See LunarDAO Investment portal for current updates related to investments.

To support privacy projects by investing in them is the main purpose of LunarDAO. Planting seeds for the lunarpunk dark forest of cryptography, autonomy and users' knowledge. To choose meaningful projects and help them grow is vital. A reward for the LunarDAO community is the shared value of these projects in the form of their token and the knowledge and tools they build. It is a mutual harmony in which the growth of one empowers the other and vice versa. This symbiotic relationship slowly but steadily replaces the bare desert of surveillance and hegemony.

Investment Flow

Note: We use place holders X for the supported project and Tx for their token.

Project X is proposed to be financially supported by LunarDAO in exhcange for # of Tx tokens or any other value to the lunarpunk ecosystem. After a community discussion and research an investment LIP is submitted. In this LIP must be clearly defined:

1. Name of the project
2. Date
3. Project X's value to the ecosystem (problem solving, new primitives, tools, knowledge, monetary etc)
4. Requested size of support in USD terms
5. Offered amount of Project X tokens Tx and price per USD (if the project is monetary based)
6. Trigger event: Tokens Tx will be send to LunarDAO treasury/Time period needed for execution or expected time of launch (when Tx becomes liquid)
7. Is the team X supported by private investors or VCs, other DAOs (or plans to) or just LunarDAO?
8. If yes: In which size and what is the price of token Tx to other supporting subjects?
9. If project X is token based: Tx tokenomics/release schedule
10. Project X's wallet address to recieve the support
11. LunarDAO treasury address to recieve token Tx in agreed time, amount and price: 0x59f77dc848c2e45b5954975ee1969e7a22fa25f6

LunarDAO Squad votes on the proposal of investment (see Governance for more details). Project X escrows the promised tokens to LunarDAO treasury as a part of the on-chain proposal, or in case of an illiquid (yet) token Tx, a SAFT NFT (under construction) will be minted by Project X for LunarDAO in exchange for the support sent to the project X's wallet address.