LunarDAO Governance

Access to resources is fundamental for everyone. Crypto gives people the opportunity to have power over their own resources. The concept of a DAO has been battle tested in all kinds of forms. LunarDAO aims to learn from the experiences of those before us. There is no single perfect format and stagnation leads to a dead end. Our main limitations are based on a lack of imagination. With curiosity, the frame of DAOs offers vast possibilities for progress and expansion. LunarDAO is a permissionless DAO. Anyone can join. It is a space where lunarpunks can come together, share ideas and knowledge, initiate and support projects, and build liberating tech in pursuit of our autonomy.


Anyone can become a part of LunarDAO Community by acquiring $LUNAR. This does not give voting rights, but the option of participating in community discussions, on Discourse or ircd, and contribute to the development of the DAO and well as being a part of it's victories. To be able to submit a LIP (LunarDAO Improvement Proposal) and to vote see 'Squad'.


A LunarDAO Squad member is every community member with $100 $VOX or more (calculated in 7 days staking ratio). A Squad member can submit a LIP and vote on the direction and the investments that the DAO will make. LunarDAO Squad members can exit the Squad at any point by unstaking their $LUNAR (after the lock period), which burns their $VOX tokens. There is no RageQuit in LunarDAO.


LIP is the basis of all voting in LunarDAO. In LIP there is a template and further information on the expected content and process. Voting should be announced a minimum of 7 days ahead of time. The vote shall be open for 48h and will be done through Snapshot. No single member's voting power can exceed more than 10% of total in any given decision. At least 50% + 1 $VOX (of total amount of $VOX which is participating in voting) is needed for a proposal to be approved, else the proposal is rejected.


Committees in LunarDAO are groups within the community that aims to facilitate and coordinate the works of the DAO according to their specific focus. The committees presented below are chosen during the intial development because they are fundamental to the DAO. At any point, after the launch, new committees can be proposed or an existing one archived should the community deem this needed (LIP and voting). The committees autonomously decide who can join. In every committee there is one person responsible for communication, who can be contacted if a member wants to get engaged. The committees decide their own work flow and formulate their expectations within the committee. All committees give information about the ongoing works in the community meetings and are receptive to input and criticisms. Every three months each committee will submit a report to the community about the ongoing works.


LunarDAO Stewards (LunarDAO core team) is a committee dedicated to support and guide the essential works of the DAO. Initially, at launch, they include founding members of the DAO. The number of Stewards should not be less than three and no more than ten. The LunarDAO Stewards responsibilities includes, but are not limited to:

  • Coordinate operations
  • Coordinate administration
  • Community management
  • Share information - Making sure all other DAO members are aware of proposals and are notified in time to be able to participate in voting
  • Ensure implementation of community decisions
  • Communication and coordination in regards to project investment

How to become a Steward

To become a Steward any member can submit an application which will be reviewed by the Stewards. They will take into consideration ideas and proposals which can support LunarDAO mission as well as initiatives and activity of the applicant within the community. The Stewards may also make a call out for new Stewards if additional support is needed.


The Media committee is responsible for updating the web page, mdbook and twitter. The media output is in accordance with LunarDAO mission, decisions and development. The media committee can also coordinate and recruit members for media productions based on LunarDAOs mission and goals, participate in interviews or initiate media works that are beneficial to the DAO.


The Research committee conveys research about privacy and anonymity projects and tools. This research can serve as a basis for evaluation of investment LIPs for the DAO, or as a resource for the community.


Education is fundamental in our struggle for free life, autonomy, and community. It is vital to train guides by providing knowledge, skills and build confidence. New Moon Academy is entrusted and chosen to take this task and commitment for the first 12 months after which LunarDAO re-evaluates. Initial focus of this decentralized virtual academy is to offer courses in programming, economics and political philosophy. Some of the outcomes are creation and translation of education material, texts and resources.


LunarDAO Sentinels is a committee responsible for executing community decisions in regards to treasury (multi-sig) and consist of eight members in total. Sentinels can reject a malicious proposal even if it has been approved by the community. Five are needed to execute a decision.

A malicious proposal can include:

  • proposals which are harmful to LunarDAO mission and goals
  • proposals which are supporting centralization and hegemony
  • proposals which are supporting surveillance projects or measures
  • proposals which are supporting regulatory measures
  • proposal which are suspected of/or exposed as having malintent ie. a quickly pushed proposals which aim to drain the treasury

These are guidelines to support Sentinels in their responsibility. It is the responsibility of the whole community to support the governance process, which includes the forum discussions. This ensures democratic governance and gives opportunities for feedback on proposals before initiating voting. Through the LIP process, if LunarDAO Community and Squad members have expressed criticisms and evaluated the proposal to be non-aligned with community sentiment or otherwise unsupported the author should consider re-writing the LIP or decide to not proceed to Snapshot voting.

Governance process

  • LIP (LunarDAO Improvement Proposal): A proposal is created using the template in LIP-0001.
  • Forum discussions: A thread is created on the forum, where the LIP can be discussed. The time frame for the community to give input shall be at least one week.
  • Snapshot voting: announced at least 7 days beforehand, open 48h for voting
  • If treasury related - multisig.
  • If treasury unrelated - update documents, put in practice.

The LunarDAO governance is not limited to LIPs or off-chain voting (snapshot), decisions are also made in the community or committee meetings. Voting in LunarDAO is the practical implementation of the willpower of the community. The decision making process is not something technical and cannot be separated from our communication/interaction on the forum and on ircd. We should always seek discussion and encourage diversity in opinions within the community. This will aid our development in building a truly decentralized, anonymous and antifragile organization.