 4
125420039648498AppleiPhone 4
125410091161266AppleiPhone 4
125390017024436AppleiPhone 4
126580002728509AppleiPhone 4
126590049317687AppleiPhone 3GS
126600006409011AppleiPhone 3GS
126470095935957AppleiPhone 4
351640463526879AppleiPad Pro 11" 3rd Gen 2021
351651529026671AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
351664769646736AppleiPhone 11
357140400426634AppleiPhone 12
357130733054450AppleiPhone 13 Mini
357129146065582AppleWatch Series 7 45mm
357115110348591AppleWatch Series 7 41mm
357106630827891AppleiPhone 13
357104910749703AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
357095183079812AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
355997872779010AppleiPhone 12 Mini
355984573656457AppleiPhone 12
350360632477935AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
350367271799743AppleiPhone 13 Pro
359143409736860AppleiPhone 13
133300041357488AppleiPhone 5
359130336712098AppleiPhone 11
359127076307105AppleiPhone 7
359312062605320AppleiPhone 6
359313064586815AppleiPhone 6
351671396153556AppleiPhone 13 Mini
351672929588730AppleiPhone 12
351678919137289AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
351680927503577AppleiPhone 13
359322069298565AppleiPhone 6 Plus
359128072532555AppleiPhone 7 Plus
356498101527600AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
359321065412865AppleiPhone 6 Plus
359319063388251AppleiPhone 6 Plus
359318068439713AppleiPhone 6 Plus
359317065453974AppleiPhone 6
359316064615062AppleiPhone 6
359315065371808AppleiPhone 6
359314065070148AppleiPhone 6
359320066365551AppleiPhone 6 Plus
356497107247494AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
353978108167859AppleiPhone 11
356514414966697AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
357084344648327AppleiPhone 13
355531351184937AppleiPhone 12 Pro
355513316331449AppleiPhone 12 Pro
354741660990210AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
354746826439234AppleiPhone 11
355487735749012AppleiPhone 11
355486594679708AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
355727076922722AppleiPhone 6S Plus
354760877556812AppleiPhone 12 Mini
354776218449210AppleiPhone 14
354786255443067AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
354789235877875AppleiPhone 13
354790151985486AppleiPhone 11
351859146376326AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
354244478874213AppleiPhone 12
351855186616795AppleiPhone 13 Pro
355168944726229AppleiPhone 12
355169428488328AppleiPhone 11
351843195088768AppleiPhone 13
354770694140484AppleiPhone 13 Pro
355726071589064AppleiPhone 6S Plus
355725076002073AppleiPhone 6S Plus
355724075172714AppleiPhone 6S Plus
353026096629595AppleiPhone 6
353026277847438AppleiPhone 12 Pro
353027099919769AppleiPhone 6
353027944645247AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
353028093917080AppleiPhone 6
353029093055715AppleiPad Pro 10.5"
353030097972459AppleiPad Pro 10.5"
351852850983056AppleiPhone 12 Mini
353031096247836AppleiPad Pro 10.5"
354245330561021AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
351836495452106AppleiPhone 14
355951528496180AppleiPhone 12 Pro
353719571655032AppleiPhone 12
355917841924372AppleiPhone 12
353039095270832AppleiPhone X
353038114770624AppleiPhone 12
353038091700412AppleiPad 6th Gen
353640985822275AppleiPhone 13
353639681981294AppleiPhone 13 Pro
353636135474231AppleWatch Series 7 41mm
353631302622811AppleiPhone 13 Pro
355193488071022AppleiPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022
353621623619935AppleiPhone 13
355196751769107AppleiPhone 13 Pro
353608676626016AppleiPhone 13
357078164958329AppleiPhone 12
355210324606421AppleiPhone Xr
355737076224458AppleiPhone 6S Plus
355736076144773AppleiPhone 6S Plus
355735074633415AppleiPhone 6S Plus
356496101111342AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
355733074636868AppleiPhone 6S Plus
355732076126522AppleiPhone 6S Plus
355731073986029AppleiPhone 6S Plus
355730076560948AppleiPhone 6S Plus
355729075460324AppleiPhone 6S Plus
355728078216048AppleiPhone 6S Plus
355727338725483AppleiPhone 12
355183482671554AppleiPhone 11
355178635999993AppleiPhone 13
353652738402263AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
355211924062510AppleiPhone 12
353726511535497AppleiPhone 12
353031119974176AppleiPhone 12
353025116511882AppleiPhone 12 Mini
353023090217360AppleiPhone X
353023119448905AppleiPhone 12 Mini
353024099644364AppleiPhone 6
353019098031399AppleiPhone X
353310072310598AppleiPhone 6S
350667473419077AppleiPhone 14
352740537077237AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
356475104607837AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356476101753723AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356477106867054AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356478102931837AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356478848425334AppleiPhone 12 Pro
356479106187350AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356479390491138AppleiPhone 13 Pro
353022116593937AppleiPhone 12 Mini
356480105013548AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356481109586059AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
113640091780244AppleiPhone, iPhone 3GS
356482103663712AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356483100321072AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
353075095652256AppleiPhone 7
353074315195048AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
356484106728245AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
353074118410438AppleiPhone 12 Pro
353074106127572AppleiPhone Xr
353074091112167AppleiPhone 7
353073595049131AppleiPhone Xr
356474100085429AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356473109880541AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
