Staking $LUNAR

NOTE: Please read Current state before continuing reading Tokenomics.

Simple staking - Mechanics and rewards:

  • 50% of all $LUNAR emission are allocated as staking rewards. Those are every 24h divided between all staked $LUNAR tokens (their holders proportionally).
  • Non-vested staking pool allows for $LUNAR holders to stake and unstake at anytime and earn the given APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
  • Locked Staking Pools: allow to earn $VOX (the voting token) and gives higher APR ratio. $LUNAR tokens can be locked in pools from 7 days to 2 years.
  • The longer period of staking, the more $VOX for the staker, the higher the APR ratio. The more $LUNAR locked, the smaller the circulating value, higher the scarcity and the price.

Table 6: Staking rewards ratio by time locking period

Staking Pool$VOX / 1000 $LUNARStaking reward ratio
0 days01
7 days0.022
30 days0.085
90 days0.2510
180 days0.520
365 days145
2 years2100