Grant application

Any proposal within LunarDAO; standard or investment is done via LIP (LunarDAO Improvement Proposal). This includes any project applying for grants from LunarDAO. A LunarDAO Squad member: a community member with $100 VOX or more (calculated in 7 days staking ratio) can submit a LIP.


  • Create a LIP (LunarDAO Improvement proposal) using template in LIP-0001
  • Create a thread on the forum, where you also share the LIP
  • Discuss the proposal with the community
  • If there is support, develop the proposal taking into consideration the given feedback.
  • Update the LIP with edited version on the forum and discuss with the commmuniy to get feedback if the proposal at this point resonates with the community
  • If there is support for the LIP, announce the Snapshot voting a minimum of 7 days beforehand.
  • Voting is done with Snapshot and lasts for 48 hours
  • If 50% + 1 $VOX or more (of total amount of VOX which is participating in voting) accepts the proposal --> multi-sig execution
  • If less than 50% + $1 VOX accepts or the proposal is deemed malicious --> rejection

Mutual growth

The volume of the support by LunarDAO represents the conviction the community have in the project. The community together acts like a private investor while at the same expanding LunarDAO Squad wealth. The shared wealth can be used to further the success of the lunarpunk mission.

  • Project X is a privacy project.
  • T is the token of Project X.

Option 1: Squad Wealth

This is a default and prioritized option to support the growth of both: new privacy projects and LunarDAO.

A project X has a (yet illiquid) token and asks LunarDAO for a support in the project development - a DAO investment.

If LunarDAO (the Squad) agrees with the proposal. There are two possibilities:

  1. Tokens in agreed amounts are transferred: T from wallet X to LunarDAO treasury wallet and support investment from LunarDAO to wallet X.

  2. Project X does not have any token yet (not even illiquid). Project X and LunarDAO make an explicit agreement on all the mentioned points and an NFT (which can be seen as a bond) representing the agreed amount and price of token T in the determined future. The abovementioned NFT is transfered to LunarDAO and agreed amount of tokens of support to the project X wallet.

In both ways of option #1 100% of token T or its NFT future representation becomes part of LunarDAO treasury - a squad wealth. And as with any other assets and value of the LunarDAO squad - the DAO decides how to manage it.

Option 2: Launchpad

This option is not preferable as it does not fully align with the mission of LunarDAO, to create squad wealth

In some cases the Squad may want to protect it's treasury, but still support the project through a raise. There are different possibilities how to execute a community or a squad raise:

  1. An agreement is made for a limited amount of T tokens and the price is determined by the sale event. That can be done via a Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool or in a same way like the LUNAR Genesis Community Sale Event - a pool locked for several days with a valuation in the end.
  2. An agreement is made on a fixed price of T with an aim of total amount raised. One of the obejectives of the community sale is to ensure as optimal distribution as possible with a priority given to the community members with the skin in the game (the Squad), and to prevent by-walkers to FOMO in before. VOX token functions as a white-list ticket. Those who aquired VOX are snapshotted and whitelisted to participate in the launchpad.
  3. Based on submitted LIP and a vote, the amount and price of T is fixed. Whenever a community member invest to support project X, an NFT is minted, which tracks down the amount invested. When the T is launched, a time frame opens in which the NFT is redeemable for T at fixed price and amount recorded in the NFT. The priority white-list works same way like in the point 2.

In option 2, LunarDAO provides the platform and ensures the sale happens based on agreed conditions, LunarDAO take 3% fees from the collected raise as well as the offered T token of project X. This fee is allocated to the treasury.

In both options: All the conditions as well as the option of support, token T distribution and any other particularities concerning the investment must be clearly defined before the vote. That is done by a shared input from the author of the submitted investment LIP, project X team, the Squad and the Research committee evaluation. Most importantly - the proposal is accepted only by a successful voting (read Governance).

The volume of the support by LunarDAO represents the conviction of the community in the project. The community together (particularly the Squad) acts like a private investor and acculumate the squad wealth in their treasury, which can be further used for the lunarpunk mission success.