350225626215429AppleiPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro
353032090389210AppleiPad Pro 10.5"
353022097187543AppleiPhone X
353021096770572AppleiPhone X
353032119543284AppleiPhone 12
354569169609811AppleiPhone 14 Pro
353033110023607AppleiPhone 12
353034095524320AppleiPad 6th Gen
353034117278988AppleiPhone 12
353035099613738AppleiPad 6th Gen
353035115319310AppleiPhone 12
353036097804055AppleiPad 6th Gen
353036119773304AppleiPhone 12
353037097597343AppleiPad 6th Gen
353037113837012AppleiPhone 12
353033093483067AppleiPad Pro 10.5"
357066535308563AppleiPhone 13 Pro
354600918140525AppleiPhone X
353021110043030AppleiPhone 12 Mini
353024119105412AppleiPhone 12 Mini
355722079689097AppleiPhone 6S Plus
355721073935621AppleiPhone 6S Plus
355720077648800AppleiPhone 6S Plus
355719425367659AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
353018112462739AppleiPhone 12 Mini
355719074771789AppleiPhone 6S Plus
355718075437838AppleiPhone 6S Plus
355717079244216AppleiPhone 6S
355715072177656AppleiPhone 6S
353025098948169AppleiPhone 6
355714077208640AppleiPhone 6S
353019117350267AppleiPhone 12 Mini
353020094671824AppleiPhone X
353020111556586AppleiPhone 12 Mini
355723070624869AppleiPhone 6S Plus
355949461766130AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
355734071305705AppleiPhone 6S Plus
355948287840319AppleiPad 9th Gen
354897098302640AppleiPhone 8
354905097595732AppleWatch Series 3 38mm
356796489576481AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
357061222215486AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
357076834856378AppleiPhone 12
130610000288083AppleiPhone 4S
130600080463052AppleiPhone 4S
130580024597324AppleiPhone 4S
353730396094620AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
130550031276105AppleiPhone 4S
130530035231991AppleiPhone 4S
130510063951728AppleiPhone 4S
130500047562741AppleiPhone 4S
354898092842748AppleiPhone 8
130490060119787AppleiPhone 4S
130470001070463AppleiPhone 4S
130460093756657AppleiPhone 4S
130450065111528AppleiPhone 4S
130440077423680AppleiPhone 4S
130430014503025AppleiPhone 4S
130420005159119AppleiPhone 4S
130410049426822AppleiPhone 4S
130400051672215AppleiPhone 4S
130390044436432AppleiPhone 4S
130370064360142AppleiPhone 4S
130360086723567AppleiPhone 4S
130640023797950AppleiPhone 4S
130650033353447AppleiPhone 4S
130670035128183AppleiPhone 4S
130480026703097AppleiPhone 4S
354899090614923AppleWatch Series 3 42mm
354900097094539AppleWatch Series 3 42mm
354901094739217AppleWatch Series 3 42mm
356495102500446AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356493107370527AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356492108108498AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356491105744537AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356490101247941AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356489108702585AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
350002269698876AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
270113183674211AppleiPhone 4S
356494107709953AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
356517106484572AppleiPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
351475533816491AppleiPhone 13
354914093759904AppleiPhone 7
354902095197017AppleWatch Series 3 42mm
354903097759606AppleWatch Series 3 42mm
354903623047559AppleiPhone 13 Pro
354904092120976AppleWatch Series 3 38mm
354906098784655AppleWatch Series 3 38mm
356528188810477AppleiPhone 12
130680045064880AppleiPhone 4S
354907099130997AppleWatch Series 3 38mm
354909093461683AppleiPhone 7
354910095023299AppleiPhone 7
351486315924049AppleiPhone 13
354911098740210AppleiPhone 7
354912090996545AppleiPhone 7
354913098392257AppleiPhone 7
354908091773313AppleWatch Series 3 38mm
353040095485420AppleiPhone X
130570042605977AppleiPhone 4S
353041093087655AppleiPhone X
356807116639673AppleiPhone 11
356806114847932AppleiPhone 11
356805118781923AppleiPhone 11
356804111216235AppleiPhone 11
356803118327839AppleiPhone 11
356802119701190AppleiPhone 11
356801115518988AppleiPhone 11
356800115533104AppleiPhone 11
356799117432002AppleiPhone 11
356798117366012AppleiPhone 11
356818118589246AppleWatch Series 6 44mm
356819115881636AppleiPhone 7
356820553889552AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
356825117338194AppleiPhone Xr
356808117092243AppleiPhone 11
130310036822894AppleiPhone 4S
130290057017725AppleiPhone 4S
354457521482327AppleiPhone 12 Mini
354455405817147AppleiPhone 13
353040119890829AppleiPhone 12
354454068244905AppleiPhone 6 Plus
354453063544590AppleiPhone 6 Plus
355908669655214AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
354452067205174AppleiPhone 6 Plus
130330085652745AppleiPhone 4S
353763869062394AppleiPhone 13
353754680585234AppleiPhone 13 Pro
355939498414226AppleiPhone 13
355942853446742AppleiPhone 12 Pro
353742336327911AppleiPhone 13 Pro
130300049269191AppleiPhone 4S
356809116576566AppleiPhone 11
354455069052510AppleiPhone 6 Plus
356811111613451AppleiPhone 11
356810113859831AppleiPhone 11
353041111621980AppleiPhone 12
131300030265215AppleiPhone 4
131290088384465AppleiPhone 4
131280030166177AppleiPhone 4
131270085182013AppleiPhone 4
131250084574477AppleiPhone 4
130350072010053AppleiPhone 4S
131260082309537AppleiPhone 4
130720003709074AppleiPhone 4S
356812115720821AppleiPhone 11
130730005947671AppleiPhone 4S
356813118445952AppleiPhone 11
356814112479989AppleiPhone 11
356815608521804AppleiPhone 13
356816116159715AppleiPhone 11
356817117546959AppleiPhone 11
356815119668839AppleiPhone 11
130340053943133AppleiPhone 4S
353039111101342AppleiPhone 12
130700099685297AppleiPhone 4S
130710074452969AppleiPhone 4S
130320078622987AppleiPhone 4S
357252087424327AsusZenfone 3 Max
352382103434003AsusZenfone Max Pro M2
