$VOX Airdrop

NOTE: Please read Current state before continuing reading Tokenomics.

$VOX token is minted when staking $LUNAR. It allows its holder to submit a LIP and to vote in LunarDAO. $VOX will be airdropped to everyone participating in LunarDAO Genesis Community sale event.


$VOX airdrop during the Genesis Event has 2 objectives:

  1. Create LunarDAO Squad - Give initial members a way to vote based on the intial support before the staking option (earning $VOX the normal way) is established.
  2. Reward initial members with a gift of a governance token which they will have forever (regardless staking $LUNAR)

$VOX Price

$VOX is as an account bound token which cannot be transferred, nor purchased on the market. It's amount, hence value, is derived from amount and time period of staked $LUNAR.

$VOX ratio per 1000 $LUNAR per time locking period

Staking Pool$VOX / 1000 $LUNAR
0 days0
7 days0.02
30 days0.08
90 days0.25
180 days0.5
365 days1
2 years2

$LUNAR value against USD will change, therefore $VOX valuation against USD will change. $VOX valuation to $LUNAR and time locking period is constant. That's why we need to refer to $VOX and $LUNAR relation and not to USD.

$VOX Airdop Calculation

  • The amount of ETH raised during the Community Genesis Event may vary greatly and cannot be anticipated.
  • The amount of $LUNAR distributed at this event is fixed: 40% of the total supply (while 50% stays locked).
    • 40% of 1b (total and max supply) is 400000000 $LUNAR tokens
  • The size of $VOX airdop is 10000 $VOX tokens
    • 400000000 / 10000 = 40000.0
  • 1 $VOX will be airdropped per each 40000 $LUNAR purchased in the Community Genesis Sale.

VOX distribution

  • Every initial member recieves $VOX at better ratio than 1 week staking per each $LUNAR - without the need to stake.
  • $VOX tokens earned in the Community Genesis Sale will stay with the owner forever
  • LunarDAO (LIP + vote) can decide on an event for initial members only - where a whitelist will be to burn $VOX.
  • $VOX airdrop is exclusively for Community Genesis Sale event participants! Stewards or any other committees getting a small allocation of $LUNAR (such as Research & Education committee) will not recieve any $VOX airdrop.