LunarDAO Tokens

NOTE: Please read Current state before continuing reading Tokenomics.


  • LunarDAO community token
  • Token Contract: Testnet:
  • Total supply = 1,000,000,000
  • 40% of total supply sold in Genesis event
  • Read about distribution in Genesis event and sub-categories
  • Every holder of $LUNAR is a LunarDAO community member
  • $LUNAR staked for 7 days and more gives voting power


  • LunarDAO governance token
  • Token Contract: Testnet:
  • An Account Bound Token representing number of votes of its holder
  • 1 $VOX gets minted when 1000 $LUNAR staked for one year
  • The smallest time period to mint $VOX is 7 days (see Staking rewards and Table 5)
  • A community member holding a minimum of $100 of $VOX (counted in 7 days staking ratio) becomes a Squad member (read Governance)
  • When unstaking $LUNAR: $VOX of the same ratio is burned
  • The DAO can decide on other benefits based on $VOX ownership
  • Can be used as a "white-list" for any events decided by the LunarDAO


  • Not a LunarDAO token: A variable representing tokens of a supported project X
  • Different T tokens will accumulate in the treasury as more projects get supported