354541094463929AsusZenfone Max M1
358296104693082AsusROG Phone 2
355944090487372AsusZenfone 5z
352380109768457AsusZenfone Max Pro M2
358257104815919AsusZenfone 6 2019
356290098424226AsusZenfone Live L1
356292098847687AsusZenfone Max M1
355411116351230AsusZenfone 7, Zenfone 7 Pro
359529083893664AsusZenfone V Live
358453081750225AsusZenfone 4 Pro
355439104766606AsusZenfone 6 2019
351606089265069AsusZenfone 3 Laser
355906096231799AsusZenfone 5z
353786051527353AsusVivoTab RT TF600T
355162095148259AsusZenfone 5
351555106121930AsusROG Phone
356291099433935AsusZenfone Live L1, Zenfone Max M1
359819072111909AsusZenpad Z10
358298109896371AsusROG Phone 2
354542091090145AsusZenfone Max M1
355438108696769AsusZenfone 6
358885093552828AsusZenfone Max Pro M2
352977287051307AsusROG Phone 5 Ultimate, ROG Phone 5s Pro
350463509761629AsusROG Phone 5
359404065684905AsusZenfone Zoom
354741459365806AsusZenfone 9
143270024145770AsusZenfone 2E
357071100613538AsusROG Phone 2
357040081537503AsusZenfone V
357070106709639AsusROG Phone 2
356147317461019AsusROG Phone 5
358410083302322AsusZenfone 4 Max
352291066436477AsusNexus 7 2012
358112089774377AsusZenfone 4
356135077974602AsusZenpad Z8
355306118172115AsusROG Phone 3
357185088280423AsusZenpad Z8s
350015411299039AsusASUS Zenfone 8
357911083937356AsusZenfone 4 Max
359409078750577AsusZenfone 3 Deluxe
357867060961944AsusZenfone 2
143280047327933AsusMemo Pad 7
356940073522267AsusZenfone 3
353187069022729AsusZenfone 5
353860088834460AsusZenfone 3 Max
359027073503336AsusZenfone 3
351081395538072AsusROG Phone 5s, ROG Phone 5s Pro
352006084381574AsusZenfone 3 Deluxe
356239054932623AsusMemopad FHD 10
355375329621533AsusASUS Zenfone 8
357870067941554AsusZenfone 2
354579086312746AsusZenfone AR
355305114364643AsusROG Phone 3
141630084437262AsusPadfone X Mini
352120463839290AsusASUS Zenfone 8
352383101280083AsusZenfone Max Pro M2
351503051598967BlackberryBold 9900
353471031242064BlackberryCurve 8900
355618050934223BlackberryBold 9930
352016057569741BlackberryBold 9930
152220067412973BlackberryKey2 LE
151380070666071BlackberryKey2 LE
351504054944711BlackberryBold 9900
357239030423142BlackberryCurve 8900
357917062567270BlackberryPassport Silver Edition
358565045879681BlackberryBold 9930
980058000561755BlackberryBold 9650
357238034752936BlackberryCurve 8900
268436450239127BlackberryBlackBerry Storm 2
980041000963759BlackberryBold 9900
354259046514778BlackberryBold 9780
359485028745123BlackberryCurve 8900
357966041486136BlackberryBold 9900
355570056298170BlackberryCurve 9320
356841044580279BlackberryBold 9900
359683044912970BlackberryBold 9900
352659050674693BlackberryCurve 9320
359730055025877BlackberryBold 9900
351937048934820BlackberryBold 9700
352632056777901BlackberryCurve 3G 9300
357605050566525BluBlu Life Play
356661107296328BluBlu G9
354478107916769BluBlu Vivo One Plus
354313343589122BluBlu G91 Max
359373100843455BluBlu Bold N1
355255060382406BluBlu Studio 5.0 C
357213704165537BluBlu Advance L5
358103076481738BluBLU Energy X2
352908098594367BluBlu C5
355690294279780BluBlu V91
359665077749791BluBlu Neo XL
353997116208638BluBlu G60
354673067409694BluBlu Dash Jr 4.0k
355906062227102BluBlu Sport 4.5
351311404781615BluBlu C5 2019
354686083544088BluBlu Life One X2
353998114794611BluBlu Vivo X6
351971106854067BluBlu Vivo XI
353999118049143BluBlu V9
356176064388950BluBlu Studio Mini LTE
351571088279786BluBlu Energy XL
353996117583676BluBlu G60
353995112947639BluBlu G80
355893073061110BluBlu Advance 4.0 L
358553103615460BluBlu Studio Mini LTE
353303676806343BluBlu Advance L5
358295081374435BluBlu Studio X8 HD
351845089108222BluBlu Grand 5.5 HD
353494072312950BluBlu Touchbook G7
359545107374770BluBlu V9
356317073626341BluBlu Life XL
355478083650050BluBlu Vivo XL2
356247099399328BluBlu Vivo One
357109087559256BluBlu Advance 4.0 L
356556078055358BluBLU Studio 5.0 C HD
990010379347983BluBlu S1
358682342517037BluBlu G90 Pro
357782078884048BluBlu Vivo XL
359801091298792BluBlu Vivo XI+
356034111309455BluBlu G90
359013076386200BluBlu Dash Music 2
353592103530308BluBlu Vivo XL4
356555437024360BluBlu V50
354808075534592BluBlu Vivo Air LTE
355128098728728BluBlu Studio View XL
356138071318578BluBLU Studio G
356178060989567BluBlu Star 4.5
354996091146085BluBlu R2 Plus
355449101407054BluBlu C4
354324098358761BluBlue Vivo XL3 Plus
352596086331221BluBlu Vivo 5R
352593089445041BluBLU R1 HD
359397060147888BluBLU Studio X Plus
351836104798063BluBlu C5
351835109819106BluBlu C4
359374100140165BluBlu G9 Pro
357080083273467BluBlu Grand X
357079082751259BluBlu Grand M
358104079300354BluBlu Vivo 5
352275114882600FossilGen 5E
357406103296636GooglePixel 3 XL
359595401051780GooglePixel 6 Pro
354787119156895GooglePixel 3a
352693081126969GooglePixel XL
358035091424493GooglePixel 2 XL
358327093164288GooglePixel 3 XL
359906077547722GooglePixel XL
359219106542213GooglePixel 4
356195751241553GooglePixel 5
359606776017676GooglePixel 4a
990000948175817GoogleChromebook Pixel 1st Gen
359677090931942GooglePixel 3a
356114108068924GooglePixel 3a XL
359221108628115GooglePixel 3a
357536086246727GooglePixel 2
359678094049657GooglePixel 3a
358035085087082GooglePixel 2 XL
355361791750141GooglePixel 6 Pro
357529683458068GooglePixel 6 Pro
358339775794225GooglePixel 6 Pro
354471660649539GooglePixel 6 Pro
356691105565762GooglePixel 3
359640091145045GooglePixel 3a XL
357723161352188GooglePixel 6
352667788647626GooglePixel Watch
357403136041733GooglePixel 6
990012018777943GooglePixel 3 XL
356692103459222GooglePixel 3 XL
355115102716658GooglePixel 3a XL
355984769249307GooglePixel 6a
355116101939952GooglePixel 3a
356112106333225GooglePixel 3a
358034082246510GooglePixel 2 XL
358328090920920GooglePixel 3 XL
358277095366169GooglePixel 3
358326091244738GooglePixel 3 XL
