Raise & project investment

NOTE: Please read Current state before continuing reading Tokenomics.

To support privacy projects, research and education are the main purposes of LunarDAO. Planting seeds for the lunarpunk dark forest of cryptography and knowledge. To choose meaningful projects and help them to grow is vital. As a reward for the LunarDAO community is the shared value of these projects, either in the form of their token, knowledge or tools they build. It is a mutual harmony in which a growth of one empowers the other and vise versa. This symbiotic but diverse nature slowly but steadily replaces the bare desert of surveillance and hegemony.

LunarDAO Support

Project X offers to bring a ticket of # of T tokens or any other value to the ecosystem in exchange for LunarDAO support. The project is evaluated by the research team and proposed to submit an invetment LIP in which it must be clearly defined:

  • Value for to the ecosystem (knowledge, tools etc)
  • Requested size of support in USD terms
  • Offered amount of X tokens (if the project is monetary based)
  • Time period needed for execution or expected time of launch (when T becomes liquid)
  • Is the team X supported by private investors or VCs, other DAOs (or plans to) or just LunarDAO?
  • If yes: In which size and what is the price of token T to other supporting subjects?
  • If project X is token based: T tokenomics
  • Wallet address to recieve the support

LunarDAO will vote on the proposal of investment. There is a preferred way option 1 and an alternative option 2 for how support can be given.