Freedom can only be found outside the logic of domination. Self-defense requires a philosophy rooted in liberation and adequate tools. We must bypass the all-pervasive mindset of submission and obedience. Lunarpunk forest is a sanctuary where society can redefine itself, self-administrate and regain its economic, political and moral agency. As our community grows, we witness how society can truly flourish only when free from state. But in order to protect ourselves and our communities from oppression, we need to practice self-defense.

Education is fundamental in our struggle for free life, autonomy, and community. It is vital to train guides by providing knowledge, skills and build confidence. Adalan Academy is entrusted and chosen to take this task and commitment for the first 12 months after which LunarDAO re-evaluates. Initial focus of this decentralized virtual academy is to offer courses in programming, economics and political philosophy. Some of the outcomes are creation and translation of education material, texts and resources.