357537088975446GooglePixel 2
358276099553111GooglePixel 3
358015634869578GooglePixel 6a
990012005976037GooglePixel 3
353644939095228GooglePixel 7
356721001187260GooglePixel 4 XL
356721012469590GooglePixel 4
351990801421741GooglePixel 6a
353815115660700GooglePixel 4a 5G
357439511515289GooglePixel 6
359220106183396GooglePixel 4 XL
358761106135226GooglePixel 4a 5G
351420599791949GooglePixel 6
358036084805581GooglePixel 2 XL
358762105051703GooglePixel 4a 5G
352929101249583GooglePixel 4 XL
355840119228278GooglePixel 5
352931103671152GooglePixel 4
356732106126962GooglePixel 4
354292959945978GooglePixel 5a 5G
359379547849039GooglePixel 6
355578436942391GooglePixel 6a
352530081340127GooglePixel XL
357507553184790GooglePixel 6a
355841118757523GooglePixel 5
358118101663621GooglePixel 4a 5G
358275091857215GooglePixel 3
358119108914728GooglePixel 4a 5G
355273359422403GooglePixel 6
358123099871244GooglePixel 3
358124095539900GooglePixel 3 XL
358116107825830GooglePixel 4a 5G
355660110409234GooglePixel 5
356729105704963GooglePixel 4 XL
359676091895056GooglePixel 3a
356731107308033GooglePixel 4
352061659032730GooglePixel 6a
356730101121301GooglePixel 4
352930102362458GooglePixel 4 XL
356214585280123GooglePixel 6
352933103232506GooglePixel 4
359650094196036GooglePixel 3a
358385588627425GooglePixel 6a
352932108252071GooglePixel 4
352506827988445GooglePixel 5a 5G
357641628921967GooglePixel 5a 5G
350629645163538GooglePixel 6a
357481108569337GooglePixel 4a
356727100981792GooglePixel 4 XL
356728107149375GooglePixel 4 XL
357721782674048GooglePixel 6 Pro
357513104066445GooglePixel 4a
357360868897007GooglePixel 2
359643090933122GooglePixel 3a XL
359434585754839GooglePixel 6 Pro
357480106514675GooglePixel 4a
359648092384026GooglePixel 3a XL
359668278253902GooglePixel 6
352494112022248GooglePixel 5
352677082310979GooglePixel XL
352493116024663GooglePixel 5
359649094283109GooglePixel 3a XL
351804618102149GooglePixel 6 Pro
352858105985597GooglePixel 4 XL
355543627931215GooglePixel 6
357511105886621GooglePixel 4a
357512100997082GooglePixel 4a
357041052894477HTCHTC One
354881076258198HTCHTC 10
359417072787263HTCHTC Desire 530
353491087990713HTCHTC Desire 10 Pro
990000666081627HTCHTC EVO 4G LTE
358714058625140HTCHTC One M8
358718069794092HTCHTC Desire 626s
352679071578459HTCHTC Desire 626s
358720066617011HTCHTC Desire 626s
352277055376022HTCHTC Desire C
359691044215112HTCHTC One X
353224090267195HTCHTC U12 Plus
352090068217921HTCHTC One M8
355166084210962HTCHTC U Ultra
352636058903001HTCHTC One S
357511077752116HTCHTC 10
666666662929317HTCHTC Droid Incredible 2
352937066194595HTCHTC One M8
256691418429632HTCHTC EVO 4G LTE
111111117592007HTCHTC Droid Incredible 2
354455045777602HTCHTC Inspire 4G
990007198611375HTCHTC 10
990007215204907HTCHTC Desire 626s
355972055952536HTCHTC One
990007223020428HTCHTC Desire 530
357601050010432HTCHTC Desire Z
990007205052654HTCHTC 10
359405058906379HTCHTC One
358717057193978HTCHTC One M8
351018648693619HTCHTC Desire 20 Plus
357203053121959HTCHTC Desire 610
999999992759684HTCHTC Wildfire S
354974046653273HTCHTC Droid Incredible 2
354774074343593HTCHTC Desire 530
356133083995034HTCHTC U11
355281069674742HTCHTC Desire Eye
990001433237229HTCHTC One SV
357871059410897HTCHTC One M8
352679709863216HTCHTC Desire 626s
358716058949412HTCHTC One M8
358717068263778HTCHTC Desire 626
354259074099932HTCHTC 10
356441043433768HTCHTC Sensation
353356101482676HTCHTC U19e
351690062894335HTCHTC One M8
355195005753537HTCHTC One S
352678070705352HTCHTC Desire 626s
353881065349710HTCHTC One
990001464256312HTCHTC One
990004282514599HTCHTC One
352189069560154HTCHTC Desire 610
357325045998473HTCHTC Status
990005010350057HTCHTC One M8
352103051249023HTCHTC One S
352249069322219HTCHTC One
354395092156757HTCHTC U12 Plus
353221092241806HTCHTC U12 Plus
353222094913475HTCHTC U12 Plus
354261071900732HTCHTC 10
358718056807741HTCHTC One M8
358730047161062HTCHTC Vivid
357197049709788HTCHTC EVO 3D
357864051715181HTCHTC One
353313050088947HTCHTC First
356124080509332HTCHTC U11
990004999452323HTCHTC One M8
356377056475025HTCHTC One
990005702855082HTCHTC Desire 526, HTC One M8
358850028934251HTCHTC Tilt 2
990005023833677HTCHTC One M8, HTC One M9
354004044435422HTCHTC HD7
356033077033133HTCHTC One A9
990005003343531HTCHTC One M8 Windows, HTC One M8
358773084224252HTCHTC U11 Life
357489060243866HTCHTC One M9 Plus
352825069440315HTCHTC One E8
358676086298846HTCHTC One M9
357488066033727HTCHTC One M9 Plus
351523060834054HTCHTC One
359982089947036HTCHTC U11 Plus
990005686367294HTCHTC One M8
358736081774025HTCHTC U11 Life
990005697771781HTCHTC One M9
358920048142894HTCHTC Inspire 4G
351574060783213HTCHTC One Mini 2
359444023933689HTCmyTouch 3G
359811067691441HTCHTC One M9
353988086352381HTCHTC Desire 10 Pro
356376058055686HTCHTC One
352441047650189HTCMoto G Power 2020
352628066304363HTCHTC One M8
351961049002106HTCHTC Desire
355859057319469HTCHTC One
351807043932048HTCHTC Surround
357227067720746HTCHTC One M9
357226067156208HTCHTC One M9
357336067631116HTCHTC One M8
990003302548249HTCHTC Thunderbolt
357510071301540HTCHTC 10
355761045654181HTCHTC Desire HD
355167082615020HTCHTC U Ultra
359203045626055HTCHTC Sensation 4G
356298041302837HTCHTC Vivid
353426056027865HTCHTC One X
358869075804068HTCHTC Desire 530
351730077828165HTCHTC Desire 520
358897041166072HTCHTC Droid Incredible 2
358209040582921HTCHTC Radar 4G
356299041246628HTCHTC Desire HD
990007236538572HTCHTC U11
990004299453898HTCHTC One, HTC One M8
358967048333247HTCHTC Desire S
351817057241772HTCHTC One V
352637070577278HTCHTC One A9
358182084632680HTCHTC U11
353428056336890HTCHTC One VX
357228067790812HTCHTC One M9
357341036648316HTCmyTouch 3G Slide
354436057257923HTCHTC One
352811049866449HTCHTC HD7
270113174850325HTCHTC EVO 4G
358890089661708HTCHTC U11 Life
990003298852555HTCHTC Thunderbolt
990016013334493HTCHTC Hero
359608064773358HTCHTC One M9
358235064980550HTCHTC One M9
990000329543419HTCHTC Thunderbolt
359188047817572HTCHTC One X
990000644942643HTCHTC Thunderbolt
990000670023037HTCHTC 8X
990000030289757HTCHTC Thunderbolt
353760050152315HTCHTC Windows Phone 8S
310260548192199HTCHTC One S
990006300314548HTCHTC Desire 526
353452064996180HTCHTC Desire 510
990007255673144HTCHTC 10 Evo, HTC Bolt
354439051789008HTCHTC One
351764070961723Hewlett-PackardHP Elite X3
352646075202899Hewlett-PackardSprint (HP) Slate 8
358895060781326Hewlett-PackardHP Elite X2 G1
868760058137126HisenseHiSense A7 CC
862793040827518HuaweiHuawei Mate XS
862802052276868HuaweiHuawei Honor 50
867344038719708HuaweiHuawei Honor 7X
867326057020621HuaweiHuawei Honor 50 Lite
863189041739910HuaweiHuawei Honor 8X
867323048772782HuaweiHuawei Y6 2018
866863032095790HuaweiHuawei Honor 9 Lite
861318058264502HuaweiHuawei Nova 7i
864743040456063HuaweiHuawei Honor 8X
863196040710289HuaweiHuawei P30 Pro
862854049890517HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 Pro
862922055552816HuaweiHuawei Y9s
867363040411500HuaweiHuawei Honor 8X
861267046450535HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
861924034331057HuaweiHuawei Honor 8
861956038155546HuaweiHuawei Mate 9
861957033805952HuaweiHuawei Mate 9
862943039834658HuaweiHuawei Honor 6X
864734046233374HuaweiHuawei Y6 2019
865642045382788HuaweiHuawei P40 Pro
867039047658943HuaweiHuawei Y6 2019
862934043131918HuaweiHuawei P20
862754027195402HuaweiHuawei Ascend Mate2 4G
866999032820405HuaweiHuawei P10 Lite
867052043488512HuaweiHuawei P20 Pro
866886040076247HuaweiHuawei Honor 8X
867360042781146HuaweiHuawei Honor 9X
862849044342514HuaweiHuawei P40 Pro
862836030308393HuaweiHuawei P9
862789034279997HuaweiHuawei P10
862939036130504HuaweiHuawei P10 Plus
861334035267005HuaweiHuawei Nova Plus
865517057162890HuaweiHuawei Y7 (2019)
864683031364563HuaweiHuawei Mate 9
865545032536540HuaweiHuawei P10
867259037742651HuaweiHuawei P20 Pro
864725041805687HuaweiHuawei Mate X2
867380047178932HuaweiHuawei P30 Pro
862752020813542HuaweiHuawei Ascend P6
861268031129092HuaweiHuawei P8lite
865564054898431HuaweiHuawei Mate X2
867258025341666HuaweiHuawei P8lite
861890047214475HuaweiHuawei Y6s
865548032841332HuaweiHuawei P9 Lite Mini
863333044108026HuaweiHuawei Y9s
869713032927392HuaweiHuawei Nova 3e
864689043785224HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 Lite
867234030774415HuaweiHuawei Honor 7C
867236030396693HuaweiHuawei Honor 7C
867237032350449HuaweiHuawei Honor 7C
863413044455021HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
863385042389131HuaweiHuawei Y7 (2019)
861844044761335HuaweiHuawei Y6s
867243041614791HuaweiHuawei Enjoy 10 Plus
868545045355315HuaweiHuawei Nova 5T
868544045084298HuaweiHuawei Y6 2019
869676037206262HuaweiHuawei Mate 10 Lite
869681045569461HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
865520021869285HuaweiHuawei Honor 6
869698046715836HuaweiHuawei Y6s
865528048152114HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
861992049183227HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 Lite
864875033166331HuaweiHuawei Y7 (2019)
867903039973653HuaweiHuawei P20 Lite
864482041348934HuaweiHuawei P40 Lite
865654042133056HuaweiHuawei Y7 (2019)
862974040980164HuaweiHuawei Y9 Prime 2019
869312043855096HuaweiHuawei P20 Pro
869325037332591HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 Lite
869328030130418HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 Lite
861197047459872HuaweiHuawei P20
860160058616872HuaweiHuawei Nova
868742042845139HuaweiHuawei P40
864400049607127HuaweiHuawei Nova 7i
869591031627134HuaweiHuawei Nova 3
864595036094419HuaweiHuawei Honor 6X
869629049582089HuaweiHuawei Matepad Pro 10.8"
869643045275986HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite New Edition 2020
865244042897015HuaweiHuawei Honor View 20
861822054798397HuaweiHuawei Nova 7i
864597037322039HuaweiHuawei Honor 9
864885037829917HuaweiHuawei Ascend XT2
867961040753746HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
869480034083729HuaweiHuawei P20
862943043357829HuaweiHuawei Y9 Prime 2019
864420049993541HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 Pro
869584052296293HuaweiHuawei Watch 3 Pro
867955047468241HuaweiHuawei P20 Lite
869555034966096HuaweiHuawei Nova 3
869577039769754HuaweiHuawei P Smart
868592044925920HuaweiHuawei Honor 10 Lite
861997058571659HuaweiHuawei Honor 50
861217050923893HuaweiHuawei Nova 9 SE
860168051969420HuaweiHuawei P50 Pro
867905038492874HuaweiHuawei P20 Lite
868364044316330HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
868374044943165HuaweiHuawei Honor 8X
866960024950642HuaweiHuawei P8max
866945052856373HuaweiHuawei Watch 3
866942020546129HuaweiHuawei P8lite
866937054560111HuaweiHuawei Y9a
861965050909045HuaweiHuawei Nova 9 SE
866963045006501HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
867970039161001HuaweiHuawei P20 Pro
865584044193719HuaweiHuawei P30
861329040678352HuaweiHuawei P30
867892034689762HuaweiHuawei Mate SE
862977046328593HuaweiHuawei Honor 7C
864638044537563HuaweiHuawei Honor 9 Lite
867260027824350HuaweiHuawei Union
862966044784956HuaweiHuawei Nova 3
864794044780388HuaweiHuawei Nova 5T
869346030797317HuaweiHuawei Mate 10
352545098402785HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
867915040403538HuaweiHuawei P30 Pro
864822037684406HuaweiHuawei P9
867922020601925HuaweiHuawei Honor 5X
868389032854950HuaweiHuawei Mate 10 Pro
868425046413548HuaweiHuawei Honor 9X
862963054710682HuaweiHonor Magic V
862972046200827HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
867907032854588HuaweiHuawei Nova 3e
868384040532946HuaweiHuawei Honor 20
863328042028622HuaweiHuawei Honor 10 Lite
867260034321549HuaweiHuawei P20 Pro
862558060231762HuaweiHuawei Honor 50
357513036769793HuaweiPixel 4a
863697041262154HuaweiHuawei Y7 (2019)
869138044796298HuaweiHuawei P30 Pro
861148014844091HuaweiHuawei myTouch
860327052014111HuaweiHuawei Mate 40 Pro
865247049930044HuaweiHuawei Mate 30
861138047798307HuaweiHuawei Honor 8X
863122047296064HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
863126038222575HuaweiHuawei P9 Lite
865240043642160HuaweiHuawei Honor 8X
860375036372246HuaweiHuawei Honor 5X
861137046332050HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 Pro
863066048431305HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
863060052562725HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
865942045285852HuaweiHuawei P20 Lite
862561055999443HuaweiHuawei Mate 40 Pro
863693042323004HuaweiHuawei Honor 7C
862563044487183HuaweiHuawei Y6 2019
862566057158005HuaweiHuawei Watch 3 Pro
860026040893566HuaweiHuawei Y6 2019
860648034917232HuaweiHuawei P8lite
866164029292163HuaweiHuawei SnapTo
440172065634631HuaweiHuawei Honor 5X
863031047156295HuaweiHuawei Y9 Prime 2019
862595046275851HuaweiHuawei nova 7
860119046279557HuaweiHuawei Honor 8X
862590017084291HuaweiKindle Fire HDX 7
860076031992190HuaweiHuawei Mate 8
862646043434213HuaweiHuawei P40
862585047940314HuaweiHuawei P Smart
860060040337167HuaweiHuawei Honor 8X
867820025562409HuaweiHuawei Y5 2019
869892046876447HuaweiHuawei Y9s
862484056502464HuaweiHuawei Watch 3
862499037582245HuaweiHuawei Honor 6X
865205043247708HuaweiHuawei Mate 30 Pro
862491038365084HuaweiHuawei P8lite
869958038032750HuaweiHuawei Mate 10 Lite
869971047115722HuaweiHuawei P20 Lite
869972046105268HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
869229029251688HuaweiHuawei Honor 5X
868399039042574HuaweiV10, Huawei Honor View 10
869161034700401HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 Pro
865206047896607HuaweiHuawei Y9 Prime 2019
869907038177354HuaweiHuawei P Smart
862455033906754HuaweiHuawei P9 Plus
869222040521312HuaweiHuawei Y9s
862454041139284HuaweiHuawei P20 Pro
869221045556489HuaweiHuawei Y9 Prime 2019
860658045232638HuaweiHuawei Y9 Prime 2019
865166022895620HuaweiHuawei Ascend Mate7
876686021168973HuaweiNexus 6P
869175045225265HuaweiHuawei P30 Pro
865165040402328HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
867168048270430HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 Lite
860471026913360HuaweiHuawei Valiant
865149047476477HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite New Edition 2020
867128034650789HuaweiHuawei P20
865051048215849HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
869115031133206HuaweiHuawei Honor 7C
866078050828184HuaweiHuawei Mate X2
866080042840533HuaweiHuawei P40
866095041210876HuaweiHuawei P40 Pro Plus
866106039591480HuaweiHuawei Honor 7X
867168032813799HuaweiHuawei Honor 9 Lite
863749059784205HuaweiHuawei P50 Pro
867129034433499HuaweiHuawei P20
867262036192431HuaweiHuawei P20 Pro
861862041573214HuaweiHuawei P Smart
863323035197617HuaweiHuawei P8lite
867265038254612HuaweiHuawei Y6 2018
861244046835627HuaweiHuawei Y6s
862742046347138HuaweiHuawei P20 Lite
867269031559811HuaweiHuawei Y6 2018
863291042837303HuaweiHuawei Nova 5T
867264032895660HuaweiHuawei Y6 2018
860148044269237HuaweiHuawei P Smart
863725046767313HuaweiHuawei P40
867065048496033HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 X
866128046009652HuaweiHuawei Y6 2019
862680040868461HuaweiHuawei Honor 9X
866216033771838HuaweiHuawei Mate 10
866192046904437HuaweiHuawei Honor 9X
860027040084362HuaweiHuawei Y7 (2019)
860142049602641HuaweiHuawei Nova 7i
867171038860525HuaweiHuawei P Smart
863797050961397HuaweiHuawei Nova 7i
867175036464206HuaweiHuawei P10
867182049012840HuaweiHuawei Y9 Prime 2019
860023046718806HuaweiHuawei Honor 8X
866140044341086HuaweiHuawei Y7 (2019)
867197046345571HuaweiHuawei Honor 8X
860564046393462HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 X
860567048413998HuaweiHuawei Y9 Prime 2019
866218036879410HuaweiHuawei Mate 10 Pro
869114030136450HuaweiHuawei Honor 7C
866105037645702HuaweiHuawei Honor 7X
860525024154499HuaweiHuawei Valiant
860539048865915HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 Lite
866202049463859HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 X
867229035019683HuaweiHuawei Honor 7C
865129046253747HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 X
860607047562302HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
863452039127898HuaweiHuawei P10 Lite
861785047741768HuaweiHuawei Honor 8X
863451042508375HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
862443044550688HuaweiHuawei P30 Pro
355841071383895HuaweiHuawei Jitterbug Touch 2
352607046145906HuaweiT-Mobile Comet
869823032018850HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 Lite
869826049789595HuaweiHuawei Mate 40 Pro
866219038061023HuaweiHuawei Mate 10 Pro
869827027489265HuaweiHuawei P9
864273039292725HuaweiHuawei MediaPad T3 10"
867980043622419HuaweiHuawei Honor 8X
860327043299045HuaweiHuawei Y7 (2019)
860326042843167HuaweiHuawei Honor 9 Lite
863566045577935HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
864205046923512HuaweiHuawei P20 Lite
863622043023404HuaweiHuawei Honor 9X
864288042989398HuaweiHuawei Honor 8X
864190051274235HuaweiHuawei P30 Pro
860251046236293HuaweiHuawei Y9 Prime 2019
869743034192307HuaweiHuawei Honor Play
860239044029224HuaweiHuawei Y9 Prime 2019
864160042965704HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
860221044953892HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
863096045567801HuaweiHuawei Honor 7C
867980028135213HuaweiNexus 6P
869821030522139HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 Lite
867455034497642HuaweiHuawei Mate 10
868977047496120HuaweiHuawei P20
869828031855855HuaweiHuawei P20 Lite
861104049071382HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
864002032270556HuaweiHuawei P9 Lite
861118040067272HuaweiHuawei Mate 30 Pro
866788045506345HuaweiHuawei Y7 (2019)
867471026875240HuaweiHuawei MediaPad Honor X2 LTE
868161049876304HuaweiHuawei P30
867485045991861HuaweiHuawei Y9s
862170048839276HuaweiHuawei Y7 (2019)
862189033021682HuaweiHuawei P9 Lite
868139041990323HuaweiHuawei Nova 5T
862213045621014HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
862239042217779HuaweiHuawei P Smart
867790052830864HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite New Edition 2020
865472048039155HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
864217048829324HuaweiHuawei Y9 Prime 2019
869113043944603HuaweiHuawei P40 Lite
860945041691374HuaweiHuawei P30 Pro
860962046527404HuaweiHuawei P Smart
863992055910065HuaweiHuawei Y9a
861709044915688HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
866557043871195HuaweiHuawei P30 Pro
863458054512542HuaweiHuawei Honor 50
861754040384612HuaweiHuawei P20 Lite
861732055872713HuaweiHuawei P50 Pro
869851022472811HuaweiHuawei Honor 5X
869856026514880HuaweiHuawei P8lite
861733047829035HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 Lite
864262046284288HuaweiHuawei P30 Pro
861744045582385HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
868787043579492HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
861750009668243HuaweiT-Mobile Prism II
866554043886315HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 X
865347043051704HuaweiHuawei P30 Pro
864034039983253HuaweiHuawei Honor 9
867686020688972HuaweiNexus 6P
861335053028195HuaweiHuawei Mate 40
869426040311703HuaweiHuawei P30
860773038876703HuaweiHuawei Honor 8
862396034438100HuaweiHuawei Nova
866532035033021HuaweiHuawei Mate 10 Lite
868828041409272HuaweiHuawei P Smart
865287045125058HuaweiHuawei Mate 40 Pro
866461047003105HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
862264030866114HuaweiHuawei P9 Lite
867428043164289HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
867427043615399HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
862258043611533HuaweiHuawei Enjoy 10
861453055030315HuaweiHuawei Y6 2019
869024040911364HuaweiHuawei Y9 Prime 2019
867991059495830HuaweiHuawei Nova 7i
990003253432492HuaweiHTC Thunderbolt
862253045539683HuaweiHuawei Y9s
862243044574393HuaweiHuawei Y6 2019
868884048159170HuaweiHuawei Y7 (2019)
869396027042557HuaweiHuawei P9 Lite
867981021936235HuaweiNexus 6P
864593039643944HuaweiHuawei Mediapad M3 Lite 8"
862393049723261HuaweiHuawei Mate 40 RS Porsche Design
863450035293839HuaweiHuawei P8lite
863447058161919HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite New Edition 2020
866525049750283HuaweiHuawei Honor 10 Lite
867599041845234HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 X
869354037534113HuaweiHuawei Mate 10 Lite
861543057692201HuaweiHuawei Mate 40 RS Porsche Design
862399047702363HuaweiHuawei Y6 2019
862397038874126HuaweiHuawei Nova
860918038395234HuaweiHuawei P9 Lite
867602040255320HuaweiHuawei P30
863948043033105HuaweiHuawei MediaPad T3 10"
867679043953440HuaweiHuawei Y9s
867982026630302HuaweiNexus 6P
868777045363136HuaweiHuawei Honor 8X
864158049854061HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
860771030466929HuaweiHuawei Honor 8
359741026060026HuaweiiPhone 11
861669041075409HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 Pro
355093048657452HuaweiT-Mobile Comet
863513046305734HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
861682052876102HuaweiHuawei Honor X8
867979027798898HuaweiNexus 6P
869814035902380HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 Lite
864119046787902HuaweiHuawei P30 Pro
867445048106701HuaweiHuawei Y6s
861683046607090HuaweiHuawei Y6 2019
861691048024750HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
864117040166826HuaweiHuawei Y6 2019
868770041172809HuaweiHuawei Mate 30 Pro
860788058876888HuaweiHuawei Mate 40 RS Porsche Design
860218041094340HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
861586049248673HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
862426046186452HuaweiHuawei P20 Pro
867635032718681HuaweiHuawei Honor 7X
863441048852976HuaweiHuawei P20 Lite
866504042437081HuaweiHuawei Mate 30 Pro
862375048306073HuaweiHuawei Y9 Prime 2019
861540045343491HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
861532044821932HuaweiHuawei Y9 Prime 2019
866500046517795HuaweiHuawei Y6 2019
861523045627253HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 Lite
862356042619695HuaweiHuawei P40 Lite
867627046144376HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 Lite
869012038562380HuaweiHuawei P Smart
866492046834976HuaweiHuawei Y7 (2019)
869377039572849HuaweiHuawei P20 Pro
866473046713998HuaweiHuawei P30 Pro
865316044402166HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
868859032321689HuaweiHuawei Mate 10 Lite
868864036929859HuaweiHuawei Honor 9 Lite
866467045085614HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
862266043651524HuaweiHuawei Honor 10 Lite
869021045996705HuaweiHuawei Mate 30 Pro
357294045489265HuaweiHuawei Fusion
860921036174080HuaweiHuawei P9 Lite
860986049910168HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
860926049981629HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
866375041859231HuaweiHuawei P20 Pro
866394041032327HuaweiHuawei P30 Pro
866402048733704HuaweiHuawei P30
869093034525472HuaweiHuawei Honor 8X
869426033421824HuaweiHuawei Mate 20
866405048585636HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
869103045403732HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 Pro
866430049491006HuaweiHuawei Mate 30 Pro
866431032550857HuaweiHuawei P10 Lite
862085054307309HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
860673045088559HuaweiHuawei Y9 Prime 2019
863892041891967HuaweiHuawei Mate 40 Pro
869053045572665HuaweiHuawei P Smart
866861041015494HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
866236045561886HuaweiHuawei P40
866440020109840HuaweiHuawei Y635
866438029247132HuaweiHuawei Y635
867757041161073HuaweiHuawei Y7 (2019)
356568041628187HuaweiHuawei Impulse 4G
866357032976257HuaweiHuawei Honor 9 Lite
869400026359226HuaweiHuawei P9 Lite
865711043657317HuaweiHuawei P Smart
866221031096154HuaweiHuawei Mate 10 Lite
865364045166422HuaweiHuawei Honor 10 Lite
868906046274261HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 Pro
865365040103039HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
869408031122604HuaweiHuawei Honor Play
861399044741613HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
866228043426402HuaweiHuawei Nova 3e
867722053844289HuaweiHuawei Nova 9 SE
869062051198984HuaweiHuawei Y9a
868023042368392HuaweiHuawei Y6s
869083038595381HuaweiHuawei P Smart
869084037476904HuaweiHuawei P20 Pro
869088044797491HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
866368040149316HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
869414028451808HuaweiHuawei P8lite
866264047673137HuaweiHuawei P20 Pro
868639040576742HuaweiHuawei Y6s
867941042008059HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
864579042913374HuaweiHuawei Y7 (2019)
868659031329752HuaweiHuawei P Smart
868735032279111HuaweiHuawei Mate 10 Lite
864886031800672HuaweiHuawei Elate
864887042176565HuaweiHuawei Y6 2019
868432048129254HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 Lite
864923042607372HuaweiHuawei Enjoy 10 Plus
868693043819831HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
865037048016238HuaweiHuawei Y6 2019
867931043642048HuaweiHuawei Enjoy 10 Plus
864458050711824HuaweiHuawei Mate X2
864939049358207HuaweiHuawei P30
868662020224950HuaweiHuawei Mate 8
868676040482547HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
868608040478712HuaweiHuawei P30 Pro
869471049312526HuaweiHuawei P30
868190036431468HuaweiHuawei Honor 7C
864449041951793HuaweiHuawei Honor 10 Lite
864978041140700HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
867949025097635HuaweiHuawei P8lite
868009038955052HuaweiHuawei Mate 10 Lite
868893038564430HuaweiHuawei Honor 7X
869425033748053HuaweiHuawei Mate 20
862011051307035HuaweiHuawei Y9a
865867045695612HuaweiHuawei Honor 10 Lite
861358046693826HuaweiHuawei Y6s
868953041233504HuaweiHuawei Honor 8X
863094038051701HuaweiHuawei P10 Lite
864436046838307HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
861324049529649HuaweiHuawei Nova 7i
865011048468673HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
866273054074675HuaweiHuawei Y7 (2019)
868663042354148HuaweiHuawei Honor 10 Lite
357511032097979HuaweiPixel 4a
866713058542961HuaweiHuawei Nova 7i
867542044824368HuaweiHuawei P30
865689043439714HuaweiHuawei P Smart
864038037244485HuaweiHuawei P10 Lite
860713039975617HuaweiHuawei Y6 2018
864034048403749HuaweiHuawei P30
867540021931297HuaweiHuawei Y6 2018
866746044332030HuaweiHuawei Honor 8X
867594055298107HuaweiHuawei Nova 7i
869464032068312HuaweiHuawei Honor Note 10
868147021865373HuaweiHuawei Y6 2018
868047046656080HuaweiHuawei Honor 10 Lite
864079053690037HuaweiHuawei P Smart
868120042917721HuaweiHuawei P30 Pro
860711034041286HuaweiHuawei Y6 2018
860996049167982HuaweiHuawei P40 Pro
861030042660071HuaweiHuawei Nova 5T
868035038907058HuaweiHuawei Mate 10
868188049623378HuaweiHuawei P Smart
860766048433424HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
866630021195877HuaweiHuawei P8lite
868900049770896HuaweiHuawei Y9 (2019)
866839043127202HuaweiHuawei P30
865777047728081HuaweiHuawei Honor 8X
867786034113742HuaweiHuawei P20 Pro
865469045030047HuaweiHuawei P30
867786040764876HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 X
862094048276190HuaweiHuawei P Smart
869436049338185HuaweiHuawei Honor 20 Pro
866776048242232HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite New Edition 2020
867573038659031HuaweiHuawei Enjoy 7 Plus
860715034368615HuaweiHuawei P8lite
865842032160417HuaweiHuawei P Smart
867511044403838HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
868054047589062HuaweiHuawei P30 Pro
868160036197013HuaweiHuawei Mate 10 Pro
869409039110542HuaweiHuawei Honor Play
866683043217823HuaweiHuawei Honor 7C
868274048438347HuaweiHuawei Honor 8X
861384030198168HuaweiHuawei Ascend XT
869410036540517HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 Pro
868288030390787HuaweiHuawei Honor 10
866224037965703HuaweiHuawei Mate 10 Lite
866224046328752HuaweiHuawei Y7 (2019)
866225037219462HuaweiHuawei Mate 10 Lite
865412037029478HuaweiHuawei Mate 9
861430043430112HuaweiHuawei Mate 20 Pro
865914037230188HuaweiHuawei P10
869398023789751HuaweiHuawei P9 Lite
865875044999174HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
865878037726539HuaweiHuawei P Smart
867703041676413HuaweiHuawei P Smart
869438045061118HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
869452033038400HuaweiHuawei P20 Lite
868153043665718HuaweiHuawei Nova 5T
860693046228343HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
864063035594871HuaweiHuawei P10 Lite
866695026033431HuaweiHuawei P8
869462033986086HuaweiHuawei Nova 3
866697045808116HuaweiHuawei P Smart
864056046719248HuaweiHuawei P30 Lite
867535038570724HuaweiHuawei P10
867538020370947HuaweiHuawei Y6 2018
865879038077948HuaweiHuawei P Smart
860690049094920HuaweiHuawei P Smart
867539026580380HuaweiHuawei Y6 2018
866705041935245HuaweiHuawei Mate 20
860939044806527HuaweiHuawei Honor 10 Lite
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